Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mostly MAC Blog Sale

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm having a sort out!

UK Bloggerino customers only this time I'm afraid.

Prices INCLUDE postage and packaging (which will be padded envelope, coloured tissue paper and of course some sparkles- pretty pretty). Baby Glitter and I will make them like a little present for you :)

Paypal Only. Please pay within 24 hours. No returns. Simply leave a comment with what you would like and your paypal email and I will invoice you.


For sale.....

Set of 4 Mini Mac Pigments (2.5g each) in Blue Green, Fuchsia, Kitchmas and Grape. Used about twice. £12 inc. P&P.

MAC Pressed Eyeshadows in Pan Form (bought in pan form, not diy depotted) in Vanilla, Carbon, Swimming and Parfait Amour.

Vanilla, Carbon and Swimming - £5 each inc. P&P
Parfait Amour - £4 inc. P&P

Avon Concealer, still in wrapping - £3 inc. P&P

MAC Eyeliner in Smoulder. I do have pics of the pencil but it's blurry and poops, I promise it is in there! Haha! Swatched once, sharpened once (for freshness for you). £7.50 inc P&P.

MAC Limited Edition Shadestick in Nuture. Never touched, brand new. £10. (shimmer peach colour)

MAC Glitter Pigment (in old, big pot) in Reflects Very Pink. Swatched once. £12 inc. P&P

Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles 2 in 1 Tinted Roll On - £7 inc. P&P

UK Bloggerinos only this time. First come (comment), first serve.
Happy Shopping!


  1. Such a good blog sale - I am gonna go mad when I turn 18 and can sign up to paypal!! x

  2. HEllo

    Can I please ave the 4x pigments in the little bottles for £12.

    paypal is

    Thank you xx

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  4. Carbon and Swimming have been snapped up by someone who couldnt comment and messaged me on twitter xxx

  5. hii,
    please could i have the vanillaaaa :)
    paypal is xxx

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Could I have smoulder
    pencil pls?

  8. carbon pleaseeeeeee


  9. could i have carbon :)

  10. Could I have the 4 mini pigments please honey? x x

  11. oh my emails what i use for paypal :)

  12. Damn I missed this because I was at the Cinema.

  13. Hii.

    Just wanted to know, what shade is the Avon concealer?

  14. shadestick please

  15. @Sarah Rose- Light. It would suit my skin and I am fair/NW15/Ivory. Would you like it? xxxxxx

  16. Garnier eye roll-on please? :)

  17. How did i miss this!? :( Will there be any more blog sales?
    Lucy x

  18. everything looks pretty. I just wish I have the budget now. hehe.

    BTW, I wanna invite you to join my giveaway which will end on September 4.
    ✿ 1,000 Followers Giveaway (21 items) ✿

  19. oh im too late he stuff i wanted has gone le sigh xxxxxx

  20. love the garnier concealer soo good:)La Folie 

  21. Is the MAC pigment still available in reflects pink? I'm interested :)


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