Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pro Impressions and OPI Silver Shatter

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With all this lovely sunshineyness, I've been heavily inpsired to splash colour into every area of my life, and my nails have not missed out on this.

I bought this nail polish remover at the Beauty UK convention which I showed in my YouTube Haul video that you can see HERE. Since trying it a good few times I can happily report that it is BRILLIANT.

It has quite a strong smell that can get a bit up your nose but I'll let that go seeing as it does it's job sooooo well- it even cuts right through glitter, which to me is the real mark of a good remover. I've been using it with the special nail varnish remover sqaures (as shown in the video) or regular cotton wool and it works fabulously with both. You can find out more about the Pro Impressions range HERE.

Fancying a jazzy nail effect, I decided to try out my new OPI Silver Shatter, which I also bought at the Beauty UK convention for a bargainous £5.75 (ish. I know it was in the £5 range), which is superduper considering this retails for £10.50.

I'm quite certain you all will have read about these new fandangled shatter polishes and know that with just one coat on top of another colour, they create a cracked effect. I was never too keen on the standard black shatter colour that Barry M bought out, I felt it was a little too stern for my personal style, but this really caught my eye because it's much more subtle and has a hint of sparkle to it- Yippee!

I applied the OPI Silver Shatter over Boots No.17 Catwalk Couture (click HERE for more) and thoroughly enjoyed watching the polish separate and 'shatter' before my very eyes! It was oddly mesmorising actually!

I've really enjoyed this summery beachy nail look and it has lasted a good 5 days with only minimal chipping. Woop Woop!

(Modelling my nails against BabyGlitter's rainbow onsie!)

If browsing pretty polish colours is your bag, here are the OPI Stockist Details : 01923 240 010 Lena White.  

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Are you and OPI fan?


  1. I love those shatter nails, but I can't decide whether to get some! Do they stay looking nice for a while or do they end up making your nails look like they're chipped? I suppose its worth it for only a few pounds, and lovely cracked-ness!


  2. Your baby glitter is SO MUCH cute! <3

  3. Beautiful picture of you and Darcey. xx

  4. Just gonna start by saying that you are one of the few youtubers (or youtuberrinos) who I will watch your videos no matter how long or what the subject is!

    I have the silver shatter on my tips currently, and I love it :)


  5. Ohh i've been wondering if I shuld get this crackle effect. I'll have to go get it, it looks amazing!
    Darcey looks so big! Awww lovely picture.


  6. That silver shatter looks super nice, especially with the teal.
    Aww, cute picture! Baby Glitter is adorable :) xx

  7. love the shatter soo pretty! baby glitter looks adorable in that picture love her rainbow onsie :) xx

  8. ooooh i want the silver one xxxxx

  9. I've only tried two opi polishes and neither were anything special... but this looks gorgeous :)
    I've got a black and a white version but I want a silver cracle polish!! x

  10. How could anyone not be an OPI fan! The finish is flawless, lasting and smooth, I am obsessed! Personally I can not stand the No17 polishes, the formula isn't great and doesn't last so long. I've never watched the crackling polish 'crackle' so may have to test this out, is the silver shatter the one from the new Pirates of the Caribbean collection? We havn't got any of it in shops near where I live but once we do I'll definitely try it.
    The baby looks so so sweet!

  11. You look so happy and Glowing! You can tell your loving being a mummy!

  12. aw baby glitter is getting bigger bless her! shes so cute ;D
    love the number 17 colour!
    hope you and your family are all okay <3


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