Thursday, 8 October 2009

Switch that switch

On my ever lasting quest to jazz up my new home, I noticed the dull white uninspiring toggle on our hot water jobby devise (thats the official name, yes) and felt the need to change it.

I had picked up some plain wooden hearts with a metal loop ring that I originally had Christmassy plans for, but the boring white toggle was crying out for help so mr wooden heart was re-distributed.
I painted the heart with gold paint, just regular kiddie friendly paint (Issobelle was helping at this point), let the paint dry, covered heart in pva glue and sprinkled with fushia glitter. Once the heart was fully covered, I etched out "Love" and "Life" with the end of a paint brush so that the gold paint would show through the glitter.

I left this to dry and then attached it to the drawstring- tada! Instanst bathroom glitz with very little effort! NB. This toogle is rarely pulled as we have our hot water on all the time, but if you were to use this project on a regular much used switch then I would suggest giving the heart a varnish, otherwise you will find you have very glittery hands everytime you touch it! Personally, glittery hands sounds great to me but your guests may not be impressed!!

Bonus Points- Have you spotted the before and after of the picture above the toggle? It was originally pale green materials but my silver glitter and assorted pink seed beads got the better of it! Woohoo!
Further "jazz your bathroom up" tips coming soon. :)
Toodlepip! xx

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  1. Hi Louise! I am reading all the posts from beginning, as the only thing that my internet allows me is to read. So I thought, wanted to know more about you. And I am pretty impressed with this idea.

    Thanks for sharing it =)


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