Monday, 13 February 2012

New CID Event

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I was going to write a full length blog post today about the New CID Event I attended a few weeks back with Vixypops, but guess what?! Matt has surprised me and is taking me on a mystery day out for Valentines!! Exciting!

So I thought I would be a cheat and rather than do nothing at all, pop the video I made on it up here. I appreciate that some of you may have already watched it, but for those that haven't, here it is:

If you're more of a reading kind of a gal, Vixpo from VIPXO wrote a lovely post which is jam packed with pictures and you can check that out HERE.

I shall be back on with non cheaty posts tomorrow, right now though I'm off to be whisked away!

Do you prefer reading blog posts or watching videos?




  1. i actually loved this video its hilarious xxx

  2. I love watching ur videos and I love reading your posts. You do both so well.

    B xxx

  3. loved the video ! xxx

  4. you are so hilarious! makes my day!

  5. lol, you have to love the sales patter, "made for 'real' women" hmm, like other women are imaginary?

    How is the nail polish with the light? does it make a difference or is it just a gimmick?? It'd be lovely to let us know in the next post ^_^ hope you had a good day.

  6. I really love a mix of both x

  7. what an amazing blog!! following you now!

    check out my blog too and follow me too if you like it:

    hugs and kisses, theri

  8. Looks like a brill evening! I personally like a mixture of blog posts and videos :-) x

  9. Love the video and I'm so intrigued by new CID cosmetics now, I really want to try out their stuff. Love your blog posts and videos!

    xoxox - for Beauty reviews, hauls and health posts. x x x

  10. you are hillarious louise! :D i watched your 'in the pipeline' video too, and i think your upcoming ideas for videos are great! i would love to hear what you thought of the Alpha Course, because i've also done it and would be interested to hear what you thought? Sorry i had to reply on here, but i dont have a youtube account! xxxxx

  11. (I am writing this in reply to watching your 'In the pipeline' video- except I wrote too much to leave as a comment on youtube) Louise, I absolutely love your videos and actually I probably get more excited to watch them over ones that are from other people I subscribe to that may indeed have more followers or whatever. I love that you are laid back and can just be yourself on camera which alot of people wouldn't be able to do and wouldn't feel comfortable with a 'chatty' video and would have to plan down to a tea what they say. Its only recently that I have decided to join the world of blogging and I should be uploading my first video very soon (would love you to check it out). Ok so aswell as this the whole 'new outfit for a new event' definately struck a cord with me as it is a feeling that I experience alot and it is something I find difficult to get over however if you buy a dress that is of good quality and suits you why do we need another dress? Its silly.. And as for the whole frequency of video thing I was suprised by you saying this because I thhought you were someone that uploaded most regularly, may be different depending on who is subscribed to who but in my opinion you need not fret and keeping doing your thing!!

  12. You never fail to make me laugh Louise! I loved this video :)

    Hannah xx

  13. I love your posts and your videos, so a mix of both is perfect! I also love that for the last few events you've filmed some of the talks, it's great to see what's gone off if we haven't been able to be there.
    And I've just seen you've got a Wired Jewellery code, after I've just done a big order from them - dammit! Hehe.

    e x


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