Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Snapshots of Summer

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Where is time going? I can't keep up.

Summer is GlitterWorld is big this year. I'm flitting between, 'this is the best' and 'oh my goodness, I can't cope, I need downtime'. Knowing me as I do, I think this means I'm approaching a bit of a burn out and decided to take a bit of time away from screens. I know from this blog it may look as though I do very little (I'm soweee) but I promise, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I have a terrible habit of ignoring my instincts and pushing through even when I know a rest is needed.

I thought I'd pinch a few minutes this morning to tell you all the things that have been going on round here and just type it all out. I've said it far too many times but this blog is a little like therapy for me sometimes.

As always, none of these pictures are in chronological order, they're in what-looks-best order heh heh.

From L-R, top-bottom.

Ever had afternoon tea on the top of a double decker bus in London? Zoe and I have. As part of our Ambassadorship with Shout Magazine we had the opportunity to eat tea and cakes with a lovely reader (and soon to be official writer), Alice. Alice was such a gem and the cakes were great. I just had a looksie online and HERE is the website for the cake bus if you're interested. I'd say that if you get travel sick, this might not be for you though. Just a little heads up there.

Darcy is obsessed with Sophia The First at the moment. It's quite a sweet little Disney cartoon so I'm OK with watching it and indulging her. She was recently given some stickers and decided to 'do her makeup' with them. Ha.

A few weeks ago I stayed over at Hazel's apartment for a swish night out in the big smoke. We had a fancy restaurant booked and has selected our best dresses. What we hadn't accounted for though was the searing heatwave that swept the country and her very glassy apartment with no air con did not do us any favours. How we didn't go out looking like sweaty messes I do not know. An amazing night was had, with too many stories to grace these web pages. Ooerr missus.

While we waited for Matt to have a medical appointment I let Darcy sit in the front seat and 'drive' the car. She thought it was a hoot but all wheel fun was over when she discovered the little mirror. It's so fun to see the world through little eyes and experience those discoveries with them.

My sister Tiyana turns 18 this month and had her party last weekend. Because of the big age gap I have always felt somewhat motherly towards her so it was a special moment to watch her dancing with her friends and being a grown up. Deep down she'll always be a little girl to me but I'm proud to watch her flourish so much. I know I'll sound old now but really, it feels like just yesterday she was born and I kindly said, 'urgh, it looks like a walnut'. Sisterly love.

A three day shoot for a new online show (very excited to tell you more about this soon) turned out to be crazy, crazy good! I was pretty apprehensive about the logistics of things (I worry about staying new places, thought it would be boiling hot and didn't know the crew) but it was the most fun I've had in ages. I'm impatiently waiting to see the edit of it all and share with you!

Summer, ice-creams, babies, flowers. What more excuse do you need for an instagram??

This blurry little shot is a personal highlight. For the last two big conventions (Vidcon and SITC) I have decided not to do the traditional meet and greets but instead do an hour 'show'. It's more of an interactive Q&A with lots of funnies and it's a great chance for me to get to know my audience more and for them to ask anything they've always wanted to know.

After all my trips away, meetings and days out, picking up a kitten and giving it a loving squish is the best. They are such a friendly pair and always purr when you hold them. Urgh love love love.

Cat bellies. Is there anything greater?

Another good animal but clearly no contest for Rocket or Zula. This is Percy, Zoe's guinea pig. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the little things but this one was alright haha.

And then the greatest little thing of all time, Baby Glitter. This was taken at Tiyana's 18th and if you look closely you can see the last little scabs (horrid word there) of chicken pox. Don't worry- she's not infectious anymore!! Poor little bug coped very well, not too itchy and stayed in good spirits the whole time- I think we got off pretty lightly there haha!

Some much needed girl-time on Brighton beach with Hazel and Zoe. With everything going on at the moment it's been easy to loose sight of what's important. I definitely know these girls are. 

The next day we shopped til we dropped (almost literally) in the Lanes and picked up bags and bags of trinkets and goodies. I'm considering doing a haul very soon. There's nothing more satisfying than finding little treasures for your home. 

Remember the 3 day shoot I mentioned above? Baby Glitter joined me on day three as she had her own special role but after a couple of hours she decided enough was enough and took a nap. She's a woman after my own heart! 

On the tea-on-a-bus day with Zoe. I don't take nearly enough selfies with this gal. 

With Autumn on the horizon I'm already finding my diary fully booked and my brain full of ideas for videos, blog posts and projects. I really am sorry this slice of the net has been neglected, I'm going to try my hardest to rectify that. Now that the nights are drawing in and it's time for blankets and fairy lights, it's the perfect time to tiptaptip away on my laptop and whip up some lovely posts for you.

If you'd like to follow more glitter adventures, I am posting a lot of videos on my main (Sprinkle of Glitter) and second (Sprinkle of Chatter) youtube channel right now. Have a looksie! 


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  1. Aww Louise I love these types of posts! Looks like it's been an amazing summer for you! ❤Much love ❤


  2. Looks like you had a busy August! It is great to be busy and have loads of adventures! I bet your looking forward to a bit of quiet time soon, you deserve it! xxx

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  3. I love this Louise! These posts make me so happy :) xx.


  4. Even though I follow you on Instagram I still enjoy these posts to see what you have to say about the snapshots. I'm glad you're taking a little break for yourself, Louise. It's needed sometimes and hopefully you'll feel refreshed afterwards. :) x

    erin // beingerin.com

  5. Seems like you've had a wonderful summer Louise! x


  6. I love reading this types of posts! It's a nice little insight to your life.

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  9. I love these types of posts, it looks like you've had a busy, wonderful summer :)

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  11. You've had such a lovely summer! I have enjoyed keeping track with videos and pictures :-)

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  12. It looks like you have had a really lovely summer! I've been watching all of your vlogs too and they always put a smile on my face! :)


  13. What a lovely summer you have had! I cannot believe it is almost over..


  14. Aww, loved this post! Looks like you all had a lovely fun summer :Dxx


  15. Aww this post was so lovely, it looks like you've had an amazing summer! xo

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  16. I love the little peeks you give into your life! Such beautiful photos... and Darcy is such a gorgeous little lady!! Xxx


  17. all lovely photos, it looks like you've had a terrific summer! and your new kittens are just... dixijgfdri adorable. very excited to hear about the web series too! although I have a sneaky suspicion of what it could be...
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  18. I just love it when you write on your blog. These kind of posts really make me smile, even when it's rainy outside! x

  19. I love seeing pictures of Darcy, she's going to be a stunner, Louise! xx


  20. Looks like you're having an amazing summer, the afternoon bus tea looks lovely!

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  23. Love this Louise, seems like you had a great summer! x

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  25. Looks like you've had a really busy and fun filled summer. Let's hope next season brings you just as much joy! x


  26. Lovely little photos Louise! Looks like you had a great Summer!


  27. Awh louise it looks like you had such a great summer! That afternoon tea on the bus sounds lovely... even after the travel sickness issue. I feel like Darcy is growing up really quickly... treasure all the moments whilst she is young x

  28. Lovely pictures, lovely humans!

  29. Looks like such a lot of fun but I'm glad you recognised you needed a bit of time away from the screens. Burnout if not fun! I hope you're feeling a bit better after having a little break! <3


  30. This is so adorable! Darcy is so cute!


  31. Lovely photos! I love these types of posts.
    And Darcy is just so cute! <3

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  39. I know the chances of you reading this are very low, but I would really, REALLY love a blog post/video/chummy chatter about making friends. I just don't know how to anymore, I'm lonely but I'm scared of everyone and I just can't get into a conversation with people because I've become so shy. If anybody has any tips please feel free to message me on youtube @whatlyddid

  40. You are such an inspiration and a total ray of sunshine! I love your blog & youtube channel as both always bring a smile to my face! Whenever I need a pick me up you are one of my top youtubers to watch! And your little girl is a total gem! xxo Alicia

  41. Love to see a post like this :)


  42. I really enjoy reading posts like this. It's so relaxing! :)


  43. beautiful pictures and lovely blog post. glad to see you're making the most of summer xxx


  44. love these posts Louise it's nice to just read what you are up to

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  46. Great post, sounds like your having a great summer


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  48. Such lovely photos Lousie :) so positive and happy, exactly what I needed


  49. Your hair looks lush in the pic of you and Hazel :)

  50. I love seeing your beautiful collection of photos full of memories! Thanks for sharing with us Louise :) one day, I'd like to come to England and experience have the things you do :) and then move there in the next few years :)

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  51. All of these photos are so wonderful :) I can only imagine how great/crazy/exciting/overwhelming your summer has been! It looks like overall you've had a fun summer, though, and I hope the rest of it is great for you!

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  52. I love when you do these types of posts. I miss the daily (kind of) vlogs though! xx


  53. Soooooo cute! Baby glitter is a double of you Louise


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  55. Aww! Darcy looks cute! My sister loves Sofia the First too! She always watch it and we can't bother her when she is watching! Haha! I'm glad that you are enjoying this month!

    Love, Katrina

  56. such cute pictures, loved them!

    x leah symonne x


  57. poor stupid kid looks already like her pig mamma
    so fugly and stupid, too! bloody dummies

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  61. Gorgeous photos, love seeing these snapshots into your life!

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  62. so many great photos! I'm glad you're having a great Summer, Louise xx

  63. http://talkbudgetbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  64. You look like you're having a blast this summer Louise, love all your pictures! I've been documenting my last summer before uni on my blog xx


  65. Love your blog you're so beautiful! would be really thankful if anyone checked out my blog xx

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