Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Grand Opening!

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I'm sorry I have been a bit lax on the beauty side of things lately, panic ye not though, I have lots of Lou's Reviews coming. I have been very naughty and treated myself to all sorts of gorgeous things! I also have a Home Corners post coming up (would you like my bedroom, guest bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?) as well as a few Curvy Girl OOTD's.

Recently, I have been working a lot more in my home studio (oh yes, I now have a home studio!!) and have set up a ....drumroll please........lovely little shoppy!! Hurrah!!

Tonight is it's launch night so please enjoy an imaginary complimentary cocktail and have a wander round!




  1. Aww the shop looks lovely...
    if only i werent such a wuss and could put in earrings without fainting haha :P

    my grandma tries to offer me her clip ons but i just go without haha :P bless her

    good luck with it sweets and i shall be checking it as often as possible...

    you have an award on my blog hunny :D xxx

  2. Good luck with the shop! I had an imaginary Pina Colada ;0)

    x hel x

  3. Good luck with your shop! Some of your earrings on there are so cute! xxx


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