Monday, 14 June 2010

Peacock Inspired FOTD

Aloha Bloggerinos!

As you may have read from my previous June Accessorize Pretties post, I am currently obsessed with peacocks. I have always been a fan of the jewel coloured birdies but lately, I love everything peacock coloured and am incorporating it into my wardrobe, makeup, home and crafts.

So, with my new Sleekedy Sleek MakeUp and my existing products, I whipped up a bit of a peacock inspired look for you to enjoy. I was going to the florist to finalise my wedding flowers so wanted a wearable look, but I can't tell you how much I want to go all out with turquoise glitter!!

So here you have it (do excuse the photo's, I found it really hard to photograph my own face!)

In this last picture, I fear I look a little like I'm going to mug you. I can assure you I wouldn't ever do this! Unless of course you had a big bag of makeup....then maybe I would.

Products Used:

MAC Eyebrow Pencil- Dirty Blonde
Uban Decay Primer Potion
Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Eyeliner (Black)
MAC E/S- Crystal Avalanche
Urban Decay- Kiddie Pool
Urban Decay- Flipside
Urban Decay- Flash
Sleek Kajal- Odyssey
Sleek DipIt- Pastel Green
Sleek DipIt- Gold
Any mascara that was to hand (I'm a mascara whore)

GOSH Foundation Primer
Benefit Shadestix Foundation
2True Bronzer

Woah that's a lorra lorra (good old Cilla Black) makeup for one face!

What do you think? Something you might try perhaps?

PS- Peacock Cupcake? Don't mind if I do!!




  1. very pretty!your eyeshadow skills are a lot better than mine!
    i love peacocks too, got some gorgeous necklaces from ebay!

  2. This look is gorgeous on you! And that cake looks amazing!!!

    Lisa xx

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love the use of the gold! xxx

  4. You look so pretty!!! :)

    PS. I received your wonderful prizes from the giveaway this morning! I am going to make a post asap!!!

    Thank you soooo much! :)

  5. Wow, you look beeeeautiful!
    Love the look and it's suits you!
    Emma x

    PS Sorry I haven't replied to your comment on my blog, I didn't realise I had any comments until yesterday (seeing as I only have 2 followers, you and my hubby lol) I nearly wet myself with excitement. Yes I will be doing a review shortly! Thank you x

  6. Peacocks are gorgeous.
    You look pretty... the eye colors are not too light or too heavy but just perfect...

    The cupcake looks yummy!!! Did you eat it? LOL

  7. I'm really into deep teal colours at the moment, so pretty!

    You look stunning in these pics! I think you have the perfect balance of colour - it really brings out your eyes. I wish I was that good at eyeshadow application!

    Oh and thank you for the hair secret too! I've always been officially rubbish at styling my hair - I feel as if I need to be an Octopus with eight hands but I'll def try it!:) xx

  8. Great make up look, really pretty.
    And that cupcake?! yum!!!!

    I love peacocks also, reason for my accessories name -

    X xx

  9. Holy COW so gorgeous!!! I can't wait, by the way, to see your wedding pictures soon in the future. YOU'RE GOING TO BE SUCH A GORGEOUS BRIDE. <3

  10. Thank you so much Bloggerinos! You really are the best bunch of followers a gal could ask for :)
    Cara- Oh yes, there will be wedding pictures galore!!! Would you like to see pictures of the flower girl and bridesmaids dresses?


  11. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see wedding pictures!

  12. SO gorgeous. Looks amazing on you. Especially love the purple underneath.

  13. love this, you look stunning

    and I really want some peacock style feathered earnings <3


  14. I like the colors you used on your FOTD, very pretty. That cupcake looks absolutely delicious :D


  15. Oh my...I love all things peacock too. That cupcake is AMAZING!!!!

  16. Beautiful! I love the look of peacock feathers too but my Mum has brainwashed me into thinking they are unlucky! :-S

  17. OMG Louise your hair looks amazing especially on the 3rd picture xxx♥

  18. You makeup sense is quite amazing. Keep it up and don't forget to read Manifestation Miracle pdf

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