Wednesday, 20 April 2011

CONTEST WINNER for Guess Baby Glitter's Real Name

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Can I just say, as I started writing this post a total palaver happened.

 Baby Glitter was laying next to be on the sofa having a snooze, my laptop was on my lap, the window was open to let in a relaxing breeze and all was well in the world. UNTIL A GIANT WASP FLEW IN! I have a huge phobia of wasps and totally freaked out. I grabbed Baby Glitter and put her on my chest, covered her with a muslin square, shouted "Maaaattttttt!!!! Mayday! MAYDAY!! HEEELPPPPPPPPPPPP!! HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!".

The wasp was zooming about like a kid on sherbet and I couldn't get up (my sofas are low, my vajayjay is stitched to bits and hurts) and so Matt ran downstairs and started wafting a cushion at the beast. I was shouting "Just get the Raid (spray that kills flies/bugs/wasps), stop angering it! GET THE RAID! THE RAAIIDDD!", he was waving a cushion about, Baby Glitter was confused in her muslin prison. Then he ran to get the Raid, leaving me defenseless against the now angry wasp and then came back and sprayed the little blighter to death. Peace is restored.


Anyway, Baby Glitter is 2 weeks old today and I thought it was about time I announced a winner for the contest.

Thank you to everyone who got into the spirit of it and took part and well done to everyone who guessed the correct name, which is Darcy Jane Watson. When I put the correct answers in a hat I didn't penalise for incorrect spellings, as long as I could tell you meant Darcy Jane Watson, that was good enough for me :)

So, drumroll please....the winner is:

Congratulations Gem! I have emailed you already to ask which shade of MAC Lipstick, Lipglass of Lipliner you would like, so please do get back to me ASAP.


I've actually got another contest coming up very shortly, with the prize being a set of Sigma Brushes, so do keep your eyes peeled for that!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunny weather and not being attacked by wasps!



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  1. Ahh congrats gem!
    cant wait for the next giveaway babe
    izzy xx

  2. hahaha that made me laugh so much! "Baby glitter was confused in her Muslin prison" Love your blog! Congrats on Baby glitter :) xxx

  3. yay i was right too!
    i think it's a lovely name and suits her perfectly :) xx

  4. Ahhh Congrats to Gem! I love your stories Louise "zooming about like a kid on sherbert" haha. You never fail to make me smile! Looking forward to your Sigma post hun! xx

  5. Hey Lou (and baby glitter!), Darcy Jane is a lovely name, good choice! Sorry to hear about your poor vajayjay! I just read your post on the birth, it sounds seriously traumatic - you're so brave, I definitely couldn't do it!

    Thank you so much for the lovely competition prize, I'm going to go check out the mac site and some blogger swatches. I'm tempted by vegas volt right now, but not entirely sure! Gem xx

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