Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Bella Sugar Cosmetics Update

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm just uploading a Barry M Collection video on YouTube and I thought whilst I'm waiting I would give you a quick update on Bella Sugar Cosmetics.

Do you remember a while ago I reviewed some eyeshadows from there and loved them? Well they are have a 40% off sale for Thanksgiving! Yabbadabbadoooo! I know here in the UK we don't celebrate it, but if there's a sale to be had, I'm game :)

All products are freshly handmade and have fantastic pigment. Click HERE to go to the etsy shop but if I were you, I would check out her blog because she has reeealllly good swatched of every colour going, plus more details on the sale- Bella Sugar Cosmetics Blog.

Happy Tuesday!




  1. wow, handmade cosmetics! I have a little look and they look amazing! Such lovely colours and they look like they're really pigmented.
    I may invest when pay day comes around again :)

  2. I love Bella Sugar cosmetics!
    Do you know how long the sale lasts til?

  3. Www lovely... how much is p&p to the uk?!
    Colours are amazing! xXx

  4. love their printed quads especially the one in zebra print!! really cute stuff xoxo


  5. Nice blog! Hope youwill become a followerof my blog too?

  6. Hello lovely bloggers! The sale will be going on until Monday night at midnight, central standard time

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