Friday, 16 July 2010

Wedding Lipgloss - Dior

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I have been assessing what makeup I will be wearing on my wedding day in a few weeks (eeeee!!) as I will be doing my own. I had a couple of makeup trials with artists but decided that being as I know my own face and what works best, that I will be doing my own. I'll also be doing the bridesmaids- busy busy!

As I already have an obscene amount of makeup, I won't reeeaaallly be buying anything new. However, on my hen weekend a few weeks back, I picked up the little beauty and am saving her for the big day! Ooooh!

I think the packaging is gorgeous and very bridal! Not sure about the shorty short short lip brush applicator though- don't be so scimpy Mr Dior!!

The Dior gloss set me back a whopping £19.99 which I will not be paying again, but have justified it as a wedding treat to myself. It reminds me A LOT of the MAC Dazzleglass glosses which are £5 cheaper and a bit more exciting. I'm going to wear this on my bare lips for the ceremony and then for the reception I will wear it over hot pink lipstick!

More wedding makeup posts to come! Woop!




  1. it looks gorgeous!!Waiting for more posts!!!

  2. Aww, I love this post! I want to know all the wedding makeup details!

  3. o wow! its so pretty! congradulations on ur wedding! exciting times! i got married back in november! it'll be lovely! post pics of u and your hubby!

    ♥ The Veiled Bump

  4. The color is very soft and beautiful. Congratulations on the wedding. Enjoy every minute of it!!

  5. So so pretty, i love your wedding posts xx

  6. That is a beautiful shade especially for your skin tone!! Definitely one to keep in the purse for the reception til late night =]

    Oh and I love your blog! If you love fashion come follow me and the fashionistas @

  7. Very pretty color! I love Dior lipglosses.

  8. Congratulations on your wedding!!!!!!

  9. Ooh, that will look amazing over the lipstick! Congratulations :D

  10. pretty, pretty gloss - such a sweet color.
    am looking forward to more wedding makeup posts :)

  11. Oooh that's a lovely pink, it;ll look gorgeous.

  12. thats really pretty! I like it :)


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