Monday, 28 September 2009

Naked Ambition

This weekend, I took a deep breath and accompanied my lovely Auntie Judith to one of her favourite haunts- a Car Boot Sale. Unlike me, Auntie Judith has an incredible knack of finding all sorts of gems at car boot sales and her home is full of fantastic goodies that I envy. So, what with having my new house renovated and in need of all sorts of items, I decided to go along and see if I had the "eye" for treasure.

It turns out I didn't. Auntie Judith assures me this was the first sale of the season at this particular site, so it wasn't going to be the best but something positive did come out of it- a new craft project! Woo!

Judith bought (for her Grandaughter Issobelle, not herself of course) a sparkly Barbie type doll with a glitzy top and pink hair but she was missing one thing- a skirt. For 50p it was a bargain and I knew I could rectify this problem. So this morning I set to work on creating a puffy pink tutu to complete the gift for Issobelle.

It was really very simple to make and could be easily adapted into many other projects.

To make the puffy pink tutu I needed one pair of scissors, one skinny hair band and some coloured (in this case pink) netting. I bought the netting at a fabric store in Liverpool for £1.40/m and I think I used about 10cm by 10cm today so about 14p worth of netting! Yowza!

1. Cut the netting into strips about 10cm long and 2cm wide. This is an approximation and you can alter as you feel happy with.
2. Tie the 10cm strips round the hairband so there are 2 5cm strips hanging off (connected by the knot of course).

3. Continue this all around the hairband until you have a full tutu.

You can add more or less strips, trim to create a more or less puffy skirt and add different colours and textures- what about incorporating ribbon for a more floaty effect?

This is a great project to do with young children as the only risk is the cutting with scissors, which you could do for them. I have even done this project on a much larger scale, using a long piece of knicker type elastic (the type used for the scrunchie I made earlier) and made adult tutu's for an office fancy dress day. For my own dignity, I won't be posting a picture of this!

Well I hope Issobelle and her fashionista doll are as pleased with my latest creation as I am!

Toodlepip! xx


  1. You could make one of these for Darcy! She could wear it with pink leggings, a pink cardigan, and the little brown booties she has and she'd look just darling :)!

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