Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Amazing Advertisers || September 2013

Aloha Sprinklerions, 

Good grief, where did the summer go?! And how have we reached that time of year yet again in which we are able to start the Christmas countdown?! I say it every month, but my jolly did this month wizz past! I am pleased to report though, we are officially into autumn, hurrah! And along with a new season I have some wonderful advertisers this month that I am pleased as punch to be sharing with you! 

Let's get reading, shall we? 


The Luxury Beauty Company is an online beauty shore providing us with hours of online product ogling, wish list making and the excitement of waiting for the postman to deliver new beauty treasures! The Luxury Beauty Company finds exciting products from around the globe, offering a wider selection for all our beauty related needs (a girl can never have too much choice!) I would personally regard the Luxury Beauty Company as a high end store, the products look beautifully packaged and full of ingredients my face and body would love (I’m looking at you, you beautiful skincare treasures!) I suggest we all treat ourselves to a thing or two from the Luxury Beauty Company next month!

Stacie is a long term advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter and once again her blog has brightened up a few dreary afternoons this month! Stacie is a strong gal and I love her positive attitude towards life despite her illness. As well as keeping us up to date with her wait for shiny new organs, this month Stacie has shared her adventure and snaps to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (brownie points to Stacie for being a Harry Potter lover!) and also the good news that she is soon to be Channel 4 famous, so well done Stacie! Hop on over and show Stacie some blogging support, you won't regret it!

Tom has advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter a few times now and I am never left disappointed when I hop on over to have a gander. This month Tom shared his love for autumn with us which makes me love him a little bit more (well all know how much I love the cosy months.) His autumnal snaps were beautiful, as is all his photography and I look forward to ogling over more of his photography in future! If you’d like to spice up your blogging reads a little I suggest you give Tom a whirl, he writes well and offers a refreshing read (not to mention some of you ladies may find him easy on the eye too.)

Sophie is a regular advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter, offering a variety of posts for us to enjoy. Whilst Sophie’s beauty and lifestyle posts this month have been  (as always) a joy to read,  especially her lovely review of Zoe chummy’s sunglasses for Detour, I have particularly enjoyed her culinary posts, Sophie is quite the little chef don’t ya know! It’s been treats galore on her blog this month with two different cookie recipes, not to mention her breakfast post with the beautiful looking pancakes I ever did see! I suggest we all pop on our aprons and learn a thing or two about baking from Sophie, she’s the hostess with the mostess! Mm I want a cookie now.

The Lovely Raindrop is a sparkly little jewellery shop over on my beloved Etsy offering us a variety of beautiful accessories! If you have magpie like tendencies like me then you will love The Lovely Raindrop! They sell the most charming dainty necklaces (I am particularly in love with the birdy designs) as well as rings and bracelets, not to mention there is currently a sale! If you’d like to buy something sparkly to ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ at then I recommend a visit to The Lovely Raindrop, you won’t be disappointed!

Daisy Dear is another new advertiser with Sprinkle of Glitter this month, as well as being a newbie to the blogging world, so let’s all give her a warm welcome! Daisy is a beauty blogger and having read through her last few posts I am excited to see what products and pretties she raves about in the future. Her blog design pleases me immensely; I do enjoy a good quirky hand drawn design! You can never have too many beauty blogs to admire, so let’s all show Daisy some blogging love! 

Liv Loves is a lifestyle blog written by the lovely Olivia, a newbie with Sprinkle of Glitter this month! Over the last few weeks Olivia has shared with us her love of country music and church attendance as well as (my personal favourite) some teddy bears wearing One Direction tshirts! Who doesn't need a One Direction teddy bear in their life?! I look forward to reading the future posts Olivia provides for us and hope she gets just as much joy out of this blogging adventure as I do!

All Sorts and Anecdotes is written by Lynsey, a beautiful full fringe puller offer (I do love a good fringe) who has advertised with Sprinkle of Glitter before and I am very glad to have discovered her little space on the interwebs! Lynsey’s blog is filled with lifestyle and beauty related posts and this month I have particularly enjoyed reading her introductory post about Pout (a skincare brand I am intrigued by) and her love of Pinterest, it’s refreshing to see someone else share their favourite pinning snaps! Lynsey's blog makes for a lovely relaxing read, I thoroughly recommend a browse!

Oh my giddy aunt! I don’t know where to begin in expressing my love for this slice of online heaven! The Paper Emporium is another online shop advertising with Sprinkle of Glitter this month and I'm pleased as punch to have come across the treasures it beholds! The Paper Emporium (owned by the exceptionally talented Amy) sells couture stationery (we all know how much I love my stationery) for all your fancy wrapping, gifting and greeting card needs. In fact I would now like all my friends to get engaged and start wedding planning please so I can bombard them with Amy’s beautiful selection of wedding stationary. Event planning shall never be boring again! Have a gallivant over to The Paper Emporium and ogle over Amy’s creative stationery!

And that's your lot for this month I'm afraid! I hope you've enjoyed my September advertisers as much as I have! 




  1. I love all the advertisers and have visited them all! I love you louise, and keep up the cool posts!

  2. Where on earth did you get those candles?! They're FANTASTIC!!<3

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  3. Love discovering new blogs! Thanks Louise...


  4. Great to be introduced to new brands and blogs ta lovely x x

  5. I love discovering new people to follow! Thank you Louise for another amazing post! :)

    Charlotte xxx


  6. Love these blogs!



  7. I love having a read of new blogs, so I love these posts :)!


  8. I like these kind of post, expecially when I find interesting shops and stationery! :3 I really wish I lived in UK, here in Italy the stationery isn't that pretty...I remember during my erasmus in Plymouth that I found such lovely things!

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  10. Lovely reading about new blogs!

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  11. Seems like ages since your last advertisers post, love checking out all your advertisers especially the blogs :p xx Emmi


  12. Love this months advertisers will be checking each out :) x


  13. Aww thank-you Louise, Harry Potter was awesome as always! Lol I've now made it on ITV and channel 4 I'll see if I can make my way on to all the main channels LOL.


  14. I love that you take the time to do this Louise! Also gives me time to find some new blogs to read haha ♥

    Holly | http://touchofcrimson.blogspot.co.uk/

  15. Love all the advertisers! Great post, Louise!! :)

  16. I love that bloggers help each other out and support each other, and I also love discovering new blogs through your recommendations :)

  17. perfect post.. i love you .. :)


  18. I've looked at all the blogs and I love them, such good choices!


  19. I love it when you do these as it gives me chance to discover some real gems :)


  20. Louise, I am a little late with this comment but I have to thank you for writing your last post about 'men'. A particular Q&A gave me hope because I do get occasional inner doubts as one would. I feel like you are (and I've been meaning to say this the moment I watched your first YT video, which lead me here..that was quite some time ago) such a great person. I feel at ease when I read your words or listen to you. For some reason I believe everything you say is true (how could it not be when your outlook is just so well balanced) and I don't know, you're so very comforting. I'd gladly be your friend. You are the reason why I started my own blog this week. And it's already become my little baby. :) (puella992.blogspot.com) It's sort of like my valve. . You know when the real world gets just to overwhelming? It's my way of coming out of the shell. The shell i've created in the last few years. I have no idea what happened but that's bound to change.
    Love you Louise!<3

  21. Louise you are unbelievable! I really hope to meet you one day because you have inspired me so much and just made me a much happier person in general! I have started a blog because of you so I would love if you could check it out!! :)
    Michelle x

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  23. Louise <3 Another great post!! Cannot wait untill halloween!then christmas! ya

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  24. amazing! I don't know how you do it, i'd love if anyone could check and my blog http://reneeroo.blogspot.co.uk/ and give it a follow in bloglovin xxx

  25. Hi Louise I hope you dont mind but I have tagged you in a blogger tag it would be fun if you could do it =)

  26. Love finding new blogs like these! Thanks for sharing!

    Hailey from http://adayinthelife96.blogspot.com/

  27. Loving these new blogs!

  28. it's unfortunately still 90+ degrees F where I live :( But I can't wait till autumn because it's my favorite season!!
    love your blog!


  29. You're such an inspiration!!!


  30. All this blogs are so lovely. I love finding new blogs<3.

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  31. Absolutely awesome and inspiring. I love the concept.

  32. I love finding new blogs:)


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