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Lou's Reviews :: Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow

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Pudding Face is in her bouncer, Bride Wars is on in the background, Fluff-face-Mindy is sprawled under the window and I'm tiptapping away on here, what bliss. What I should be doing is cleaning the bathroom and clearing up, ready for Zoe's visit tonight but alas, why do now what you could do later?!

I recently bought 3 of Bourjois latest new releases- the Little Round Pot Intense eyeshadows and thought I would do a quickie review on them.

I don't usually rate the normal Little Round Pots too highly- I have found that a lot of the colours have poor
pigmentation and are rather chalky but as I swatched and mooched about that the Bourjois stand, I was quite surprised. These new Intense Pots really are intense! The formula is easy to blend and the colour pay off is great. I picked up the sparkly buttery shade, the glittery pink shade and a matte black- the black is brilliant! I would even put it above MAC Carbon, and that's saying something!

I have used the 2 glittery colours for an easy wash-of-colour look when I'm in a rush and the black to create a lovely smokey going out look. According the the Bourjois website (which you can find HERE) the shadows are made from 87% mineral pigments- wowee.

I really hope they bring out more vivid colours of these, I would buy more for sure (I'm a poet and I didn't know it!).

I believe these retailed for around the £7 mark, which I think is just about reasonable because you get plenty of product and a cute package with a handy mirror. Pleased.

Have you seen these little treats around? Would you pay £7 for a single 'drugstore' shadow?




  1. Ooooh I am always drawn to these Bourjous pots as they're so adorable! But I too have bee let down in the past by the rubbish pigmentation! These look fab though! I love the goldy one! Would be great with a tan!

    Hope you're having a gorgeous Sunday! xxx

  2. Hmmmm I would probably get it for that price considering its expensive in the USA

  3. I would pay £7 especially as you say it's better than the MAC one, very intreged I am indeed! I shall have to go and have a wee test of these:)

    Thank you for the great post. I always picture you saying the posts in your cool little way:D

    Have a good Day! :)

  4. This looks great, I love the look of the pinky one. £7 for a 'drugstore' eyeshadow is a little pricey and espically if the pigmentation is rubbish. xxx

  5. They are super pretty I've heard but I wouldn't pay £7 for a single e/s. I would rather get MAC or Urban Decay. I will however hunt them down on ebay :D

  6. Can you purchase these in the US? I've looked for Bourjois products before and couldn't find anything but maybe I'm looking the wrong place. Do you know?


  7. Hi Lou, these look lovely, Lissy and I saw the gold one and we really like it, looked super sparkly and very lovely indeed, I do think I would buy them because although they are £7 they are quite big and would last a while. I think the gold one will be on my shopping list for my next shopping trip with my girlies as it would look lovely on hols with a tan :) thank you for showing us these, fab blog as always, lots of love to you and Baby Glitter, Zoe, Cole and Lissy :) xxxx

  8. oooo the black one looks very tempting!!

  9. I don't think I'd pay that much really! I'd rather have a MAC palette than these, as it takes up less space.. but for quality I'd buy them :) Lovely post as usual! Soph xxx

  10. I really like Bourjois products, and love them even more when they're on 3 for 2 as I do think for a 'drugstore' product they can be a little pricey, but the quality is always great, so worth the pennies in my book.

    Much Love,

  11. I don't think I'd pay the £7 but Bourjois always seem to be on offer so think I would when their on offer. Btw, I was the Abbie on blogTV! That you thought was Abzzzw haha xx

  12. Hey, great post! I just wanted you to know I tagged you in a Top 10 Award post of mine, thanks for being a follower! :)

  13. Haven't heard bout this brand before (or maybe im just weird :p). Immay try some of them out. That pink one is oh so charming! <3


  14. oooh that black one looks lush!

  15. I love Bourjois products. Unfortinately I can't buy them in Germany :(
    So everytime I'm in the UK I have to buy a lot xD



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