Monday, 20 February 2017

Feel Alive | Motivational Monday | 2017 #6

Oh Hai,

I'm writing this post on a Saturday, sat by a pool in the sunshine, waiting for my transfer to the airport. I thought I'd get ahead of the game since Monday is set to be busy- school run starts again (sob), I have a video to film and edit and no doubt I'll be battling with the joys of jet lag. 

So, in advance, merry Monday to you! A new week, a new slate, so many possibilities. 

This trip has been wonderful. Ten full days with my boy and my babe. I've been to Disney World a number of times, my family holidayed here when I was younger and every time I'm in Orlando for work I try to make a day of it so I'm no stranger to the magic of it all and I love it. I don't think I'll ever be bored or ever not fancy a trip here. 

When I'm here, I feel good. I feel the sun on my legs, I wear my brightest lipstick, I skip a bit when I walk. I started saying things like, 'I wish I could feel like this every day', but the reality is, I can. 

No I can't have Mickey Mouse and churros every day but I can wear my bright lipstick and I can put on music and dance about with Darcy in the mornings. I can eat dinner round the table with my favourites and I can take time away from my laptop/general life duties to just listen to my Daughter tell me all the bibbits and bobbits whirring round her head. 

This week, take a few moments to think about what makes you feel good. Work out a way to incorporate it into your life and just do it. I plan on having a dance party with Darcy round the house or watching a film with her (actually watching it, not scrolling through instagram whilst she watches). 

I think going to those places, doing those things, taking that time, makes all the difference to our wellbeing and should be celebrated!

Happy living!!



Monday, 6 February 2017

Wonderful Things | Motivational Monday | 2017 #5

Oh Hai, 

As I write this I'm making lists and packing for an adventure this week. So, merry Monday! A brand new week to do something amazing! I'm excited for this one. On Wednesday we fly to Orlando, Florida for a trip to Disney World, my favourite place on earth. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest and knew it was perfect for this week. Here's why-

Exactly one year ago my life was very, very different. I was just starting a new relationship that wasn't going to last very long, I was trudging through with a horrible divorce, I felt burnt out professionally and I worried constantly about my Daughter. I was so highly strung that every little thing concerned me and I would lay awake fretting for the future. I never felt safe. 

Today life is much changed. My legal business is done and dusted, my heart is healed, I'm buzzing with creative ideas, I feel confident and calm about my Daughter and I'm in a happy, healthy, stable relationship with a good man. 

I didn't do anything profound or make any huge changes in 2016, I just let time and God do it's thing and wonderful things unfolded. I know this sounds severe but truly, a few years ago I didn't think I would ever find this sort of joy and yet, here I am, sitting on my candy pink sofa in a house I feel safe in, blogging about my beautiful life. 

If you are in a place where you feel like things are grim or you can't see a way it could ever be happy, have faith. I didn't think it would happen and it has. It will happen to you. You just have to wait and be open and then one day, it will be there. 

Sending anyone that needs them great big giant hugs!

Things are going to get very Disney on the blog for the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes pealed for that and I'll see you soon!



Monday, 30 January 2017

No Rain, No Flowers | Motivational Monday | 2017 #4

Oh Hai,

This past week I've been feeling like I'm pushing water uphill. I'm glad for it to be Monday and to start afresh with renewed vigour and resolve. 

Right now I'm working every day and not really having a whole lot of play. Like everyone, if I could have an eternal summer of fun and frolics I would but, like everyone, that's not a sustainable life for me. 

I saw today's quote and thought it was apt. There are rewards for hard work and I'm looking forward to the flowers at the end of this. 

If you are working your arse off for something at the moment, whether is educational, professional or personal, stick at it! We'll enjoy picking our flowers all the more for it!!



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