Monday, 12 July 2010

Lou's Lovelies :: Flower Power Rings

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I've had my crafty hat on again and made a few new bits for my etsy shop. Before I pop them on there, as always, I'm giving my Bloggerinos the opportunity to nab some lovely bits and discounted prices.

As usual, paypal only, just comment of what ring and colour and leave your paypal email and I will invoice you and post asap.

P+P UK- £1
P+P Elsewhere - £3

All rings are adjustable so they even fit my big sausage fingers! Woop woop!

Large Rose Rings White, Red, Black. £3.30

Medium Rose with Gem, Pink Only. £3.00

Small Glitter Rose Lilac, Dusky Pink, Fairy Dust Pink, Sunshine, Orange, Red, Black.

Glitter Rose Hair Grips, Black, Orange, Lilac. £2.50 per set.

My personal favourite and size comparison :)

Do you likey likey?




  1. omgee they are sooo cute i love them!!!!
    >u< i want onee!! lol but i don't own a credit card soo T-T

  2. HI Kawaii- Thank you!!
    I'm not actually doing it by creidtcards, just paypal, so if you have paypal- woop woop!

  3. Large Red rose ring please.
    I'm in the U.K

  4. OMG I want it all! ! Can I buy the small glitter rose rings please.

    1 yellow and 1 red. Woop woop.

    I think my paypal is cos it's actually in my other halfs name.


    x hel x

  5. Aww they are so sweet! :)
    Please may I have a Small Glitter Rose in Dusky Pink? Thanks :)

  6. A large red rose ring for me if you have another??

    If not can I have a white one?

    Thanks muchly - lindsey underscore morrell at hotmail dot com


  7. Beautiful stuff. I've done some flower bits for a craft show I'm doing soon. Look so pretty for summer.

    X x

  8. i want a large white rose ring! but i won't have the money until thursday :( xx

  9. Oooh I likey likey muchly you crafty little mare! lol

    1 Large White Rose ring and 1 Large Red Rose ring please.

    Paypal =

    Cheers guv'na! x x

  10. oh dear, these are gawjus!!!! i wish i had some extra to spend on these, sadly i don't :(

  11. Ooooh! Love these! Please could I have a small glitter rose ring in fairy dust pink? (love that colour description!!)

    Hel (shedoesotherstuff2) told me about these lovelies, I'm so glad she did! Love the large white ring too... being a cheeky little monkey - do you have any spares?

    Paypal email is:

    Thank you :) xxxxxx

  12. Hello Lovelies,

    I'm in the office til 6 tonight but when I get in I shall send out all your paypal invoices.

    I THINK there is enough but if not, it will go on who ordered first and I will notify you if there isn't the ring you want left.

    See you later Bloggerinos!


  13. very cute! love the pink ones ^^

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  15. I likey these rings. I have a very similar one in green I wore on St Patrick's day. I think I would love the lilac hair pin.

  16. These are lovely Louise! May I have a large rose ring in white? x x

  17. Great Post – Just found your blog from IFB & so glad I did !
    I’ll be back !

    Please check out my blog with style updates/ fashion shoots

  18. unfortunately i don't have the money and more than likely won't for quite a while. i'm saving up to move again :( sucky i know. thankyou for getting back to me though lovely! hope you're well xx

  19. OMG these are so beautiful :) But do you ship internationally?


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Sprinkleofglitter xxx

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