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Amazing Advertisers || October 2013

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Gosh I've had a marvellous month so far! I've had several adventures with friends and soon I'm jetting off on another adventure with my family to embrace the hotter weather over the pond in Florida! Before we bid farewell to this month however and light up our pumpkins for the Halloween festivities I must introduce you to my lovely October advertisers! I've certainly got a few gems for you this month and I'm excited to share their marvellous blogs with you! 

Are you sitting comfortably? Let's go! 


The City Rack is an online fashion boutique offering everything from dresses to body jewellery. I have been swooning over many of the items on The City Rack I am pleased as punch to have them advertising with me this month. As well as offering affordable clothes, shoes and jewellery, they also have a swish look book style blog which I think is a fabulous idea to demonstrate different ways of styling your wardrobe. I thoroughly recommend a browse of The City Rack ladies, you won’t be disappointed!

Sophie Jane has stayed put once more with Sprinkle of Glitter and I really do enjoy having every month! Sophie has done some fabulous posts this month, including in depth beauty reviews (I’m looking at you, you shimmery Dior lipgloss goodness) and another scrummy culinary post. Sophie is an absolute whizz in the kitchen and this month she shared some healthy smoothie recipes with us. I would also like to wish Sophie a belated happy birthday for the 16th October, let’s all hop on over to Sophie Jane and show some belated birthday love!  

Beau Blushes is an addictive little blog I had the pleasure of sharing with you earlier this year. I’m thrilled to have Beau Blushes advertising with me once more as this blog is addictive! This month has seen some seriously impressive beauty reviews with equally impressive photography, in particular I’ve loved the nails inc reviews, as a self-confessed nail varnish lover I can appreciate a well decorated fingernail or two! Quick, go and have a looksie, you won’t be disappointed!

10 Downing Chick is a newbie to Sprinkle of Glitter this month, it is a ‘little bit of everything’ blog written by the beautiful Becca all the way from Canada! This month I have enjoyed reading Becca’s ‘Links I Love’ in which she shares some of her favourite people and places on the web with us. I have discovered some gems thanks to Becca and I’m sure you will too! Let’s all have a browse of 10 Downing Chick, show Becca some love and discover some new gems together!

A Scottish Lass is another swanky ‘little bit of everything’ blog I am pleased to be sharing with you this month! This blog is absolutely fabulous and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Laura's posts. As well as writing about all things beauty Laura has shared some personal posts with us this month, including the celebratory plans of her 30th birthday and an emotional post dedicated to the anniversary of the passing of her brother. I would like to wish Laura the happiest of 30ths which she shall be celebrating in New York (how swish) and ask everyone to give A Scottish Lass some blogging love and put a pep in Laura’s step.

Last month Sprinkle of Glitter welcomed the lovely Olivia into this blogging world and I’m thrilled to have her with us this month also! As well as appreciating Olivia’s fabulous DIY chalk board post, I’ve loved Olivia’s creative approach to blogging; in particular I enjoyed the posts ‘my day in photos’ and ‘my celebrity dinner party’. These are marvellous post ideas and something of which I would be interested in seeing more of in future! Liv Loves has proven to be a pleasure to read this month and offers a fun, creative twist on lifestyle blogging.

Tom is another returning advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter this month and once again I have not been left disappointed with my Daydream in Blue ventures! This month Tom has proven to be the host with the most, the most talent in the kitchen that is! Tom has shared with us some yummy soup, smoothie and kale recipes which I personally think look uh-mazing! By golly, healthy food has never looked so tasty to me! If you’re looking for a healthy recipe or advice on motivation (another fab post), then Tom is your guy this month! 

Gwiyomistyle is another newbie blog to Sprinkle of Glitter this month so another warm welcome is needed! Gwiyomistyle is primarily beauty and fashion related with a slight alternative spin, which I personally love! As well as Gwiyomistyle giving us some fabulous reviews of Asian cosmetics it also offers some other beauty post alternatives, such as wig and coloured contact lenses reviews! I love finding new blogs which offer something a little bit different and I'm excited to have expanded my blogging horizon! 

Firstly, can we all take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous Andini Ria's blue ombre? A girl after my own heart. Secondly, let's compliment the fabulous blog that Andini Ria writes! Adventures of an Anglophile is a blog I would describe as a very classy fashion and beauty blog, it's a blog I love to indulge in. Andini Ria's fashion style rivals those on the red carpet and she really knows how to rock a red lip. If you're a fan of fabulous outfits and swanky perfume collections then Andini Ria is your gal! 

Misadventures of Morgan is another lifestyle blog I have been seriously impressed with this month! As well as offering a very informative university survival post for students this month Morgan has shared her life rambles, travel journeys and gorgeous photography. Misadventures of Morgan is right up my alley! If it's visually pleasing adventure posts you're after than Morgan is the one for you, her travel diaries are certainly top notch, she makes me want to pack a suitcase and pop on a plane! 

And that's your lot! I am thoroughly impressed with my lovelies this month!

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  1. There are definitely a few gems among these bloggers and I'm just about to go on a little following spree. ;-)

  2. I hope you have a really wonderful time in Orlando, Louise!!! I do hope you get to vlog a bit so we can see a little of your fun time X3

  3. Great blog post.
    Check out and follow our blog?:-)
    We have a few new blogposts coming very soon,
    Happy blogging,
    Lucy and Milly

  4. Great way to promote some beautiful blogs!


  5. Wonderful post :)

  6. I think it's time for a little follow spree

    Verve Hues

  7. Thanks for the recommendations Louise! I'll definitely being following! XX.

  8. Thanks so much for the recommendations

  9. I'll definitely be checking some of these blogs out. Enjoy Florida Louise!
    Katie x

  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. The Rusty Pearl

  11. come hope onto my blog I am new and you might be on my Amazing advertisers xoxoxox

  12. Have a great time in Florida Louise!! Make the most of the sunshine before our Winter truly kicks in!! :D

    Jack :) -

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  16. So glad for this post, have been searching for some other quality blogs to check out! I love you Louise <3

  17. Ah Louise I'm going to Florida too, but sadly a month after you. I would have loved to have gone to your meet-up. X

    Carly's Beauty World

  18. Some really cool blogs there Louise.. I'm kind of new to blogging so this post was brilliant at helping me find new posts to follow!

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  20. Thanks for the great recommendations!

  21. This is a fab list! I'll definitely be pushing the follow button a few times :)

  22. Have fun in Florida, Louise!x

  23. I always love reading these because I love to find new blogs
    Much love Asia xx - Beauty and Lifestyle blog ♥

  24. please check out my blog? i'd love it if you did! i've recently done a blogpost on ribbon hairstyles and autumnal outfits! :)

  25. Wow! You have given me a lot more blogs to check out :D If possible can you please check out my blog....


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