Sunday, 17 October 2010

How to be a Body Shop at Home Consultant

Aloha Bloggerinos,

EDIT Aug 2013 - I have been receiving a great many emails asking me about being a consultant for the bodyshop and I thought I would address this now. I was a BSatHc (heh heh) for 2 weeks and then left. I found the experience to be not what I was told it would be. BS were often out of stock and it would be left to me to still take the customers money and promise the product 'soon', which in my opinion is not good enough. There was little support from BS and it was based purely on sales, not customer care. I would not recommend this job at all and feel pretty silly that I bought into the idea so much. I made hardly any money from it (like under £50 per party) and would spend hours doing it, travelling to the venue and sorting the admin. I am now not responding to emails regarding this topic. 

I've had a few questions about how being a Body Shop at Home Consultant (bsahc for ease!) works, so I thought I would do a post and explain it all.

It works a little bit like Avon, but so far I have found it to be rather a lot easier. At first when the lady told me it wasn't nearly as hard work as Avon I was sceptical but I have for sure changed my little mind!

What do I get?

For an initial start up of £40 you are given a huuggee stack of lovely glossy catalogues, a book of order forms (they make me feel tres profesh haha), a stash of leaflets and invites annnddd a great big bag of full Size Body Shop products! My bag is the "pamper kit" but hopefully soon I will be ordering the "makeup kit" so that I can do makeovers. I only paid £40 for my pamper kit but it's retail price is actually £190 so I feel very lucky. I also have a login code and password to the BSaHC website so that I can easily process orders (and it is easy, even for someone like me who struggles with the likes of Twitter hahaha), read the Inspiration section, learn about rewards and incentives and access my statement type jobby where I can see how much mula I've made!

You can imagine that when I have all these out on the hostess's coffee table or whatnot, with lids off and tops open, it looks really impressive and smells heavenly.

So what do I do?

To make money, you make sales. That's the jib of the nub. You can do this a number of ways. You could show your glossy catalogues to friends, family, neighbours etc and ask if they would like anything. I showed mine to my Auntie and she happily ordered about £30 worth of products. You can pop the catalogues through people's doors a la Avon and collect and hope for some orders. I haven't done this as it's cold and this seems a bit laborious for my lazy liking! Oorrrr, the easiest and most enjoyable way, is to have Pamper Parties! So far I have done 2 and they are a hoot! My friend's Mum, Dawn, hosted one at her house for some of her friends and the sales total was very good. I'll explain the numbers later. My friend Nicky also had one on Friday night and it felt more like sitting about with the girls (and I only knew Nicky!) than 'working'.

What happens at a party?

To book a party, the lady (or man I suppose but I can't really see that happening) picks the date she would like and you see if you can make it. So far, all of my bookings have been in the evening for a 7.30pm start but as I don't work in an office anymore, I could do day times too.

For both the parties I have done so far, I turned up about 10 minutes early to set up. Set up is just whipping your lovely products out and taking the lids off so the smell emmits all through the room and gets people excited. For your first party, your Body Shop team leader lady will come with you. Mine is Kelly and for my first party, she basically did it all and I just watched. I reeaallyy appreciated that because I was quite nervous and she showed me a good structure for the partay and a few tips etc. If you were to join, your leader would no doubt do the same.

So to kick off, all the guests have a catalogue and order form and you basically just show them what pamper products you have, pass them round so people can smell and feel and try them out, talk a little bit about the products (all the info is in the catalogue if you are unsure) and that is literally it! You can also talk about some of the products that you don't have, I like to focus on the cosmetics, for obvious reasons and play a few games to get the atmosphere really cheery (you will be told about games so don't panic, you don't have to invent them yourself!). Then I give the guests about 10-15 mins to flick through and write any orders down and make myself available for any queries. Then I just mingle about and take the order forms and ask if they would like to host their own party. At Friday night's party, there were only 6 people there but 3 asked to have their own party! Woop woop! I like booking parties like that because I feel like I know them and am relaxed around them.

The whole thing lasts about 2 hours, unless you're friends with the host like I was, so I stayed for drinks and nibbles afterwards :)

How much money do I make?

Basically, for every sale I make, I take 25% commission. So, if at a party, your total sales were £200 (very do-able) then you would have made £50. 

As you can imagine, from only 2 parties and an auntie sale, I have already made back my initial outlay and a bit of fun money to boot!

If the host has party sales of £150, she is entitled to £25 worth of products for free, which she can choose herself from the catalogue, so not a set group of stuff she might not like. As the party sales increase, so does her free spend- another reason to book a party!

How do I feel?

I was really unsure about the whole shibang before I started because I don't like to be pushy and I'm not very good with sales but I have found that because everyone knows the Body Shop, it just sells itself and people trust the brand. Super! There are also offers and deals in the catalogue that you can't get in store or online so that is a big bonus for customers too!

I'm glad I started at this time of year because people are doing their Christmas shopping and are all in the festive party mood!

Any questions, let me know Bloggerinos :)




  1. I'd love to do this, but I don;t think I know enough people to sell too :(
    Sounds fabby though xx

  2. Sounds great... I used to do Ann Summers and it sounds very similar. Although fun, and good money, it wasn't for me but it's a damn fun way to make money if you have the personality for it!

  3. This actually sounds fantstic. I love the thought of selling a brand people are really familiar with and it sounds like you could easily make quite a lot of money! Might mention this to my mum cos now the kids are all grown up I reckon this would be a great way to ease back into the good old world of work! :)

  4. Lauren- I only knew 2 people that wanted a party but then it's their guests (that you might not know until the party) that book more parties, like a chain you see :)

    Robyn- So far so good! :)

    All made up- If you would like some 'official' info, send me and email and I'm happy to help :)


  5. Sounds like a great idea! I hope you have the hugest success with it!

    I see you entered my give-away! Good luck!

  6. Im embarassed to say i actually own every product in your kit! wow! im so addicted to bodyshop like u say it totally sells its self

  7. Good to hear you're enjoying being a bsah consultant!! I've actually been thinking about applying to do this, I sell a bit of Avon already!
    I read on the body shop website that you have to do 4 parties a month, would you be penalised in any way if you could not do 4 parties a month?
    Thanks so much for the quick delivery of the blog sale items, I love them!! They were wrapped up so pretty and I loved the sequins!! xx

  8. hey hunny sounds great!
    ive been thinking and have actually emailed avon recently about doing this for them but theres nothin in my area at the moment.
    this sounds much more up my street!
    please could you email me some details? :)
    thank youuuu xxxxxxxx

  9. That sounds awesome! Congrats on such success so fast!I would sign up in a heart beat, they need to start it in Canada. I currently sell Avon, and they don't provide us with anything to help plan parties.

  10. i love their body butter range, i have the strawberry one and wear it after my shower, smells sooo good.

  11. Careful, they screwed your American counterparts

  12. i've been doing the body shop at home parties for 2 1/2 years... find them an amazing company to work with. last month for example, I sold £2,000 of products earnt around £900 & all whilst fitting it in around my hubby, 3 kids & dog :) a little bit of work put in & a whole lot of reward back xx

  13. hi kelly i was wondering how i can earn that amount, do you host events in halls or something or is it all through parties? who do you approach to earn over £300 a month? I would like to host charity events with a couple of friends who are beauty therapists and hairdressers and do makeovers and maybe a fashion show using peoples old clothes that would go to charity - all clothes and donations would go to chairty which is what is so great about the body shop (as they are big supporters of charities) and people can buy the products and book parties.

    But I cant do that every week, thats my best idea so far but does anybody else have any ideas?


  14. hi i am interested in becoming a body shop cosultant and my question is the same as someone has already posted but couldnt see a reply so thought it may have been sent privatly....but do you have to do 4 parties a month every month and what happens if you cant manage to host that many in any given month? really apprieciate any info :)

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Hey, im a young consultant lol and i love doing it, i have recently been have very big problems with getting parties i have done like 2 since joining, i was very close to giving up, my managers wont give me the time of day, and everytime i post somewhere asking question they just say talk to your manager but for me that doesnt seem to be an option, but my mums friend has her own business, shes a mobile manicurist and pedicurist so she has nothing to do with the body shop but she has been promoting me and i now have loadsss of interest so its even worth talking to people like that she has helped me an awful lot and now i really think i can pull this off. as i said i love doing this and now i will have a chance to do it properly, buuuuut i do need some party games so if anyone has any ideas for games then feel free to email me

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  19. Just looking at the comments on here. Just recently the BS@H has undergone a major refurb on its webpages and how we run the business. .. I would be more than happy to talk anyone through it with no obligation at all.
    I have been in the business for 6+ years now and this will be my 6th FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS with them.
    Please feel free to email me with 'START UP INQUIRY' in the subject box and send to
    I shall look forward to hearing from you

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  22. Love this blog, and I love body shop, I'm a consultant again after an 18year break lol, fits perfectly around my family and work commitments. The support we get is brilliant and training whenever we need it. If anyone wants more info on becoming a consultant please feel free to contact me or if you after any offers we are currently running a 40% off until November 1st so get in quick (free delivery with me on orders over £30.
    Christmas is heaving and we already have our Christmassy products before the body shop shops lol.
    Email me or find me on Facebook jennie body shop Broadland area
    Be great to hear from you xxx

  23. I'm really interested in starting this, can anyone get in touch with more information and how I can start? Thanks aimee

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  28. started the body shop at home whilst working full time
    needed the extra cash! wish me luck

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  30. Hi,

    Just wanted to say to anybody reading this and to the writer.

    I'm so sorry you had this experience with TBSAH in 2010. But please be aware that that is NOT how the business or consultants are behaving now.
    I can't speak for what was going on 8 years ago but I've found the last year to be a huge improvement on my life. I would advise the author to perhaps look into editing her post to reflect the fact that although she had a bad experience 8 years ago, she may not know what the company is like now including training, support, incentives & stock levels/issues.


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