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Gift Guide For Mums

Aloha Louise’s Sprinklerinos!

Guess who's back? It’s Hannah again from Student Life. I’m secretly hoping you’ve all missed me terribly. I am back with another gift guide to please your eyes and heart, not so much your purses and bank accounts I will confess, but definitely your heart. This my friends is the gift guide for mums! 

I have a confession to make; I think mums are the hardest person to buy gifts for. Whilst it is general consensus that men are the most difficult species to by Christmas presents for, I beg to differ. Unless my mum tells me exactly what she’d like for Christmas then I spend the majority of December frantically browsing the John Lewis website in the hopes I can find her something that won’t spend its lifetime pushed to the back of a cupboard with old VHS tapes and the photographic evidence of her 80’s mullet (sorry for telling them mum.) 

Each year when I ask my mother what she would like for Christmas I get the usual response of “oh don’t worry about me, spend your money on yourself” only this is a trap, because if you don’t get her anything you’ll hear about it all day from the rest of your family members and suddenly you’re the worst daughter in existence. So despite her wishes of not wanting a gift each year, I have to get one anyways solely to please the extended family! Don’t get me wrong, I would buy my mum anything and everything if I had the funds to do so. She has always worked her tushy off in order to buy me everything I’ve wanted in life and one day it will be the utmost pleasure to return the favour. Having said that, I’m a long way off making my millions just yet, so that mansion and donkey sanctuary (yes my mother wants a donkey sanctuary) will have to wait. I have however scowered the internet for mother appropriate, purse friendly gifts which I shall now share with you, yippee!!

 Gifts Up To £25

Cath Kidston Goodness
I should imagine anything Cath Kidston is an ideal Christmas gift for many mothers. I’ve had a browse of the website and I’ve spotted a few things I’m sure my own mum would love. If I were to be slightly selfish I’d say THIS travel toiletries set would make a great present, purely so I can use it as a bribe in the hopes she’ll visit me more often in university as an excuse to put it into action. Alternatively, Cath Kidston sell beautiful make up bags, home accessories and various other feminine items which you can browse HERE.

‘Dear Mum, From Me To You’ Book.
I am slightly in love with THIS book, given that I probably won’t be able to explain it as well as the website, I shall just do a cheeky copy and paste for you. The book is “filled with different questions for mum to answer. Each is designed to give you an in-depth look into mum's life as you discover things you never knew before.” I love the idea of personalising the cover image of this book so it becomes a family photo album and then have my mum answer the questions over time. It would make a great sentimental keepsake to pass down to my children for them to flick through whilst at Nanny’s donkey sanctuary.

 Last time I was home my mother was complaining about her broken purse so it only makes sense to buy her another, before she purchases one herself which is so ugly that it should be burnt and thrown across the country. Loving child, aren’t I? I like THIS purse from Accessorize. It’s simple, cute and I think my mama would like it. If not I’ll have it off her, I too am in need of a new purse. Purses obviously range in price greatly, but you can definitely find good quality purses for under £20.

Jazzy Chocolates
 You can’t really go wrong with chocolates, especially if they’re all fancy looking. Thorntons do a great range of chocolate boxes specifically aimed at women which would make a great inexpensive gift for your mum. I like the look of THIS box, it contains a variety of dark, milk and white chocolates and looks pretty darn fancy too. I should imagine my mother wouldn’t be sharing if I bought her that box, which would be a good inkling that she likes the present!

Gifts Up To £50

Clarins Skincare
 My mum is a huge fan of Clarins and I’m often expected to stand patiently at the Clarins counter whilst she rubs various creams of youthful goodness into her hand. It’s not often mums treat themselves to something that’s not quite a necessity such as expensive skincare, so I’d love to do it for my mama instead and keep her feeling happy and beautiful with a pot of cream or two. Debenhams stock a variety of Clarins skincare ranges of which you can browse HERE.

Personalised Candle
This was a very random find I came across on the internet, but I think it would make a pretty swell present. You can’t really go wrong in buying a woman a scented candle, my family home is full of them, so much so I’m contemplating buying my dad a protective mask to shield him from the fumes of jasmine and other feminine scents (I jest, he loves it) I love THIS candle as you can personalise the jar with your own little message and once the candle is burnt out then the jar makes a lovely little keepsake, something different from your average Yankee but still a mumsey winner.

Canvas Print
 You can’t really go wrong with a blown up photo of your face. I like to tell myself that I am my mother’s pride and joy (though I’m pretty sure it’s the dogs instead) and therefore I’m sure she’d love to fill our living room with various family frames. Gone are the days of framed photos, canvas is where it’s at. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like ‘here mum, have a giant picture of my face, don’t say I don’t treat you’. Photobox do a great range of canvas prints HERE. They do vary in price, but I would recommend a good quality canvas around the £40 mark, only the best for my face!

Mother and Daughter Necklaces.
 I once suggested my mother, sister and I should all get matching tattoo’s, funnily enough that didn’t go down too well with my mum so instead I’ve decided matching necklace sets are probably the next best thing. Of course I turned to Etsy to look for cute jewellery designs and I found THIS one which is my personal favourite. The design is simple, and just like a wedding band the ring signifies eternal love. There are other mother and daughter necklace options such as THIS engraved one, but personally I would rather wear something slightly simpler.

Gifts Up To £100

High End Perfume
 Quite an obvious present choice and generally one that can’t go wrong, every woman likes to smell good and mothers are no exception. My mum is a massive fan of the Dior ‘Poison’ perfume range which falls under the high end category, but is still relatively affordable depending on quantity. I think this will be her main present from me this year, I know she has been lusting after a new bottle and my dad isn’t often one to part with his wallet for the purpose of a smell in a bottle. Men, eh? The scent ‘Pure Poison’ is certainly my favourite of the range which you can buy HERE, I thoroughly recommend having a whiff, it’s very mature and strong in scent, but I love it and so does my mama.

Food Mixer
I wish I had the funds to by my mother the ultimate food mixer by Kitchen Aid, but as it is over £400 in price, she shall just have to wait. Instead I have found some cheaper alternatives which I’m sure work just as well, not to mention in purchasing a fancy food mixer you’re likely to come home to freshly baked cakes, so we’re all benefiting here. THIS mixer by Kenwood looks pretty snazzy and I’m sure it is something mother bakers would enjoy thoroughly. My mum uses her Next food mixer religiously so if that were to break then I would definitely buy her another quick sharp.

Spa Day
 Once again, you can’t really go wrong with a spa day as a typical mumsy present, and many of the spa experience packages on offer are for two people to enjoy. Therefore it would make a perfect Christmas gift for both you and mum, you can laugh and bond and get your nails painted all at the same time! Debenhams do a vast range of spa experiences HERE (currently 10% off) and I’m ever so slightly getting jealous of the women in the photos, I want someone to put a towel on my head and rub my back. Again the prices vary so hopefully you’ll find a package in your price rage and voila, you can enjoy a day with mum and complementary champagne!

A gift favourite each Christmas and this year is no exception, especially now that the jazzy new Kindle Paperwhite is available to pre order HERE. Whilst it is slightly over budget of £109, it is certainly worth considering busking in the streets for that extra £9 to treat the woman who birthed you. You can’t go wrong with a Kindle and a Jane Austin novel, mums love it. Little disclaimer: I will not take the blame for your mother’s anti-social behaviour come Christmas day when she is thoroughly enjoying reading on her kindle thus not socialising with the family.

I hope I have given you some worthy gift ideas for your mother dearest, I also hope these gift guides are providing useful, do let me know in the comments as I read them all :) 

Until next time, 



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  1. This is fab thank you, I always struggle what to get my mum think it will be something related to my baby boy I had this year :D x

    Catherine's Loves

  2. I was thinking about getting my Mum a canvas print, I just can't find a nice enough photo of me to be blown up to that size!

  3. This is really helpful, I had been wondering what to get my mum for Christmas this year for ages. Thanks! xx


  4. I really appreciated this post especially since I've been stuck on what to get my mom for Christmas (:

  5. These are such a great gift ideas! Helps me narrow it down on what to get my mum. I'm loving these gift guides! Great Post. x


  6. I love your posts!
    Food mixer YES YES YES!!! I NEED one of these, we just saw the beautiful kitchen aid one in Costco and I was So tempted, I am going back this weekend so I might convenience my husband to pick it up and wrap it ;)

    I have a kindle, and I do think its a fab gift, not just for reading, but work, playing and organizational stuff too

    Ineffable Beauty

  7. Love anything cath kidston! xox

    Child abuse survivor blog; http://thelittlestladyxo.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. What beautiful gifts! I love that book idea, that's so touching and nice. I hope they do a Grandma one because mine would love that :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  9. Thanks a lot for writing this, it was quite helpful and showed me a ton
    Keep it up, nice post! Exactly the info I needed to know.
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  10. love your gift ideas! really thinking of getting mine a kindle x

    Skinny Jeans ♥

  11. I love this guide. Pure poisen is such a nice perfume. X

  12. I never really know what to get my mum for Christmas, but this gave me some great ideas!

  13. Great ideas!

  14. Lovely post please anyone reading this though please check out my channel and follow if you like what you read and be one of the first 50 followers to get a shout out on my blog xoxoxox


  15. aaaah that 'from me to you' book is such a brilliant idea!!

  16. My mother is the exact same when it comes to asking her what she'd like as a present! Utterly impossible to get a precise answer! But these gift ideas are a real life-saviour, thank you Louise! :) x.

  17. Love all these ideas! Mums are hard to buy for but I always feel so satisfied when I find a great gift! I especially like the personalised candles, a lovely gift but with such a sweet personal touch! Thank you for all the great ideas :)

    Chloe xo

  18. yayy! love the ideas! And my mom is obsessed with the Dior Poison prefume range too haha! xx

  19. That chocolate box looks amazing, i love food way too much i'd be happy with all of my presents being food!!


  20. Hi Hannah thanks for the amazin' guide! Mums are soo hard to buy for! Last Christmas, in addition to a joint present with my bro, I bought my mum a gorgeous little notebook from the local arty-crafty shop, and she still uses it!

  21. Oh so sweet! We love all of these pretty ideas. Thank you for sharing!



  22. so useful thank you!xxx


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    I starting a blog please came and check it out. It will be an honor.
    Thank you so much!!

  24. loved this post and i love love love these ideas (as would my mum, as a matter of fact)! sooo sweet!! i'm sure my mum's hear would melt!

    1. loved this post and i love love love these ideas (as would my mum, as a matter of fact)! so sweet!! i'm sure my mum's heart would melt!


  25. This is really helpful x especially the Cath Kidson stuff ( which my mum manages to call Cathy Kidson)

  26. thanks for the advice!

    Shalay| itsjustshalay.blogspot.com

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  28. This is fab, thank you Louise, i love reading all your posts and watching your youtube.
    I need to get my mum a really special present for my mum this christmas as last christmas she stuck by my side when I was in hospital fighting cancer. My mum is also called Louise. I write a blog about my story and to raise awareness on teenage cancer and it is really positive. I think the best way of beating it is positive mind and people around you! I will be celebrating my 1st birthday on the 29th, what a milestone!


    Have a little read of my blog anyone and help raise awareness. :)


  29. Ohhh those chocolates, they just look so good! The only problem is I would probably eat them within days!!!

  30. oooh! thank you so much for all these ideas! even though i cant get some of them in NZ they still inspired me! x


  31. Great post! I do find my mum very hard to buy for, I always just end up buying jewellery or bath stuff.

    AmeliaRose | Beauty Blogger

  32. My mum love Clarins! I usually get her some of their moisturiser, but this year I am going to get her the Liz Earle cleanse and polish Christmas gift set.


  33. I am having such a horrible time figuring out all of my gifts this year. Great post and nice suggestions :)

    Whimsical Allure

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  35. This post was perfect timing I was just trying to figure out what to get my mom. Great ideas!


  36. My mom loves beauty products so for me gifting her some beauty products is the best idea. Thanks for sharing.

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  38. eReaders are so good! I own hundreds of ebooks

  39. Oh my gosh! My mum would also like a donkey sanctuary, unfortunately I think she will have a long wait! X

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  45. Great ideas! My favourite is the mother daughter necklace. Precious!

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