Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ask and I Shalt Give

Aloha Bloggerinos,

With so much time on my hands before Baby Glitter makes an appearance, I'm going to try and make a few more YouTube videos. Sometimes though, when I make them, I feel a little bit like they might be a bit boring or you might think "why on earth are you devoting ten whole minutes to this?". I think I'm having a little crisis of confidence.

So, here are some videos I am thinking of making this week, and I'm asking you to tell me what you would or wouldn't like to see. Feel free to add suggestions, although I still have a list as long as my arm from the giveaway ones!

Videos I had planned to make are if you're game:

1. Pregnancy Update
2. Baby Shower Haul
3. Pregnancy on a Budget Tips
4. Top Tens (pick a product and I'll give you my top ten favs that I have of it etc)
5. My Entire Lush Collection (this is a defo as someone already asked for it)
6. OOTD for pregnancy/curvy girls (if you want to request an occasion, I could see what I could throw on and tell you why/how it flatters or where the clothes/accessories are from).
7. Reviews of new products I have like OCC Lip Tars, Liz Earle, Witch Skincare etc.
8. Accessories Haul.
9. Product Comparisons (what sort of products would you like comparing?)

Also, do you prefer quick to the point videos, or chitchatty ones?

There's a little food for though but if there is anything else let me know because I really value your feedback and take on board all your thoughts Bloggerinos. I do love you rather.



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  1. The pregnancy on a budget video sounds great. I love any money saving tips x

  2. Your videos could never be boring :)
    I like the idea of the top tens and in terms of the comparisons you could do drugstore products vs higher end? x x

  3. I honestly love all of your videos, and judging by the comments you get so does everyone else! I'd like to see all of the videos listed, particularly your LUSH collection and storage and OOTDs. I like hearing about your pregnancy, and keep your videos long and chitchatty, they're lovely! xx

  4. i dont find any of your videos boring!
    i like the sound of all of your suggestions, but if i had to choose, i'm really enjoying following your pregnancy so the videos about that appeal most to me :) and also the top tens!
    i also love seeing collection, storage, and whats in my.... videos :) x

  5. I love your chatty videos, don't change them, looking forward to new ones :) xxx

  6. hiya

    i love all your videos especially the chitty chatty ones..
    the pregnacy OOTD would be good as i always get stuck in a rut with my good old velour tracksuits when i'm pregnant...(not very glam) lol

    looking forward to your next videos..and hearing all about baby glitter

    xx :) xx

  7. Oooh i look forward to these, love your you tube posts! :o) xx

  8. I would love to see any video, I think you're hilarious and very interesting, so please don't feel like you're boring us! I personally would love to see the pregnancy on a budget. My husband and I would like to have a baby, but we're broke as a joke right now. Some tips on how to save money when pregnant would be really nice. A baby shower haul video would be fun to see. Also maybe a top ten of lipsticks/lipglosses?


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