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Amazing Advertisers :: August

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

This month has flown by hasn't it?! It's time for Amazing Advertisers again, which is your opportunity to get to know the lovely ladies that have been nestled in the left hand side bar this month.

If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter in August, look up to the tabs under my header, and 'Sponsor' has all my advertising packages within it.
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Be warned - this blog will make you want to shop. Big style. Shelley's blog is fresh, easy to navigate, well written, with great photographs and with well laid out posts. It is literally everything I look for in a blog and I love it. I just sat reading her Topshop Personal Shopper post and now want to book myself an appointment. She makes me want to do things. Ooer.

Confessions of a Secret Shopper

Louise (oh hello name twin) has been my Ultimate Advertiser this month and so you may well have seen her link at the bottom of posts. Like me, Louise is a Mummy obsessed with all things beauty and girlie and her blog is a place for her to share this passion. If you like reviews, tags, giveaways and the odd blog sale here and there, you'll like this blog.

Briar Rose Beauty

Jess is one of those people that is kind through and through. Always there to offer a supportive tweet or encouraging words in an email, she is a gem. Not only is she an all round good egg, her blog is right up my alley. With beauty, fashion, funnies and mummy posts, there is always something interesting to see. Jess is also on Pinterest and has some of the best boards I've seen. Re-pin-tastic! Haha.

A Thrifty Mrs

Mrs Thrifty is my chummy. She is the best of eggs and if you don't love her then you must have a heart of lead (feeling a bit stern there). Her posts are easy to read, informative and guess what?.....thrifty. If this lady doesn't save you some money somewhere, I'll eat my frugal charity shop hat (or borrow one of hers!). Not only is she a cracking gal with a great blog, she offers advertising slots like me, so if you were looking for a bit more exposure, give her a bell. Or just email her. It's not 1997 after all.
PS- Her post on penny pinching glitter polish excited me. Fact.

Prairie Charms

This little accessory shop is simply charming (ooohh see what I did there?). If you like whimsical little bracelets and quirky floral brooches, this may just be the place for you. The shop is clean, fresh and well laid out so if you are looking to treat yourself or have a friend's birthday coming up, check it out. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway from here very soon!

Obsessive Compulsive Beauty

Sarah is, like many of us, a style and beauty enthusiast. Her blog posts feature her favourite cosmetic finds as well as great fashion combos that I might never have thought of (pencil skirt with a leather jacket for example). I have really liked her latest posts on jeans and found her article explaining the differences in cuts very helpful. No more fitting room tears for me!

The Beauty of Louise

Before we even get onto content, I must just say, I LOVE the colour scheme of this blog! Louise's beauty posts are well written, clearly laid out, interesting and frankly, make me want to buy things- naughty lady! I have also noticed that Louise is now offering advertising slots (only 10 so fairly exclusive) to her fellow bloggers for only £4 per month- bargain!!

Monday Night Fashion

Ooooh this blog is the perfect blend of beauty, fashion, interiors and quaint places to visit. The pictures are large and clear, the writing succinct and there is all round just a lovely tone and feel to Monday Night Fashion. If you're after what I would call a 'relaxing' read, this is your blog. Also, I now what to pop round for dinner and try some of those deserts! Yum!


Charlotte's blog is a little unlike your average beauty/fashion blog and as she will tell you herself in the 'About' section of her site, it is a great place for her to find the daily structure she craves whilst living with depression. Depression is a very real illness for a great many people and I think it is commendable that Charlotte has been so open and enlightening about her life. Also, she lives above a bakery and has a pet hedgehog- that sounds like my kinda location! 

Wonderful You

Meg, is fast becoming my new favourite blogger. Not only is her blog a visual feast for the eyes, she has giveaways (there is one day left on hers so hurry hurry over), great reviews AND when my chummy Zoe was feeling very grim a couple of weeks ago, Meg did the most thoughtful and kindhearted thing for her. Anything that makes ZoeChummy smile in her time of blueness makes me smile so I think Meg deserves a great big pat on the back. :)


If you like fashion, OOTD's, style and How To's, then you'll like this blog! If blogs aren't your thing but you still like those topics, panic ye not as there Miss MacGalore also has a YouTube channel linked so you can indulge in many a different technology fashion. I have really enjoyed the 'How To Wear Neon' post, as this is a trend I love but struggle to pull off without looking a little nutto! Yay for the Macgalore flavoured help!

Aspirations of Glam

Liz makes me want to buy things. She is an ultra enabler and my purse hates her for it! I however, bloomin' well love it. If a blog can get me hyped up about a product, then it's a goodun! I love her beauty posts and think her photographs are beautiful. I also rather enjoyed her backcombing photos and may have had a little chuckle at them- in a good way of course. Don't ask any more questions, just go and check her out please. Thank you!

Live Love Laugh

Sasha's blog is what I would call a Lifestyle blog. Hurrah!! I do love beauty and style posts, but there is something really soothing and intriguing about reading through other people's day to day business and opinions on topics we all experience. If, like me, you are a closet curtain twitcher, this blog will appeal to you. I also enjoy the fact that Sasha full on got in her shopping trolley in the middle of Morrisons. I shall say no more...

I Am Fabulicious

I Am Fabulicious is a girlie girls haven. Filled with regular beauty posts, up to date industry developments and celeb gossip, this is a blog not to be missed. I really love that everything is clearly laid out (it's things like that that set apart the good from the great if you ask me) and that the images are large and crisp. A jolly good slice of the web indeed. 

How does it feel to...

Love this blog? Great! (See what I did there?). This blog is like a pick and mixed of incredibly well written, through provoking pieces of writing. It isn't a beauty or style blog, but a little online feast for the mind. I urge you to go and click on one of the enticing squares and not want to read another. Go wild and give it a whirl.

Fragmented Splendour

Ooohhh puuurddddyyyyy. That's the first thing I think when I look at this shop of gorgeousness. If you like delicate accessories with natural gems and stones and fossils, go and look right this minute. Prices are amazing for these pieces and I think they would make amazing gifts too. Also, I know who I'd rather support out of big corporations or independent businesses. How about you?

Ahhhhh, so there you have it, my lovely Amazing Advertisers of this month.

Have you found any new favourites?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Confessions of a Secret Shopper. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top! 


  1. I am going to advertise with you, just need to save up!


  2. Thankyou for your lovely words about my shop louise :)
    Gonna go and have a gander at some of the other links now!

  3. you´re right! this month has gone really fast..

  4. Love these cute watermelon slices!

  5. You're right , this month has gone by really fast. Definitely going to check out Thrifty Miss' blog , she really made me laugh in the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUISE' video Zoe filmed for you!

  6. i love the watermelon slices they are so so cute

  7. Aww, thanks Louise :D It made me laugh tonight as most of my views are coming from your blog and people searching 'Fleur de Force Engagement Ring'. I have no idea why that would lead them to me as I'm clearly not Fleur! Hope you're well and thank you for letting me be your advertiser this month
    Louise xx

  8. Some amazing blogs i am already following thanks to seeing on your page, especially fellow Louise's lol :-) I hope to advertise with you too, especially since im a newbie :-)

  9. oh i forgot to say i am a new follower to your blog and i have been looking on your blog and youtube channel all day and i hope you make lots and lots of more amazing blogs.

  10. i would like to ask you a very boring question M.A.C or nars which is the best shop?

  11. Thank you Louise for the lovely blog post! And thank you for the opportunity you've given us bloggers! :) xx

  12. I really like Meg from 'wonderful you' and 'Thrifty Mrs.' both great blgs, going to have to check out the rest
    Daniella x

  13. watermelon hearts are so cute :)

  14. Louise you are just wonderful. Thank you for such a truly yummy post. Advertising with you is honestly fantastic & I'm thoroughly excited about next month too!(could I have squeezed any more enthusiasm into that? I think not)

    P.s Daniella you're a bit lovely too :)


  15. My "to read" blog list is growing daily -love it!

  16. Hello everyone! I love these blogs :) Please checkout my new beauty blog...Tale of Teeni <3 From a NY makeup junkie XOXO


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  19. Some great blogs :) xxx

  20. Hey lou i have a love of youtube and you , zoe, alfie, marcus caspar and gang and you imparticular make my days happy and make me feel perked up so thank you for doing what you do im sure you are a great mummy and wife but most of all friend to all your veiwers and subscribers and overall friends thank you lou i love you xxx


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