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Lou's How To's :: Birthday Wreath

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

A couple of days ago I instagrammed ('Sprinkleofglitr') a picture of something I had made for Baby Glitter and I had so much interest in it, that I thought I would write a blog post for you all.

This is the image in question. It is a Birthday Wreath made for Baby Glitter's upcoming 1st Birthday Party and it was beyond easy to make.

My friend Marie in America had made one for her little girl's birthday bash and I instantly fell in love and decided to make my own. You can check her video out HERE to see all her gorgeous party decor.

I shall give you a step by step and ebay links for crafty bits if you like to order online. Alternatively, you could pop along to your local craft store. I just like ebay because it's easy, speedy and paypal friendly- ohhh yeaaah!

Steppy by Steppy's:

1. Get yourself a polystyrene ring, a ball of wool in whichever colour you prefer, about 50cm (to be on the safe side- you may have excess) of ribbon in whichever colour you prefer, stick on gems, scissors and most fun of all, embellishments!! You can go wild with whatever you would like, but I chose cupcakes to give it a birthday feel.

2. Wrap the wool around the ring. For a more full and plush appearance, wrap round a couple of times. Warning- this takes time! Sit yourself in front of a film and just enjoy the easy task and feel satisfied watching it slowly fill up.

3. Wrap the ribbon round the ring to give it a candy cane spiral effect. Tie a bow and loop at the top so that you will be able to hang it from a hook.

4. Add the embellishments in any pattern or design.

5. Add the stick on gems in any pattern or design.

6. Stand back smugly in the knowledge that you just made a Birthday Wreath.

Seriously, this is an easy peasy lemon squeezy project and could be adapted for any occasion. How nice would an Autumnul wreath look? Mmmmm, I love Autumn.

I plan on displaying this near Baby Glitter's highchair at her party so that it is in a lot of her photographs and then afterwards I will hang it in her bedroom. Maybe we'll get it out every year!

If simple pimple baby projects are your bag, last year I wrote a post on customising baby clothes with pens and waaaayyy back in 2009 in my first ever month of blogging, I wrote a post on making a tutu for a barbie doll. Craft-tastic!

Is this something you might try? Do you think it will make a unique decoration?




  1. So pretty, this is just gorgeous with all the embellishments :-) xo

  2. This is so creative, an amazing idea! xxx

  3. Ahhh yes super cute very artistic and i was proud of myself when i sewed a flower on a headband for Teegan ha ha but this is just amazing Louise,very unique and would be a great idea to bring out each year,a total keepsake from her mummy ;0)
    Can't wait to see any photo's or vids from her birthday,have you decided on her main pressie yet?are you Getting a personalised birthday cake or shop bought one or even making yourself?i would love to make my own but would only end up making a pig's ear of it ha ha.
    I'm sure your tea party is going to be very special,and i hope i don't upset you and i'm not really religious but i bet your mum would be sooo proud of you and darcy hunny,you do a great job with her,but that does look the bees knees well done you and thanks for sharing,we have a shop called the range near us that sells crafty bitw,we are making easter cards for family and teegan has done 2 foot prints which are gonna be bunny ears on the front of the card,just need to draw a bunny face now lol
    goodnight sweet dreams xxxx

  4. This is so cute! Great idea for a birthday party :)) xx

  5. This is adorable. Love the idea of you keeping it in her room after the festivities have finished and bringing it out each year :)

  6. I say this once again, Baby G is the luckiest little dollie. (knock on wood)
    Bless you, Lou. :)

    Being Vera Blog.

    P.S.: You're a source of cheeriness and sunshine for all of us. And I'd love for you to do a video/post for the younger lot of your subscribers about handling hate and bullying. It would mean a lot to us.

    1. ahhh vera that was a nice comment and hope you or anybody you know are not beibg bullied,i hate bullies they are cowards and schools really need to sort out issues more than they do [[ hugs ]] xxx

      aka vinny xx

  7. So pretty, ive got a feeling Baby Glitters birthday party is going to be the place to be... babys from all over the world will be trying to crash it :D x x

  8. so cute:) love those little cupcake embellishments. lots of love to baby glitter on her 1st b'day bash.xx

  9. So adorable! really cute and looks so expensive!! <3

  10. Such a cute and easy sounding craft project :) Now to think of an occasion I can make one for x

  11. Wow so cute and easy! The cupcakes are adorable!

  12. I love it! You could make lots of them for different seasons too. I'd love to see an autumn-y one with leaves and shiz.

  13. Awuuh this is so cute :') Especially the cupcakes :L

  14. This is such a good idea, and it looks expensive! your gorgeous<3<3.

  15. Very cute! Baby glitter is very lucky to have such a creative mummy :)

  16. sooooo pretty !!! really great idea!!

  17. So pretty and such a great idea :) xx

  18. Hey Louise ,
    i was just wondering where to find a polerstyrine ring??!!??

    i am definately going to steal this idea for my baby cousins birthday!!!

    thanks for the help :)

  19. Hi Louise!!! I found you on YouTube, and it brought me here...and I must say, just like your channel, this blog is AMAZING!!!! I'm totally addicted to both! haha I really enjoy your posts verrrrry much!! So, of course I'm following you...can't wait to read more!

    xx Carrie

  20. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  21. Naww that is cute, very Louise! Love your blog girlll, would love it if you'd check mine out too xxxx

  22. hi louise, i would be really lovely if you could give my blog a little shout out, i am subscribes to your YouTube and i have just got started with my blog,

  23. Your biggest fan from Sweden1 April 2012 at 13:42

    Hello Louise! I just wanted you to know that you're absolutely gorgeous and a spectacular role model! Thank you for such an amazing blog! :)

    Hugs! xxx

  24. Amazing blog! You have great style!! I'm new to fashion blogging check out my blog:0)
    Let's follow each other!

  25. This is beautiful! Will be trying this out very soon, thanks! You are an amazingly creative person(:

    I'm so happy to be sharing my birthday in the same month as Baby Glitters & Yours! :)

  26. Ohh this is such a sweet idea! xxx

  27. wow, this is a brilliant idea!! it looks so cute :) xx

  28. Aw thats lovely!

  29. that looks lovely xx


  30. very pretty!
    (i do follow for follow!) xxx

  31. This is such a lovely idea! I might do this for my nephews birthday next month :-) I have just pinned it xxx


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