Saturday, 2 January 2010

Various Winter Happy's

Well bloggerinos, since last we met up, there has been a turkey, presents, a trip to Liverpool and a good sing song of Auld Land Syne; so it is only natural that my kodak and I have been snapping all over the place and I have taken a million photographs of things to go on my happy list.

As you all know, a happy list is a personal affair of little things that bring a silent smile to your heart, and it is for this reason that I will not show you all my new happy list entries, and also because it is as long as my arm!
So without further adoo, here it is, drum roll please).

I bought this kitch little cup at a car boot sale for 50p because I'm a fan of all things royal and I thought it was cute. It now houses my lovely makeup brushes and is nestled happily with my other makeup which I love dearly.
This is my newly decorated boudoir. I took one with the flash and one without so you can enjoy the twinkly fairy light effect. As you can imagine, the fiance truely loves the girlyness! hehe.

I recently bought a 120 colour eyeshadow pallet from the gloriousness that is eBay. When it arrived, I couldn't wait to try all the colours out. Lucky for me, my friend was at hand with a bare face for me to play with. Mwahahahaha!

Here is a picture that is like music to my ears. A load of ribbon I got in Market Harbourough with Judith, for a snippit (love that word) of what I would have paid in Hobbycraft-brilliant!! All shiny and colourful and dazzling. Mmmmm.

My favourite Christmas decoration is this cushioned heart that my best bud made me. It means a lot to me because I know she took a lot of time and care to make it and every time that I put it up, I think of her and smile to myself. I know that sounds disgustingly slushy but I care not! It's my blog nah na nah na naah naaah! :)
Well, that's enough for now. I hope my happy snaps inspire you to build up your happy list this 2010.

Toodlepip! xx

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  1. Hey Louise, I'm not very well today so am perusing (good word) all your old blog posts to cheer me up- it's working thank you xxx


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