Friday, 13 August 2010

Curvy Girl OOTD - SWIMWEAR!!! Gee Wizz!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Well I have bitten the bullet and am going to bloomin' well do it!

I was feeling a bit unsure because in the last few weeks I have put on a few pounds. A LOT of you lovely Bloggerinos have been asking/guessing if I'm pregnant and if that is the secret. Well folks, I can neither confirm nor deny it at this stage and you will have to wait, ooohh about 4-5 weeks to find out. Sorrrryyyyy!!!

So basically I have taken a couple of snaps of my 2 swimsuit jobbies but will also be sharing my top tricks to use poolside!

To sum up my body shape and hang ups for you (with brutal honesty!) - I am a size 16 on top and 18 on bottom. I like my face, neck, boobies, legs below the knee and arms below the elbow. I don't like my tummy (bleaugh jellybellytastic!), thighs or upper arms. I'm pretty non-plussed about my bottom, it's sizeable but a decent shape so I don't loose too much sleep over it. So that's my body in a nutshell. I work very hard to dress my shape but when it comes to swimwear, the ante is upped! You are basically naked but for a few (and these are our saviours) props!

I have 2 sets of swimwear and find this is enough for my rare swimwear needs. My first is a pink floral tankini that I bought from Matalan about 4 years ago (I really don't wear beachwear that often!) and I was a bit lighter then as well! Oh well.

What I LOVE about this tankini is that is comes with a little separate skirt bit that you can pop on and feel a little more covered in. It's really short but it just gives that bum and upper thigh shield that I want and need! So prop number one- Frilly Skirt.
Illusion number one- The pattern on the tankini draws your eye to the colours and shapes, and not my fatty wobbly tummy bits. Score.
Illusion number two- Low cut boobiliscious neckline draws eyes to this area, rather than my thighs.

This is my other swimming cosie and I bought it from Debenhams last year. It claims to have 'tummy control' but lets face it, when you're a size 18, it's not going to make you look a size 10. It does sort of smoooooth out any lumps and bumps though I suppose.

I couldn't bring myself to give you a full body shot as there is not thigh cover and I felt a little naked.

Illusion number three- Pattern again (I tool a close up of the pattern because I think it's really funky)
Illusion number four- The neckline is strapless. Little spaghetti thin straps on chunky arms will only make your arms appear larger, go for thick straps or no straps.

(Ze Pattern!)

This is another of my props. BIIIIGGGG Beachbag (Monsoon/Accessorize) can be positioned to make you feel a bit less nudeytudey.
So Prop Two- Huge Bag. The bigger the bag, the smaller you will look, the smaller the bag, the bigger you will look (I think anyway).

Other props I like:

Sarongs- Always wear them diagonally for a more slimming look across the legs, it creates an elongating effect rather than a chopping off effect.
Nice flipflops- When feeling a bit self conscious, you may as well have pretty footwear.
Big Hair- I try to wear my hair as volumised as possible so that it balances my figure out and I don't get the old pea-head-big-body effect. Can be tricky if hair gets wet but give it a whirl.
Tan- An all over tan will do wonders in making you seem slimmer

CONFIDENCE- You're not going to loose three stone in 2 days so look at yourself and say "I am curvy and I am lovely and I will be proud of myself for who and what I am" and go and have HOLIDAY FUNNN!!!

I hope these have helped. They are just my personal tips and nothing overly special. Do you have any good tips?




  1. You look lovely in both of them! But you always do in your pictures! And very summery, the prints are gorgeous! =] Rache xoxo

  2. Good items you got there. You didn't mention the earrings but those big ones look good and flatter your face. Isn't it better to have a lovely face (you do) than a lovely body? A long gauzy cheesecloth shirt-thing is good. Also a huge towel!
    Er, shorts are great. Pop them over the cossie. I hadn't thought about straps. I think that's where I'm going wrong. Good tip.

  3. You're stunning and well done on doing the post! i love love love the halterneck tankini jobby and wee skirt....I'm gonna hunt for this exact style next time I go abroad. Mwwwwwwah! xxxx

  4. You look fab!! Great tips too :) Thank you for doing this :)


  5. you look fabulous! i love your wallpaper :D

  6. I'm just now finding your blog and I love it! You're gorgeous! I love them both!

  7. Lou, I'm so jealous of your waist - hip ratio! & of your confidence to do this, I could never muster up enough courage. xo

  8. You are so gorgeous and amazing!! I love your wallpaper there in the background hun! xxx

  9. you look great!!!! great tips as well :)


  10. You look SO great and I am so proud of you and your confidence to do this! You're such a lovely woman and a huge inspiration. You're so dear, Lou!!!


  11. Yay you did it! Hooray! I thought it was fab, and nice choices of swimwear. I always find I have to have straps because of the boobs but I do love a tankini, it feels a little more adventurous to an all in one but more safe than a bikini. Also miles easier to go to the loo! ha ha!

    x hel x

  12. Love ur blog! So pretty and lovely! Am new to the blogging world was wondering where u get all ur cool things from for ur blog? Like the different font for ur name and how dya get followers? Havnt got ne at the min :( lol Hope to chat soon xx

  13. Wow, you look gorgeous. Thank you so much for doing this. Amazing tips :) Xx

  14. Looking good! So glad you did this and your bedroom is soooo adorable!!

  15. you are my hero! well done you for being so brave and proving that bigger girls can look just as good!

  16. I really like the last bathing suit. I have bigger thighs so I always use the skirt/big bag/sarong tricks! And I really love your bedroom.

  17. very cute:D i love the bathing suit. it's pretty!


  18. you have a miniature waist!!!
    love your bedroom, too

  19. Thanks for the tips! You look lovely, the prints look great on you! :)

  20. Good for you for having that much confidence. You look lovely!

  21. You look amazing! You really have a wonderful figure. I love the tankini on you, the bright pink colour is really cheery and good on your skin :)

  22. I love the first dress!

  23. OMG! OMG!!! That swimsuit is soooo stinkin' CUTE!!!!

  24. You look beautiful i love the bright pink one x

  25. Hey doll! Love your pics they look great!!! Your blog is kick butt. consider me a follower! I cant wait to see what you post next.

    you are welcome to follow me too, i am a makeup and craft junkie, and love to do give aways, im trying really hard to get my name out there and get some kind of exposure.
    Thank you for your time and support.

  26. Hey I've only found your blog a few months ago...I am just getting around to catching up! Hope you don't mind me commenting on older blog posts! Just wanted to say you look lovely! I think you are so beautiful, inside and out! :D

  27. We have a really similar body shape so I loved this!x

  28. I was perusing your OOTD's and I was thinking to myself that I wish you would do a swimwear one because I have a curvy body like you and am not as confident in swimwear, AND I am going to the lake this weekend and then ta-da! Found it. Strange how that always your blog!

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