Over the years that I have been running (oohh 'running' sounds rather swish doesn't it?!) this little space of interweb, I have noticed a few questions pop up over and over. With that in mind, I have made this page especially for you, question asker!


Is your Daughter's name really Baby Glitter?

No! I just call her Baby Glitter on here, my YouTube Channel and Twitter as a little nickname. Her real name is Darcy Jane. I suppose when she is a bit older and no longer a baby, I will have to amend it to suit her better.

What do you do for a living?

After graduating from university, I felt a bit lost and so embarked on a thrilling journey called 'Six Hundred Boring Office Jobs'. Whilst boring, they paid rent/mortgage and I made some super chums along the way. When I fell pregnant with Baby Glitter, my then employer decided to end my contract (very nice of them considering I was 'with child' eh) and so I did a bit of temping.

Now Baby Glitter is here, I stay at home and be a Mummy and Wifey. I am also fortunate enough that this is a 'for profit' blog, which means I make a few pennies from advertising. If you are interested in that, you can check out my 'sponsor tab' for more detailed information.

When I first heard the term 'for profit', I thought it sounded grotesque and as though the writer was only in it for the money. I quickly realised that as somebody who writes and loves their blog like they do their own children, this is not the case. Making money from this blogs allows me to stay at home with Darcy, pay some bills and buy little treats. It also gives me the time I would need to write. I think if I were working in an office again and being a Mama, that blogging would fall away somewhat- a girl's gotta sleep! 

What did you do at university?

I studied a Bsc (hons) in Psychology and Biology. I also studied shopping, bars, vodka, boys, cheese toasties and sleeping til noon.

What camera do you use?

From the first post to September 2011 I was using a cruddy old digital kodak that I bought in 2008 for £80. I have no idea what model it was or if you can even still purchase them. It was blurry 99% of the time and to take a good snap of anything I had to take a zillion and then pick out the good one.

In 2011, I acquired a DSLR Canon EOS 350D from my Dad. It was very nice but you couldn't film on it and I really struggled with the focus.

I now have a Cannon EOS 600D and am still using the kit lens. This summer I plan to update that with (possibly) 2 new lenses so watch this space! 

For YouTube videos, I used to use the Motion Eye Webcam on my laptop. As time went on, it slowly died and then I used a panasonic camcorder. I now use my Cannon 600D with the kit lens.

Why wont you show your Husband in YouTube videos?

Matt isn't an 'on camera' kind of guy. There's nothing more to it than that really. I have BEGGED him to do the Husband Tag but he refuses. More recently he has been letting me put him in little vlogs here and there so things are looking up!

If you have any burning questions to ask  you can Tweet me (@Sprinkleofglitr).


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