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You Asked || Facebook Edition

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A while back, I did a post called 25 Facts About Me and really, really enjoyed it. I thought it was such a fun way to share a bit more with you all so decided to find out if there was anything else you wanted to know.

You Asked :: Facebook Edition

Kelly Asked .  What is your favourite clothes shop?
I have a few but at the moment I am loving Primark, H&M, River Island and although I'd never have thought to look, have picked up some lovely bits in Marks and Spencers recently.  
Georgia Asked .  If you could move to any country where would you go and why?
I'd love to live in America, either in California, Boston or the deep south (a la Gone With The Wind). I've visited America quite a few times and have loved it. I love that can do attitude, the big places, the food (I'd be so much fatter!!), everything. I'm also a quarter American and have a lot of family out there so I wouldn't be alone. 

Kira Asked . Do you plan on having another kiddywink?
Not in the near future. I've seen a couple of rumours floating about that I'm pregnant or have announced a pregnancy- I can tell you there is no bun in this oven.  
Harriet Asked . Did you enjoy your degree? (psychology I think?! I've applied for Psychology!)
Yes and no. I didn't enjoy the hours of listening in lectures or reading things that didn't grip me but I know that the degree I did, Pyschology and Biology, was the most gripping to me out of all of them and there were aspects and topics that really fascinated me. It's natural not to like everything. I enjoyed the mindset I developed and I'm proud I am a university graduate.  
Emily Asked .  How do you stay organised? Tips?
The truth is, I don't! I struggle so much with keeping on top of things and constantly try (and fail) to improve. I think I'm just innately messy. What I do do though is keep lists. I make a list every day of what I want or need to achieve and this helps me stay focused.  
Becky Asked .  Favourite month of the year?
September. I love the weather, the promise of Christmas, the fact I was married in that month, the excitement of a new academic year (I think that stays with you no matter what age), the fashion and even the way the word 'September' sounds when you say it. 
Libby .  What will you call baby glitter web she is no longer a baby? Toddler glitter?
Well Baby Glitter will always be my baby regardless of her age, so I think she may have to stay Baby Glitter forever. :) 

Macy Asked .  Why did you decide to have Darcy? 
Matt and I had always wanted a baby as soon as we were married. We are both very family orientated so it seemed like right thing to us. I think we were right. We love having our little family to cherish.
Sophie Asked . What did you want to be when you were really little, because apparently I'm not allowed to be a princess?
The first thing I can remember wanting to be was a ballerina. I took lessons and actually got to grade three so I was some way there, haha.    
Chloe Asked .  What's your favourite type of blog post/video to do?
I don't have one favourite because what I love most is the variety. I think if I had to just stick to beauty or lifestyle or silly or baby then I'd not keep going. 

Zoe Asked .  If you had another girl, what would you call her, besides Florence which was Darcy's other 'option'?!  
Well remembered! If we ever did have another Daughter we do already have her name but we'd wait to reveal it. It's not Florence.    
Sophie Asked . How is it not awkward to talk to a camera & do you not worry about being judged about doing YouTube videos?
It's not awkward for me because I've been doing it for three years. I actually find it really therapeutic to just sit and chat away with nobody to answer back. I try not to worry too much about being judged. It's pretty much inevitable that people will form an opinion on you and it's up to them whether it's good or bad. I think if you know in your heart that you are being a good person and doing your best then other people's opinions don't effect you as much as they could. I'm a pretty happy camper! 
Emily Asked .  How much do you love Liverpool?
To the moon and back again! Liverpool will always be my most special city as it's where SO MUCH good happened in my life. I could write a whole blog post on how being in such an amazing city changed everything for me but now is not the time. Pretty much everything good in my entire life came either from Liverpool or from the attitude I developed there. Big loves. 
Harriet Asked .  If you had to only eat something for a whole month what would it be?
Amber Asked .  Do/did you have an ultimate goal from blogger? Such as, would you like to write a book for new mum's, become a make up artist, professional beauty journalist?
That is such a good question! If those things came along then I'd welcome them and be excited for them but they are not my ultimate goals. My goal is to keep this blog exactly as it is. A documentation of my thoughts, feelings, discoveries and observations within an amazing sparkly community of brilliant people. I like what we have. In years to come, I want it to be just like this but maybe with a swisher camera lens or better spelling!

There were quite a few questions left unanswered but I wasn't sure if I might bore you by going on and on!! I thought it might be fun to do a Twitter and Tumblr edition of this too but I'll let you decide in the comments since you are the readers of this online part-ay. Yes, I just said 'part-ay'. Next thing you know I'll say 'YOLO' in a serious tone.

Was any of that new to you? Do you prefer chitchatty posts or beauty reviews? I'm all ears!



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  1. I definitely agree with you on the strawberries! Lovely post, Louise!


  2. I LOVE these posts! Do more! Do more! xx

  3. I definitely prefer both! Love reading these chittychatty posts and beauty reviews :)

  4. Naughty naughty, up till midnight! I guess I could say the same for myself... Let me just say, you look absolutely gorgeous in this photo, prettier than I have (dare I say it) ever seen you! Naturalish makeup really suits you :-) And I love both types of blog posts!

  5. love when you do these!!! www.elywrites.blogspot.com

  6. You look beautiful in that photo! I would loooove to have your eye color :)

  7. Ooo visit Boston! It's especially beautiful here in the fall! My favorite city :)
    Also, that is a gorgeous photo of you. Love this blog!

  8. Darcy's the luckiest baby in the world! By the way I love your makeup in this photo :)


  9. Ok, now I def want to know more about your Liverpool era: blog post please?! <3

  10. Love these posts, nee to find out more about you! xxx

  11. You look gorgeous in the picture, Louise!

  12. I used to live in the the South US :D all the lovely food is seriously tempting but luckily I was young and had a super duper fast metabolism.
    Lovely post.

    Also what lip product are you wearing in the picture?

    Emily x - prettypleaseprettyplease.blogspot.co.uk

  13. Louise I am fast becoming addicted to your blog! I started watching your videos but I now read your blog in the mornings whilst trying to face a day of work :)


  14. I love your personal posts! you're fashion and beauty advice is obviously great too though!
    I read your blog every morning and you always manage to put a smile on my face!

  15. i love all your blogs and Zoe's too! i like both kind of blogs posts so carry on doing both xxxxxxx

  16. I really enjoyed this post Louise! I must admit I didn't know you studied psychology at uni. I love all of your posts but I think I most enjoy reading personal posts like these as your personality shines through the most xxx


  17. this is such a lovely post, really loved it louise!
    You look amazing in the picture, love your blog&your youtube:D


  18. i loved this post, yours could never bore me! definitely do some more :) x x

  19. So interesting, I love these little facts posts!


  20. I really loved this post Louise :) your answers were interesting to read and I was sad when I got to the bottom! I like a mixture of beauty and personal posts. And you look gorgeous and natural in this photo x

    Katie xx

    a bit of lippy

  21. I did really like this post, Its nice to get to know you! Its nice to get to know the writer, than you just being ' The writer' Its nice to get to know you as Louise and who you are :)

    Lovely post
    Pipp xx

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    Oleta :)


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  26. I love your blog! ive just started my own and would love some feedback :)


  27. Aww definitely answer more questions like these! It was a fun read!

  28. Aww such a cute post! I love your personality!! You are beautiful on the inside & out! Sending love from Texas,

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  29. I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog! I don't really care what you write about. Your attitude and outlook on life is what keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for being you.

  30. i loved it. : )

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  32. I liked this post a lot. And i think you should do a Tumblr & Twitter edition too. :)


  33. I love this post! My fave month is September too xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  34. I love this blog, it's refreshing because it's not all about make up and it always brightens my day when I see you have put up a new post. It makes me think of everything in a more positive way. Oh and I want to study psychology too :) but first I want to take a gap year, I think.

    Love to you and your family! xxx


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  36. You have the most amazing personality and I love your blog! :)


  37. you look gorgeous in that photo! love reading your blog!



  38. All your blog posts are just ... brilliant !

    www.NualaHepworth.blogspot.co.uk - (everyone else seems to be doing it so i thought what the heck ;) ....)

  39. Ahhh I love your blog, I love it I love it I love it.

  40. such good questions were asked xx


  41. Louise, I absolutely love your blog and youtube videos. I never really post anything on these but I just wanted to say I started watching your videos a couple of months ago, I was in a pretty unhappy relationship which was starting to affect my relationships with my friends and the people around me... but seeing your fantastic attitude to life, how happy you are and how lovely you come across gave me the confidence to end things with him and I have never been happier :)
    Absolutely love your blog and youtube videos and always look forward to your next posts :) xx

  42. Darcy has ur eyes..so stunning.. may god bless you and ur family zara xx

  43. I loved the post! I feel like I know you a lot better (not in a creepy way. Love your blog and I really like your crafty blog posts xxxx


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