Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Darcy at 5

Hello Glitterbugs!

If you followed my blog last month and read this or this post, you will know that my little girl, Darcy, turned 5 in April. 

I wanted to write a post all about her character and mannerisms as a way to document and remember all the little things she was into and also, one day, she might read this as an adult and smile- Hello grown up Darcy, if you're ready! 

(Thank you so much Courage & Kind for this darling silk dress, Darcy loves it)

Five years old, I think, is my favourite age. I remember saying that specifically about 4 months old and hoping it would never end so I'm thankful that this, 'favourite age' thing doesn't wear out. I'll probably say it for everything haha. 

Darcy is a gem. I know any mother would say that about their child so perhaps she's downright awful to everyone else but I don't think so. 

Where do I start? I'll begin with all the little tiny things I want to cherish forever and then move onto the big character stuff. 

Darcy likes little things, she always has. She likes tiny weeny toys that she can clutch in her hands for long periods of time. She likes the brushes you get with My Little Ponies or the accessories that come with Sylvanian Families. Tsum Tsums too are high up on her light of 'good things'. When we were in Seattle this January, I gave her $10 to choose whatever she wanted and she was straight over to the (Anna & Elsa) Tsums. She likes putting things in bags, boxes, tins and baskets. I'll very often find an assortment of random treasure in a handbag or envelope- not always all her own though I'm afraid, a lot of my bits and pieces go missing too! haha. She loves the trampoline and I'm regularly treated to grand performances that she's spend a long time perfecting upstairs. I always make sure to give big, big claps! 

Fussy eating is the bain of my life. I don't think there are a lot of foods that Darcy specifically hates but quite often she'll just decide that she doesn't want to eat something. I have worried and continue to worry that she doesn't eat enough. I offer and offer but mostly she'll take a few bites and say she's done. She eats really well at school with her classmates but at home, she's like a little bird. However, if I were to give her an endless supply of puddings, she'd more than manage. She has a sweet tooth!

Talking of teeth, none lost yet. I have something really special planned when she looses teeth so I'll keep you posted on that. I would hope that if her first tooth fell out whilst she's with her Dad that he'd somehow find a way to share that with me but right now, we are keeping things very separate which is a shame. 

Separation-wise, Darcy seems to be handling everything so, so well. As you know, we share 50/50 and are still both flexible with changing days here and there if needed. I tell Darcy often that Mummy and Daddy love her and when she says, 'I love Daddy', I say, 'I love so much that Daddy loves you' and she seems to really like that. Sometimes she sends texts to each of us from our phones (a great big paragraph of emojis) and we respond with emojis too. We've talked about having 2 teams, a Mummy & Darcy and a Daddy & Darcy team and she loves having 2 bedrooms. I try to be quite honest with Darcy, she has a lot of questions. She knows I have a new man in my life and I've told her he is kind and handsome and funny. As yet, she still hasn't met him but when the time is right, I'll introduce. I feel nervous about that (I'll perhaps write a separate post because this is meant to be all about her). 

Darcy has a huge social group! I've mentioned a few times about my mummy groups and how Darcy and I both love having them. I've made friends with a couple of Mama's on my street and from there we've all met each other's friends too and formed a nice circle of support and fun. Between all of us there are about 15ish littles so Darcy is never short of a friend to play with after school or on the weekend. I don't let her 'play out' (on the street like I did when I was little- I worry about weirdos) but I do let her play in my neighbour friends gardens or have her friends over here to wreck her bedroom (it's amazing how much destruction little children can cause in under an hour). Last night we got back from playdate number 1 with some of the school Mama's and their littles (that's my other Mummy Group) and went straight into playdate number 2 for strawberries and waterfights in a garden with the local littles. Life for Darcy is full of love and friendship and socialising, just as it should be. 

When playing with older children, Darcy loves to observe and be led but when playing with her peers, Darcy is assertive with her ideas. It's almost like in the wild where there is an alpha lion and she respects that but then when everyone is on a level pegging, she gives leading a go. I hope this develops both ways because I think there is something to be said for having the courage to be in charge but then something valuable about knowing when someone else can do it better. 

Sometimes, Darcy is unsure of her own abilities. Before trying something new she needs a lot of encouragement and reassurance. She's not the first kid to jump into the ball pool and it took a lot of praise and cajoling for her to believe she really could buckle up her own seat belt. With time I think she'll grow in self-believe but until then, I'll carry on nudging warmly. 

Screen time is a big thing for my girl. She's loves it! If I would let her watch TV/play on my phone all day, she would. I'm breezy about her watching films (we often snuggle up together for movie time) but I'm a lot stricter about the phone and limit it heavily. Her current favourite app is a Palace Pets game where you groom all the animals and add accessories to them for the Princesses. 

Travelling is another thing Darcy enjoys. This summer I plan to take her to Seattle to visit the Bitsandclips and Matt will be taking her to Orlando for DisneyWorld. She's a lucky kiddo. Before the year is out I'd really like to try DisneyLand Paris with her and I'm looking into Disney Cruises. I'm sticking with the Disney theme because it feels like something we could easily do just the two of us (not booking any holidays with her and bf yet, although him and I might be going somewhere soon yay) without me freaking out or feeling super lonely. When she's older I'd also like to take her to New York for a Mummy & Me trip! 

All in all, I'm really happy with how Darcy is growing up. She's gone from an easy baby, to a fun toddler to a really great child and I'm thrilled to be her Mama! I have lots of plans for our summer so keep your eyes peeled for those or check out my instagram!




  1. oh god she is beautiful and so lucky! wish all the best for her x

    jess x | wellwellgirls.blogspot.com

  2. This is a really lovely post! If Darcy reads it in the future, I am sure she will love it! She's so cute, your relationship seems very nice x

    Zoel Hernández | zoelhernandez.wordpress.com

  3. She is a proper cutie!! :) My other half has a 5 year old girl from a previous relationship and her favourite things are blankets! She is obsessed... She'll use them to build a den, to 'hide' herself and to send her babies to sleep! HA x

  4. She's so cute! Darcy sounds like a dream to have as a child


  5. Ahh they grow up so fast....everyone says that and it's so true.


  6. I'm 18 and finished school last November (I'm Australian) and my mum took me on a Mummy and Me trip to New York to celebrate! So I definitely recommend that you do that with your daughter. Such lovely words about her too :D

  7. This is so cute! I hope she enjoys reading this when she's older! She sounds like such a great kid! :)
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  8. This is beautiful and adorable <3

  9. I always love reading about your relationship with Darcy, you have such a healthy perspective yet so clearly complete unconditional love!

    Regarding the eating thing I wouldn't worry too much about it. I was just like Darcy, or probably worse, when I was a child. I hardly ate anything and made my parent's lives hell with all the nagging they had to do and all the tactics they had to try. At the end, out of concern, my mother went to a pediatrician. After writing down everything I ate for a week my mum came back and the doctor told her not to worry, because I did get the nourishment I needed. Not a gram more, mind you, but enough. As long as she's full of energy, she is fine! She might just have other priorities/find other things more interesting than eating!

    (A bonus to these struggles is that you are less likely to develop eating disorders if you struggle with eating due to lack of interest when you're a child, as you don't associate eating with weight gain/loss or as a measure of control, but rather just as another chore).


  10. I love how well you are both doing, my son is almost 5, and he is just a chatty little man now, they just grow up so quickly! his dad and I keep things very separate too, but he always tells me "I love my daddy" and I will always respond "I'm glad you love your daddy, because he loves you very much too" sometimes he asks what happened and why we don't live together, especially as now we have both moved onto new relationships, so I just try to explain that sometimes people cannot be together anymore, and stress that our love for him hasn't and wont ever change. He seems to be happy with that answer! :)

    Darcy has grown so much, and she seems like such a little girl now rather than a toddler, and I can completely relate with food problems, my son would eat is weight in sweeties, but give him a plate of food and he will pick and pick.. such a nightmare!

    Anyway I have rambled enough! Another huge birthday hug for sweet Darcy :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. Darcy is so adorable and I admire you so much for how you have handled everything and bought up a beautiful little girl! xox


  12. Ah what a lovely post! All the things you write and record about Darcy will be such a lovely thing for her to look at when she's older. It was interesting what you said about Darcy enjoying putting things in boxes and bags. I've worked with children for many years and it made me think of 'schematic play'. This is a theory about the different ways and patterns which children play and how they learn about the world through them. Perhaps Darcy has a filling and emptying schema or a transporting schema! 'Understanding Schemas in Young Children: Again! Again!' Is an interesting book on the subject and gives lots of ideas on how you can provide activities and resources in the areas that fascinate them.

    A Small Note to Self 


  13. Darcy is such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful Mummy xx

  14. What a beautiful blog post. She is absolutely adorable!


  15. Darcy is a real little ray of sunshine!
    I remember Zoe letting us know you were in labour and I was so excited, and the videos of her when she learned to giggle melted my heart, and the one where she was dancing made me grin from from ear to ear! She's grown so much since then and she's an absolute credit to you.
    Your mummy vlogs are my fave to watch because your relationship & the bond you have is so lovely to see , it's soooo so obvious how much she adores you.

    Since having my own child I appreciate your vlogs even more, they no longer just make me smile because they are unbelievably adorable... but i can now relate to the mummy side of things (that and the fact whenever Darcy laughs my daughter grins her toothy grin at the screen)
    I now know just how much your heart will burst with pride and ache with love when you look and think "I made that". And how completely amazing yet at the same time totally terrifying it is that they're learning and growing so rapidly.
    My daughter has just turned 9 months and I've never felt love like it. It's so overwhelming it's scary! And that the love & pure joy they bring you, comes hand in hand with a constant worry. It's like having a piece of your heart living and growing outside your body.

    But if my daughter one day looks at me the way Darcy looks at you I will be the happiest mummy alive, and if she grows up to be as beautiful inside & out as Darcy, I'll know I've managed to do something right on this crazy journey that is parenthood. You should be so proud of her, your doing an absolutely amazing job
    Lots of love Melissa & Little Lillie xxx

  16. Darcy is growing up to be as classy as her mum :)


  17. This is beautiful! I live the new york one for when darcys older! Im doing that with my mum for my 18th! She is such a gorgeous girl and so are you youre very lucky to have eachother!xxx❤️

  18. Awww. This was really sweet Louise. I can see grown up Darcy smiling from ear to ear while reading this.

    annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  19. Absolutely so cute ! I really enjoyed reading this little text about Darcy ! We love her, she is soooo cute and I'm really happy to see her growing up (so fast) ! Thanks Louise for this post ! Also love your blog !
    Big kisses from Paris <3

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog : http://yourlovelyplace.blogspot.fr/

  20. DISNEY CRUISES ARE FANTASTIC!!!! Absolutely adore them and they'd be right up Darcie's (and yours!) street. Heart warming character meets that feel so intimate because youre on the boat. And Castaway Cay (Disney-owned island) is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you two get to go xxxxx

  21. This is so cute. My daughter is 5 in September! 5 sounds so old :-( I was just thinking earlier how flipping cute she is!! We went to Disneyland Paris last September for her birthday and it was amazingggg if you want any tips let me know xx

  22. Oh a lovely post Louise :):) i really enjoyed reading your post I can't believe how darcy has grown so quickly she is growing up to be just like her mummy I hope you and darcy have a nice time in Seattle in the summer 😀🐶

  23. I find it awesome that you put such effort in making her childhood magical, I wish to do the same to my own children some day

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  25. This post was somehow emotional for me, it seems like yesterday I saw a video where Zoe said it's time when baby glitter will come to this word. I remembered how excited then I was and now Darcy is a big girl. In her I see a little Louise who is very cute and has beautiful eyes. Love you and Darcy, you are one of my inspirations. You let me realize that it doesn't matter how you look or who you are, you just learned me love yourself and don't be afraid who I am. Lots of love ♥


  26. Aw this was such a sweet and adorable post! Darcy's a lovely girl and she's so lucky to have you as her mummy x


  27. I love your blog , and you are a real idol for me. I just started a new blog and could you please check it out. I love your videos , and I wish all the best.

  28. This is a really lovely blog post, I enjoyed reading it.

    Darcy is a gorgeous little girl and you must be so proud to be her mum.

    I love the blog posts and videos you are both featured it, you have some beautiful memories to look back on in the future.

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley's Beauty Blog

  29. Louise, this was such a heartwarming post to read and your love for Darcy is very apparent in almost everything you do. I can still remember when Zoe posted a little video announcing that you had gone into labour and since then the time has flown by. Someday I hope to be just as good at parenting as you are. Lots of love, Jane.
    Marble and Rose

  30. Louise your posts are always so real - there's no fake-ness, no rubbish, it's all honest and true and I love reading it all! It's always so heartwarming and lovely.
    Lucy xoxo

  31. This was lovely, what a beautiful thing for Darcy to look at when she is older she will love it! You should definitely go to disneyland paris, me and my fella went a few months ago it was brilliant! we only went for a week which was a comfortable about of time to get everything in the park done and even though we went in February to save a bit of cash the weather was still on our side for the most part despite it being France in winter, must be that disney magic.

  32. Darcy is an absolute gem and an utter credit to you Louise. I always love seeing her in your videos as she's such a little character and I can tell she is very very loved.

    You're a brilliant Mum, and she's lucky to have you too!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  33. Darcy is a mini you Louise, you're doing an amazing job :D Here's to being 5 Darcy!!


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  37. I'm 10 so she's half my age. She is absolutely adorable and I have a cousin who's turning 5 next and she still eats hardly anything apart from ice cream and strawberries so don't worry. This is the first time I've been on your blog but I've watched your videos for about 2 years. I love you and Darcy. You remind me of the close relationship I have with my mum.��

  38. What a beautiful post! I love your writing style Louise :) I've been watching your videos since before Baby Glitter was born and I just can't believe she's 5 already! x


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