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Friday, 29 January 2010

All That Shimmers Eyeshadow Set

Ahoy there Bloggerinos! I have been selfishly keeping this little beauty tucked away since my kind chum Ceri gave me it for Christmas. She is very naughty though because we had a little spend limit of £10 and Ceri blew it! This eyeshadow pack retails at £27.00 but if you hurry, there are some on the Benefit website ( ) for around £18- a bloomin' steal!

So, I really love the packaging of this item. It looks all funky and luxurious and makes me want to keep it all lovely and special. Do you do that with you favourite cosmetic items? I am a total saddo? haha. I am yet to find a Benefit item that I don't like the packaging on actually. I know people always say you must never judge a book by it's cover, but if it's cover is bright and spangly and exciting, you're going to be intrigued, non?

I am a newbie to Benefit eyeshadows (these are the Lust Duster variety) as I have always steered towards their skin care range and gone elsewhere for eyes. Haha not literally my eyes but my eyeshadows and coloured liners. Well bloggerinos, I was really rather impressed with these colours.

I did a little hand swatch and I think the colours came out really well, and I didn't need to use too much of the dust (aww I love that it is referred to as "dust". Dust anyone? Dust! hehe) so I think these will last a good while. All three colours are very pigmented and go on in a really smoooooth way, as in, they are easy to blend and apply. Lovely! They also have a little bit of glitter in them- not huge chunks of the stuff but a bit of a shimmer (you would hope so too with a name like 'All That Shimmers'!). The colours in this set are called: Snow Bunny (the pearly white one), Punk Royalty (the purply one), Moon Doggie (the minty green one). I think I will be using Snow Bunny one the most as I am a big fan of highlighting on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone. I will have to do my makeup using these and pop a picture up for you. :)

So yes, in summary, this is a fantasmic edition to my somewhat extensive (ooerr) eyeshadow collection. Thank you Ceri! I've had a little photoshoot with my other fav eyeshadow jobbies and this will be coming soon!

Toodlepip! xx

PS. I'm sooooo sorry for any typos, I don't know where my spell check button has gone but it is gone none the less! Perhaps it has rushed off to buy All That Shimmers? xx


  1. wow this set looks amazing :) do you have any benefit lipsticks?would be interesting for me to see them, because i'm going to buy my very first one today and i'm kind of excited :D i now that's funny but i really fell in love with jing-a-ling lipstick :)
    by the way: i follow now both of your blogs and i love to read them :) and a BIG THANKS for "verfolgen" my blog (: maybe you can do the 10 most worn beauty-products TAG I started on my blog?! i would be happy to know what your favourites are :)

  2. Hey Kathi, thanks for subscribing to both blogs. I wont be using the other one now though. I was going to have one for crafts and one for beauty but then I figured I'd just stick it all together!
    Sadly I dont have any Benefit lipsticks, I tend to stick to MAC and Soap & Glory for lip stuff. Do you have Soap & Glory in Germany?
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you bought today! I had a little shop too so will show you soon :)
    I'm off to sort out my 10 fav beauty items so I can do your tag! xxxxxxx

  3. oh no we don't have soap & glory here. i've never heard of the company before, but i just was on there website!i think their products look really cool :) i'm in london next year, so i'll definetly check their stuff out :)
    the products i bought yesterday will be on my blog soon ;)


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