Thursday, 18 September 2014

My New Radio Show!

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

If you are a keen bean (9 Glitter Points) then you may have already heard- I'm going to be on BBC Radio 1 hosting my own show this Autumn. Say whhaaaattt?

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My most wonderful friends Dan and Phil invited me to host a guest week on their weekly show and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

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I've never done anything on the radio before so it's quite a unique opportunity to try something new and add another string to my bow, as they say. 

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I'm not fully sure what exactly I'll do yet so if you have any fun ideas or suggestions, help a girl out and leave them in the comments please haha!

There have been quite a few articles in the press so if you would like to read more or learn about some of the other YouTubers who are involved in the fun, check out THIS, THIS and THIS. 

What do you think? Exciting isn't it! Who would've thought that this little blog would lead to so much adventure!!



Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Pointless Video

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Last week my good friend Alfie Deyes bought out his brand new book- The Pointless Book.

Is is an interactive activity book where you are encouraged to play games, draw little doodles, finish off pictures, answer silly questions or do specific tasks in your life. It's a lot of fun and something absolutely worth making a video on!

Lucky for me Hazel was ready for the challenge and so we had a giggly little morning playing with the book and making a light video for you- hope you enjoy it! 

If you are having trouble viewing the embedded version, click HERE to be taken straight to my channel. 



Monday, 15 September 2014

Gratitude || Motivational Monday

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Thank you so much for all your support and kindness last week. I read comments and tweets and emails and felt so uplifted by your care.

I won't go as far as to say I feel completely 100% better (that would be very flighty), but yanno, things are good and I'm a happy bean and I'm glad you're in my life.

This week I wanted to talk about a way of thinking that I constantly find myself turning to because I think it makes alllll the difference in our well being. Gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude is such a huge key to happiness and something that I regularly have to remind myself of.

When I consider how lucky I am and how much I have in my life, I feel incredible. My life IS incredible. I am afforded so many luxuries and so many wonderful experiences that to cast them aside and only focus on the things that make me sad or angry or anxious would be churlish.

I thought it might be a fun exercise to make a list of just some of the things I am so very thankful for in my life. As you can imagine, I am going to encourage you to do the same in the comments!

1. My Daughter. My beautiful, healthy, happy, kind, smart baby girl Darcy. She is unassuming in all she does and it so easily pleased. I love the way she unconditionally loves me and thinks I look beautiful no matter what my state. I love her tiny hands and the ways she strokes my top when she's tired and I love the way she tips her head back when she laughs at things that aren't funny unless you're three years old.

2. My Home. My house is small and cosy and happy. I feel safe here and I feel happy in every room. I have worked for five years to make it just so and I am still enjoying working on it. I love that I own it and I love that people say it has a good atmosphere inside.

3. My Job. What started as a passion is now a job- what a dream! I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love full time and to have such creative freedom on a daily basis. I never forget what a lucky position I am in and I regularly have to pinch myself at how amazing it all is. 

Those I think are the biggies. I'm also thankful for all the little things in life like my phone, yummy treats (haha I sound like a dog), rainy mornings when you're cosy inside, fairy lights, the purring sounds of my cats and pinterest. 

Making little lists, whether physical or mental, is a great way to uplift yourself and feel more positive about everything around you. 

I'd love to see some of your gratitude lists in the comments and also hear about any other things you do to keep yourself merry and bright. 



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