Sunday, 18 October 2009

T Time

Way back when Little Sister and I did our glitter hand print canvass, I let her loose with a mini canvass and some gold glitter. Naturally (sorry Tiyana!) she messed it up, despite her good intentions, and it became a pink canvass with a funny almost star shaped glitter splodge.

"Waste not, want not!", I hear you cry! Well boys and girls, waste I did not!

I smothered (mmm lovely word is "smothered") the pink part of the canvass in PVA and covered with gold glitter, so the odd looking splodge was a thing of the past. Once this had dried, I roughly covered the edges in black glitter to conceal the pink perimeter and give a bit on an edge to the canvass. An edge on the edge haha.

Then, as a centrepiece, I cut out a card "T", black glittered it and placed it in the middle. Super!

Maybe one day I'll get round to the "iyana" to her "T".

Toodlepip! xx

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