Friday, 22 July 2011


Aloha Bloggerinos,

A bit of a short, pointless post today but I like to keep you informed when I can :)

I've got something a bit exciting coming up, which is all under wraps for the nowness, but I think you will be VERY excitederino!!

I'm going to take my plan-free tomorrow to buy a huuugggeeeee piece of card and have a mammoth brainstorm (hmm apparently you're not allowed to say that anymore because it is supposedly offensive to epileptics- I'm sorry if you are epileptic and offended). I love things like this, I find it really satisfying to put all my thoughts down on paper with colourful pens and just dump it out of my brain!

Perhaps in a years time, when the secret is out and in full swing, I will show you the original brainstorm and we'll all chuckle.

Hmm what else do I have to tell you? Oh yes! Did you know I have a Sprinkle of Glitter Facebook account now? If you search Louise Sprinkleofglitter and request, I shall accept. It was getting really difficult to answer emails quickly and with proper thought, so I thought this would be a good step towards better communication with you all :)

Matt has been gone over three weeks now. He's flown off to Costa Rica to do a World Challenge trip with some of the pupils from his school and isn't back for another week, sigh, I do miss the little fellow.

Well Bloggerions, that's it for this funny little post about nothing in particular!




  1. Yay, excited!
    Apparently you have to call it 'mind mapping' now........paha


  2. Holy cow three weeks without man cuddles! Hope your brain storm goes well :D

  3. Your so good for letting Matt go for that long.. Such a good

  4. "Brainstorming", a form of offence to epileptic people!? That's a tad crazy, ha ha.
    You are such a great blogger. You seem really caring and funny. I love to watch the videos of you & zoe, they never fail to entertain me and make me laugh!
    Keep up the great work and please say hi to Baby Glitter from me! He he he.
    Ellie x

  5. OMG What is world coming to! I'd have never thought that that would offend someone.
    You've got me excited now. Can't wait to see this final result!

  6. Who would have thought brainstorming was offensive? Oh, well, at least now I know! I'm really rubbish at making mind maps though, I'm bad at just dumbing things on a piece of paper, I always want to make it really organised and neat so I end up having to redo it about a billion times. :) xx

  7. woooo! I love brainstorms, especially when they are all pretty and colourful, which they will be with those inks..
    andddd which is offensive, mammoth or brainstorm? lawl, confused much?
    Can't wait to see what you're planning :) take care xoxo

  8. Facebook request coming your way... Thank you :D

  9. Haha yeah as a teacher I have been told to ask my pupils to 'thought shower' - haha yeah right!!

    Sounds all fantastic :)

    Lisa xx

  10. You are so funny :) I like to write with colourfull pens also. I love this pen I write with, the colour is a lovely dark pink :) Hope your man gets home soon! Ixx

  11. i'm excited to see what you guys have planned!!


  12. I love Brain storming! It always gets all the good idea juice pumpin through my brain! :)

  13. I didn't know "Brainstorming" is offensive! You learn something everyday. I love colour ful pens too!

  14. I love brain stomring - can't wait to find out what your is about :)

  15. Nothing beats a good old 'brainstorming session' eh?

    I don't know if I can wait until a years time to find out your gossip though!

    I hope we get some sneaky glimpses?

    Your just like a secret squirrel ;) xx

  16. you cant say much nowadays in case it offends people! i can wait to hear what you have planned :)x

  17. I had no idea that "brainstorming" was on the offensive terms list now! I'm starting a new job this week with lots of customer contact and this will be good to know! Thanks for the heads up :)

    Cannot wait to find out what you two have been working hard on! Exciting!!

  18. great blog :) so lovely...
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  19. Hi dear! Your blog is amazing!
    I am a new follower!

    I would be very honored to have you in my followers!

    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!

  20. Oooh I am a bit bloody excited for the Great Louise and Zoe Joint Venture!! *Giggles to self a little in an excited way* xx

  21. Oh why tease us like this!? I really want to know what you are going to be doing :) love your blog


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