Monday, 12 October 2009

Sunday Sparkle at Lamport Hall Craft Fair

Sundays in our house recently have become a day for DIY stores, organising the new kitchen, picking tiles, choosing paints and relaying carpets. Whilst these tasks have a good purpose and will lead to the my house becoming a palace, they don't feel me with that fizzy feeling glitter and beads and shiny ornaments do. So when my Auntie Judith invited me to Lamport Hall Craft Fair on Sunday, I jumped at the opportunity.

There is something very special about craft fairs. I always get caught up with all the lovely handcrafted knickknacks and enjoy the way the sellers are willing to talk to you about the items they have put so much effort in to. As well as a fantastic shopping experience, Craft Fairs are a place for inspiration to strike at every corner! As I wandered round with Izzy and Auntie Judith I though of so many projects I want to get going on and felt reinvigorated. I also felt a little dizzy with all the money I spent on lots of gorgeous crafty things, some of which I have photographed and scattered in this bloggero article.
This stall (Tickly Spider, please leave a comment if you would like their details) were fantastic! They had a range of wooden hanging sign jobbies, the little clay (I think clay anyway) gingerbread man tree decorations (£1.50 each) and huge wooden letters. As I chatted to the lady, she mentioned that they customise and do items to order. Music to my ears! My little sister, Tiyana, has the most unusual name and I can obv never find anything named for her. For only £4.50 I bought this fabulous lilac hanging heart which the lady wrote "Tiyana" on one side and "Louise" on the other- the perfect (and very reasonable priced) Christmas stocking gift. I strongly recommend looking them up!

This little rabbit (£3.50) will be hopping into Sophie's Christmas stocking and these FANTASTIC vintage baubles (a mere £1 each) will be taking centre stage on my tree. Woop!
Watch this space for exciting bead and ribbon projects :) .
The icing on the cake of the fair was the fun Issobelle managed to have at every stand and with every display. Her highlights were deliberating for 10 minutes over a little mauve wind up kicky horse or a pink jumping rabbit- as you can see, she settled on the horsey and loved it so much she pinned it to the wall with a big kiss! Aww!!

And as you can see from her exploring little hands, the water beads went down a treat too! Apparently the pink ones felt best- "weally weaaaaalllyy squidgy".
I hope your Sunday was as inspirational as mine. Exciting new projects coming soon!

Toodlepip! xx

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