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Amazing Advertisers | October 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Alrighty my loves, grab yourself a beverage and perhaps even a snack or two as we have the ultimate Amazing Advertisers post this month with bloggers aplenty for us to enjoy! I should also quickly add that Blogger had been misbehaving earlier and would not save all that had been asked of it, so if you're an Advertiser, you may have an early introduction to my lovely sprinklerino bunch as I included a few more of you, in which case, hurrah! Naughty blogger for deleting work, but at last we can enjoy these cracking blogs I've got for you. Let's go!


Beau Blushes
Rebecca is a make up loving beauty with one of the most swanky blogs you ever did see. A professional make up artist, Rebecca knows a sneaky thing or two about the application of make up and this month on her blog has been no exception. October means Halloween, which means the most creative tutorials in all the land, and Rebecca has well and truly nailed it. I’d have never considered making myself up as a deer for Halloween, but Rebecca has perfected the Bambi look and I am a huge fan. Rebecca is actually doing a series of unique Halloween tutorials which are definitely worth sneaking a peak of. Go on!
I am pleased as punch to have smiley Emily back with Sprinkle of Glitter this month. Her personality is a ray of sunshine which makes Dear You, Love Em a joy to read. Emily has shared a variety of posts with us this month, from blogging advice to a very sophisticated fashion wishlist, she does a bit of everything that gal! If you’re in need of a few cutsey pictures, then I suggest you meet Oscar, Emily’s 3 month old baby bunny, is there anything cuter than a teeny tiny bunny rabbit who has his very own room to hop around? I think not.

This Particular is a lifestyle blog written by Ala, an avid baker and doughnut maker. This month Ala has been baking up a storm in the kitchen and I have been particularly grateful for all the immense cakes and bakes she’s been sharing with us. Oh Ala, you domestic goddess you. If you’re also a fan of food, whether it be sweet or savoury (she does it all you know) then This Particular is for you. And if food isn’t your thing, Ala also shares posts of her ramblings and adventures, so there’ll always be something to float your lifestyle boat. Ta da!

Liv has returned to us once again and I’m delighted to have her back. Liv is a lifestyle blogger and often shares creative, unique posts with us which I’m always a lover of, I look forward to her future posts of creativity, especially in the lead up to Christmas! Also, a congratulations is in order as Liv has recently been promoted in work and shared a very insightful post alongside about her work and the help she offers children with Autism. Sometimes it’s nice to have a blog that opens our eyes to a variety of different subjects and the lives of all the different people in this world, and Liv Loves has done it well!

The What Now Blog advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter last month and I was over the moon and stars to have the pleasure of reading through the well written, thoughtful posts provided for us by Louise for that much needed motivational boost. This month on The What Now Blog Louise has shared her inspirational advice on happiness, imagination and even making the most of your commute to work each day. It’s certainly something a little bit different from your usual lifestyle blog, and that’s just a speck of it’s wonderful charm. Louise is a blogging genius and I thoroughly recommend having a read and feel that motivation!

Love Hears and Crosses is an online jewellery boutique which I have fallen ever so slightly in love with. Firstly, it must be addressed that they offer couture Disney jewellery. The most beautiful Disney jewellery in all the land and I want it all! Love Hearts and Crosses has the perfect amount of cute, dainty and feminine to make me squeal with happiness and I give them 100 brownie points for being wonderful. If you’re a jewellery lover yourself or after the perfect gift for someone else, Love Hearts and Crosses is worth a jolly good browse.  

Ooft Dee is a beautiful gal and an absolutely cracking blogger! Darling Dee Dee is a beauty blog with all the trimmings, from divine photography, beautifully swatched products and the most indepth, thoughtfully written reviews which just make it an absolute pleasure to read. With all that glorious blogging and care taken in each post, it is clear just how much Dee has a passion for blogging and there is no denying her talent for it either, I am impressed as pie! I can’t praise Darling Dee Dee enough for being a tip top beauty blog to fall in love with.

Oh my giddy aunt! Just when you think personalised gifts can’t get any more exciting, they go and put your face on a marshmallow, what more could you want in life I ask you!? Boomf allows you to give these glorious sweet treats to all your loved ones for a unique take our or beloved hot chocolate decorative piece (what is hot chocolate without marshmallows??) I think it’s a pretty nifty idea, thoughtful and certainly original, an alternative approach to the traditional orange and choccy in your Christmas stocking I’m sure you’ll agree. Go on, pop your face on a marshmallow, you’ll taste great!

Pink Confetti, or rather Nicola as the brains behind the blog, advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter back in the summer and I was pleased as punch to have discovered another ‘little bit of everything’ blog for lifestyle reads, beauty reviews and adventure updates. Nicola’s posts are wonderfully relatable and just me, she's on my wave length that gal and this month has been no exception with her ‘things I wish I was good at’ post, it left me feeling inspired and determined to also achieve a new skill in something handy. Thank you Nicola for ridding me of procrastination!

Swell Caroline is an online boutique selling jewellery ranging from colourfully funky to more classic pieces, there’s something for everyone and I’m sure you’ll find a treat or two to dazzle you. Colourful, bold statement necklaces seem to be the general ‘yes please’ consensus this year and Swell Caroline certainly have a wide choice for all your neck decorating needs. Or, if you’re after your own personalised monogram piece, they’ve got that covered too. Go on, have a gander!

If you’re a Disney lover then I’ve got the blog for you, if there is a Disney adventure or product in need of a blogger, then Charlotte is your gal. As well as having a love for all things Disney, Charlotte also blogs about beauty, and boy oh boy does she do it well! If you’re in need of an honest review, a snap of clear definition dreams, or even just a recommendation, then Charlotte is the gal you need. I cannot fault her impeccable skills of creating the perfect post each and every time, that’s dedication and I admire it!

Oh Georgia, how I adore thy gloriously pink hair, it is magical! Georgia is a returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and her beauty blog always brings a smile to my face, her personality shines through in her writing and it makes her blog a genuine joy to read (and I’m not just bias because we share the pink hair love.) If you’re after a beauty blogger who can offer insightful reviews, a good old dupe or two, and help create that perfect pout, all with bundles of lovable personality, then you need Georgia Vanilla in that blogging feed of yours. 

Wowee! There we have it, a bundle of some pretty nifty talented bloggers indeed, I'm sure we can all agree they deserve 100 brownie points for all their hard work. Have you discovered a new blogging love this month that you'd care to share? 



Thursday, 23 October 2014

Review & Swatches: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

There's no woman in the world that doesn't let out a squeal of excitement when Charlotte Tilbury releases something new in the makeup world. And I'm certainly no exception to the rule.

A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

When I first laid eyes on this box of rose gold bullets it was a romance I knew I wouldn't forget any time soon.

Just look at all the pretty!

Now it's one thing to have on-point packaging - (don't try and pretend, I know you're all magpies like me) But it's another to create a revolutionary product that gets people talking.

A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks
A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks

These new lippies are the ultimate matte experience. Gone are the days of a flat and drying matte formula. Charlotte's recognised a woman's need for a quick and easy application that's going to stay put but also bring something new to the table. 
With 3D glowing pigments it helps to achieve a fuller and wider look on the lips - snazzy huh?

A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks
A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks
Sexy Sienna, Love Liberty, Amazing Grace, Red Carpeted and Lost Cherry
A blog review and swatches of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks
Bond Girl, Glastonberry, Bipkin Brown, Walk of Shame, Very Victoria

Not only is the formula a dream but they're jam packed full of waxes, oils and pigment; meaning you can create an even, moisturising application and build it from a lip stain to a full colour block (my favourite kind). Qualities that don't appear in your average matte Lipstick. Kudos to you, Charlotte!
Not to forget the square-angled tip takes away the need for a lip brush making touch-ups even easier and with 10 colours to choose from, let's just say Autumn ain't gonna be boring, ladies.

What's your pick of the bunch? 

Treat yourself to your favourite - available for £23 here and here.



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween with LUSH! 2014

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Trick or Treat? 

Treat of course!

Halloween is fast approaching and those good eggs at Lush have conjured up some brand spanking new potions for us to get our mitts on. Squee!

A blog post on the Halloween collection from Lush Cosmetics.
A blog post on the Halloween collection from Lush Cosmetics.

Today I'm going to talk you through the items available, most are newbies, but you might notice the odd return due to popular demand.

 Northern Lights Bath Bomb (NEW!) - £3.50
Familiar with their Christmas Eve fragrance? Well you'll ruddy love this, filled with Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang this little beauty fills your bath like the night sky, creating blue and green colours whilst some added popping candy jumps through the water. You could quite easily be viewing the Northern Lights from your bathroom! Ooh-err.

Sparkler Bath Bomb (NEW!) - £3.50
Not only is this one a must have for Halloween it's title makes it pretty appropriate for Bonfire night too, non? With a golden colouring and popping candy it gives off bright glittery fireworks. And with Organic Rose fragrance it's also going to give heaps of moisture and nourish the skin - winner.

How pretty? The specks of gold lustre will fill your bathtub and with an uplifting fragrance of Orange Flower Absolute, hints of Juniper Berry and Lime Oils you can't really go wrong. Plus, did you know Orange Flower Absolute helps to tone the skin? Oh yes.

Back for another year you might already have this in your stash. If not, you'll be pleased to know this little devil turns your water in to a wine colour 'chin-chin' with scents of Vanilla and Black Pepper - mm hmm.

Wizard Bubble Bar (NEW!)- £3.25
Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? (kittens aside) He's full with popping candy, so simply crumble him under the tap and release heavenly scents of Juniper Berry, Tangerine and Ylang Ylang Oil - Puuurfection (see what I did there?)

Wizard Hat Gift (NEW! includes: Wizard Bubble Bar, Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt; Sparkler Bath Bomb): £12.95
What's this then?! A proper lovely little treat of wizard-y goodness, that's what. 

Fairy Ring Soap (NEW!)- £4.10
Have you tried out Lush's new Gorilla Volume 3 perfume? Well this fairy is full of just that! Containing Shiitake mushrooms - I know, mushrooms in a soap, heaven forbid. BUT, they contain anti-ageing properties as they're full of Kojic Acid which means I can't wait to try it. Hey there younger, fresher looking skin! I'm comin' for ya...

It's no secret that Lush are one of my favourite places to have a good old splurge - so needless to say I'll be relaxing in some pretty exciting baths over the next few weeks.
Most of these goodies are limited edition and only available through Halloween to you'll have to purchase now to avoid disappointment!


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