Sunday, 13 June 2010

June Accesorize Pretties- Oh la la...

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As requested by the lovely Jo (with possibly the longest legs I have ever seen- and envy I might add), I am showing you my most recent Accessorize buys. It's not a lot but I felt like treating myself the other lunchtime...hmmm I need to stop "treating myself" all the time! haha

Lately I have been obsessed with peacocks, peacock colours, peacock feathers, peacock prints, p p p p PEACOCKS! I have always liked the colours but lately I have been going gaga for then, lordy knows why.

This is a long chained pendant in a darky goldy colour with peacock coloured jewels. I plan on wearing this with either black or tropical colours (note to self, buy some tropical colours). I think it will look nice all year round but mostly in the autumn. Do you likeylikey?

Next up is this gold and pink ribboned charm bracelet. I just couldn't resist it. It has a little pink lipstick on it for goodness sake, it called me!

Also, you see the 'L'amour' charm? I have earrings with those on from Mattmoo for my birthday- how matchymatchy I shall be.




  1. Oooh, these are fab. I especially love the bracelet. Accessorize is terrible for my poor bank balance, too many pretties to resist! xx

  2. OOH the bracelet is sooooo cuteeeee :)

  3. You're so so so adorable. I love that peacock necklace! SO gorgeous and fun.


  4. Ooh I'm glad you did this - this is what I voted for :p

    I LOVE that peacock necklace - such pretty colours, will look amazing with black. Argh I want it!

  5. I am in love with that necklace!
    I'm definately going to be on the look for it :)

  6. YAY!!!!! I feel so very very special :D Aha it;s so funny people say I have long legs cause I'm only 5'3, what a short arse!!
    Oooh I love them BOTH, especially the peacock necklace. I've been going a bit crazy for peacock stuff too, I think it;s the gorgeous richness of the colours.. sooo pretty.

  7. Peacock...*drewls* im fascinated by peacocks...even made a fantasy fair costume inspired by one :)

  8. Love, love, love the necklace.
    xx Chloe

  9. I have that same peacock necklace. We can be...... TWINSIES!!!!! Yay


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