Friday, 13 January 2017

Mummy Dates Project 2017 | Rugby!

Oh Hai,

Thank you so much to everyone who read the start up post to this project and decided to join in! Don't forget, you can join in at any time and all the details are in that linked blog post. If you're new, my Mummy Dates Project is a way to encourage us all to spend more quality, present time with our littles, doing something fun. 

(Everything snapped on my phone. Didn't want to take my big camera, just wanted to be in the moment)

This weekend my friend Clare (who's Husband, Mark, was once my Fusband- remember him?) offered Darcy and I great tickets to go and watch the rugby. With Mark coaching there, she goes regularly but I'd never taken Darcy so decided it might be a fun afternoon for us to go out as a duo. We do so many playdates or trips with Liam that I want to ensure I continue to protect our Mummy/Darcy time in 2017. 

I've never been big into sports but Liam's enthusiasm for the rugby (he used to play and now lurves to watch), I've sort of been sucked in and to my surprise, really enjoy it! Honestly, I never ever thought I'd say that.

We hopped in a cab on Saturday afternoon (parking there is hard work) and picked up our tickets from a really friendly lady on the front desk. What I will say about the Northampton Saints ground is just how friendly all the staff were, really great service at every opportunity. 

As ever, I bumped into my Dad and Tina. You'd be amazed how many times I bump into my Dad (once I bumped into him in an American airport when we were both on separate business trips, once I realised I was behind his car on the M1) and he kindly took our Mummy Date snap for us. 

For the game we sat in one of the boxes which was perfect for Darcy. A lot of the players families use these as a little hub to socialise, they have food & drinks facilities and toys for children etc so Darcy really enjoyed getting stuck into those.

The game was exciting. Darcy didn't fully grasp the rules but cheered for her team and enjoyed the atmosphere. I loved that Clare was there with her little girl too so it was like a double Mummy Daughter Date. 

On the way home (thanks Dad for the lift a million miles across town!!) Darcy looked through the programme and chattered about the experience. 

It was so nice just to get out and do something a bit different for the sole purpose of just enjoying it. The only downside was how envious Liam was of us doing his favourite thing without him haha! Sadly, he had to work, we weren't just meanies leaving him out!


I would love to hear about what Mummy Dates you've been getting up to. Lucky for us, some people have already gotten involved in the project and posted their adventures too. I'll link them below for you to go and enjoy. 


Ashely Jay - "Here you will find I cover a variety of topics from day to day life to beauty and fashion. So grab a cuppa, get ready to read and feel free to leave a comment."

If you would like to share your Mummy Dates, please do. Simply head to the original blog post, read the 'rule's (lol, v flexible) and leave your link below on that blog post (not this one). Next time I have a Mummy Date I'll share your post and a little bit about you (most likely taken from your bio or you can write something in the comment you leave me) and we can have a bit of community love and support going on. 

Please do head over and give the very gorgeous Hayley some TLC- it looks like she had a great day after a pretty rough year. Big loves. 




  1. This is lovely! Looks like you had a great time! Sophie x

  2. love reading your blogs xxx hey from Perth Australia xx
    shanae xxx

  3. The rugby is such an amazing day out I am so glad you enjoyed it! Xx

  4. I'm so sad we don't have any rugby matches in Poland. ;( It would be so nice to go and watch some. I'm not a mum yet, but I feel like this is a great idea!

    Love, Liliann

  5. I took my daughter to the football with me last week. I had to bribe her £20 to go in the first place, then she insisted on having her headphones in the whole time, then when I wanted a selfie she said that would be another £10 and then I had to get a Chinese on the way home to stop her sulking even more because she was cold. Granted she has just hit 16 and doing stuff with Mum is not cool anymore, but I will continue to bribe her to get her to do stuff with me to get the last teeny tiny bits of childhood I possibly can before she starts denying she even knows me :-)

  6. This is so lovely :) My quality memories from my childhood are days out like this with my parents so I just know Darcy will appreciate this when she's older, as well as now :)
    Lucy xoxo

  7. What a lovely post! I'm Australian and one of my favourite things to do is to go to the footy at the MCG (when I say footy/football, I mean AFL - not soccer) so it's so lovely to see Darcy enjoying a similar experience!

  8. looks like you guys had a great day!!

    Please visit my Blog!

    Alessa Bernal.

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