Saturday, 14 November 2015

Amazing Advertisers || November 2015

Aloha Sprinklerinos, 

It's almost Christmas. There, I've said it. The much loved festive C word has officially been said, and I'm so bloomin' excited! But before I gush too much about my love of the festive period.. not to mention the festive food, I must first introduce my fabulous advertisers of the month, there's a few festive posts in there for ya too if that's your thing! Enjoy!


Abracadabra Girl is a beauty blog created by the gorgeous Kara, a make up artist who certainly knows a thing or two about beautifying your face! Kara reviews the most swanky products and her fabby writing and photography has certainly had me lusting after a new product or several! A clean, crisp and well cared for blog pleases me muchly and Abracadabra Girl is just that. If you also lust after all of the beauty products, in need of a recommendation or a helpful hint, Kara is your gal. 

Ooh my giddy aunt, if you're a lover of adventure then you're going to squeal with glee. The Wild Trek Experience is a nifty site where people can document their travels around the world, and others can learn of these travels, enjoy of all the world's beauty through the eye of another and start their own adventure. I've not seen a blog quite like it before and I love the approach to the fun and freedom of travelling and experiencing the world. Definitely worth a read, my passport is calling me.

Um hello, can we just take a second to appreciate the fabulous name of this blog please?! I'm a fan of a cheeky play on words, so Hannah has won some herself some serious brownie points. I also enjoy a 'crafternoon' myself, and so Hannah's DIY ideas and tips have got my creative palms itching. From pom poms, to jewellery and even a winter scarf, that crafty gal can do it all, and the tutorials Hannah has provided for us make it easy to do ourselves. If you too love crafts with a musical soundtrack in the background to keep you inspired, then Hannah is your new best friend.

Hunni Bunni Boutique
The Hunni Bunni Boutique offers personalised gifts of all varieties, and I mean ALL. Who doesn't want a personalised sweetie jar which let's everyone know the content inside is yours, and yours only? Or if you're after something a little less greedy, the bags created by Hunni Bunni Boutique are equally lovely, and there's one for all occasions, whether it be for school, the Tesco shop or your smelly gym gear. I'm impressed with all the options available from Hunni Bunni and I love the thoughts of making the effort to personalise a gift for the gals in your life.

Amy has advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter in the not so distant past and I only had glowing, happy things to say about her blog Hooked On The Music. Amy predominantly reviews newly released albums, artists and basically all things musically inclined. Blogging is a community, and I love that there is a community for all great loves and if you're into rockin' out to some tunes and in need of some recommendations then there is a space for you in the Hooked On The Music community. You lucky thing, you. Amy will welcome you with open arms, and a nifty rhythm. 

Another nifty play on words today! It's brownie point central on Sprinkle of Glitter today. Kisstletoe sells the most beautiful pendants of mistletoe goodness, which are just too bloomin' lovely and would make the sweetest Christmas gift. I've not seen anything quite so charming in the Christmas jewellery world and I'm pleased as punch to have found these little beauties. You can choose your own little charms to go with your mistletoe pendant to make that present all the more special. Festive feels all round. 

Natasha is a clever cookie, and she has poured a lot of hard work and passion into creating her 'little bit of everything' blog. Her post ideas are always original, the content is well written, thought out and just generally an absolute pleasure to read. I particularly enjoyed reading Natasha's recent post on creating the 'ultimate girls night in', she described perfectly how our hectic lives often require us to make just that bit more effort for our favourite gals, and it has encouraged me arrange some much needed homely time with my nearest and dearest. Thank you Natasha! 

Lisa is a girl after my own heart. She loves all things beauty related, and cats. Need I say more? Lisahh Jane offer a lovely variety in the blogging world, after all, variety is the spice of life! In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa's post on hosting adult parties (not like that, oo-err) it gave me some inspiration on how I can become the perfect hostess with the mostess for my friends, perhaps I'll even use my kitchen to its full potential! Lisa also writes well educated beauty reviews, where honesty is the best policy and humour doesn't go amiss. Give her a gander, go on! 

SilverSpoon London
My lovely Angie is back once again, it doesn't need to be mentioned how much I enjoy her return each and every month. I honestly love Angie's blogging antics and I'm always keen to learn of her recent adventures. Angie primarily writes about her travels, tastes and gallivants. Angie is quite the jet setter and foodie, and the two make a wonderful duo for blogging. This month has been food galore and as always, Angie's whizzy skills with the camera have made it all so essential in my life right now. Thank you Angie, for the rumbling tummy! 

What a crackin' lot, something for everyone this month I'm sure you'll agree! Have you discovered a new love? 



Friday, 13 November 2015

Glitter Glasses || ad

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you've been following my vlogs for a long time, you might have noticed that sometimes I wear glasses. The times I don't, I'm wearing contact lenses because without either of these, my sight is about as good as a little mole, IE, terrible! With that comes annual vision checks and every now and then, new frames! I'm always on the hunt for gorgeous glasses to suit my face so when Red or Dead got in touch to ask if I'd like to look at some of theirs, I said yes!

#glitterspecs #redordeadlondon

Very aptly I chose these beautiful glitter glasses that are available in Specsavers and I think, are so so perfect for the upcoming party season if you want to add a touch more glamour to your outfit. I love that the gold glitter is on a black background because there's nothing that doesn't go with and I love that the frame has that fun 1950's feel to it. 

I wear glasses at least 2-3 days a week and if I'm on planes because I think they feel nicer on your eyes than contacts and this pair just make me really happy. 

I think glasses are often overlooked as a fashion item because they are there to serve a pretty serious function but that doesn't mean you can't have fun and go glitzy!

I'm due to change my glasses soon so I'll definitely be keeping my little peepers on Red or Dead's twitter and instagram! What do you think? Are you as in love with these glittery beauties as much as I am? I'm obsessed!



PS- The case is sparkly too! Wooo!! 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mini Happies || October Diaries

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Today has been blissful. 

It was diarised to go into London but with so much happening at the moment, Maddie and Natalie very kindly took it out my diary and gave me a 'home day' to, as I so eloquently put it, 'get my shit together'. I know it can look like I'm doing nothing but it never feels that way. I'm constantly working on things behind the scenes, adjusting to living alone (and so being the only person to do all the shopping/keep on top of stuff), being a Mama and yanno, just living normal life things. I love it but I tell you, 'home days', they keep me sane. 

I uploaded THIS video earlier today. It was filmed way back in July but it's a goodun. I really like it a lot. 

Today I feel like life cut me some slack and I got on it. I was on time, nay, early!,  for dropping Darcy off at school and managed to pack every single thing she needed (including PE kit and money for a bookbag thank you muchly). I mean, I looked like a stick of crap dropping her off but she looked adorable in pigtail plaits and freshly laundered shirt, these are the things that count I think. 

I came home, did admin. My favourite. By lunchtime I was editing THIS video and reading articles about me. That sounds really weird (because it is) but today there seemed to be a little flurry of things (I'm not talking the Telegraph here, I'm talking about people who write sweet reviews of my book tours or publishers featuring my fundraiser etc) and I'm always interested in what's said. Does that make me crazy vain? I hope not! *checks self in mirror and flicks hair* jks. 

Before I knew it I was driving to collect Darcy from school and I had such a lovely moment. It's quite a scenic little trip and I was singing to a good song on the radio and orange leaves were falling from trees and the sun shone through their branches making the road look dappled and I just thought about how, in that moment, I was so so happy. I felt confident driving, everywhere looked gorgeous and I was about to pick up my most favourite thing in the world from a place she loves being. I know this word is so overused but I felt, brace yourself, blessed. Buhlessed. 

We arrived home and her friends from across the road came over to play. I love having them over because they all entertain each other AND these kids are crazy tidy and clean up after themselves- it's great!! I was in my room working so I could hear what they were up to and I heart squished a bit when I heard them playing 'weddings'. Abi said, 'Ok Darcy I'll marry you. I will never break a promise to you, I will love you most in all the world and I will always look after you' and then they were an item. 

It got me thinking how pure childhood is and how perfect Abi's vows were. In her young mind, those were the most important thing and I think as we grow we loose sight of those sometimes. This last week or so I have been spending more time with Matt than we have done in months and it's been really nice to enjoy each others company again and do some of the things we used to enjoy in the olden days like watch Downton or be way too excited for pizza. We've talked about the vows we took and the love we had and although it isn't that way anymore, I'm so pleased that we're learning to develop a healthy friendship and are able to visit those conversation topics and that despite having separated parents, Darcy is seeing a Mother and Father that can respect and care and co-operate. I am so keen to continue fostering this, what I hope to be, lovely environment for her. 

After the girls had gone home and Darcy had eaten dinner and done her homework (yep, my 4 year old has homework. We had to stick a leaf to a hedgehog, very taxing) and had her bedtime stories read (I'm loving all the new stories she brings home from school. I think reading bedtime stories is just about my favourite thing to do ever), my gorgeous friend Clare popped over for some much needed chat time. I haven't had proper chats with her for over a month so we had plenty to catch up on and really put the world to rights. It felt great. I'm really excited to spend more time with her over the following months. 

On top of all these 'big' things in the day, I'm caught up on laundry, my kitchen is clean and tidy, I've eaten healthily and I'm ready for tomorrow. Winning!

I'm so pleased that the peaceful feeling from last week has carried through. I don't fully know if it will stay because I'm a temperamental creature but I hope it does. It's feels so, so, so good to be stand strong on some personal choices I am currently making and I feel empowered and motivated for the coming weeks. Please cross your fingers that this feeling lasts! 

Tomorrow I have a big London day for Google's Brandcast event so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have to blog but keep an eye on my instagram for updates!



PS- I just watched THIS video and loved it so thought you might too. It's a Disney mash up. Disney. What's not to love?! Also, THIS Carrie Hope Fletcher video has been on repeat as I wrote this blog post. What a voice. Little chunks of happy.

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