Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Aloha Bloggerinos!

Well, this is my 100th post- wowee wowee wowee! I really never thought I would get this far and would like to officially thank you, dear reading Bloggerio for being so good to me and all the kind and supportive comments. It really does give me a warm fuzzy all over and I really appreicate it every time one of you clicks the "follow" button or makes and effort to type a comment. Thank you.

As a littler celebration, and also because I love it when other bloggers to this, I'm having an "Ask Me Anything" post.

Basically, if you have anything you want to ask, and I mean ANYTHING, I will answer it. You can ask about makeup, life, childhood, blogs, work, relationships, the world's greatest kittykat (Mindy!), literally ANYTHING and I shall answer! Woop woop!

I shall do a "Everything Answered" post soon :)

Get cracking Blogerrinos! I'm tres excited!



  1. Hiya! Zoe here. Congratulations on your 100th post from a fellow Northamptonian. I have no idea what to ask you, but would just like to say I lurve your blog. Keep those posts coming!!!
    Z xx

  2. I don't really have anything to ask, just wanted to say that I'm having my first ever giveaway over at my blog! Be sure to check it out and enter!



  3. Congrats! OK I have a crazy makeup related question: if you could wear only one makeup item for all time and own only that what would it be? (for example: lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, etc.)


  4. such a pretty picture :)
    erm.... what is your number 1 make up item that you would repurchase forever???


  5. Yay congrats Louise!
    Hmm okay..
    where's your favourite place to be?
    What's the best makeup product you've ever purchased and why?
    What's your favourite dress like?
    Also, I remember you saying you're engaged, out of pure nosiness, have you set a date yet?

    PS love the necklace!

  6. Oh I love these ask me anything things but when it comes to it I can never think of a question so I'll just ask a silly one. Sorryyyy.

    If you had a boat what would you call it and why?

  7. Love these Q&A posts!

    Uhm...how do you overcome writers (or in this case, bloggers) block?


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