Saturday, 26 February 2011

FOTD Bright Pop

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I was schmoozing around YouTube t'other night and I found a fabulous tutorial that I decided to give a go. I can't remember her channel name but if you type in "Burning Sunset" into the search box, you'll find it. Anyhoo, I just wanted to show you how it turned out and I think I will definitely do it again.

I didn't follow her instructions to the letter, but that's the beauty of these things, you can adapt them to how you think they will suit you and experiment with colour a little bit. I felt inspired to try this after seeing at the MAC Event that 'Pop' colours are going to be tres on trend this year.

Below are snaps of products I used. I did use a few other bits and bobs and if you are uber interested do ask, but really I would say that if you wanted to recreate this, just play around with what you have and let your imagination run free!

 (Grr blurry.)

 For those not in the know, this is the 120 Manly Colour palette that I bought of ebay for about a tenner- best bargain ever!! I loves it.

Are you a fan of bright colours?




  1. Wow, looks amazing, really effective!!

    Sadie x

    P.S. Love your blog header :).

  2. Ohhh I have the manly palette so shall be trying this out it looks stunning!!
    What brushes do you use hun for eyeshadow application?


  3. thank you for bringing Zoella back to Youtube! =)

  4. Gorgeous! I love these sunsetty looks :)

  5. VERY pretty! Can i just say btw, i recently discovered you on YT and you're seriously one of the sweetest people ever (and now have me baby obsessed!) x

  6. the eye look is very very pretty!!


  7. looks... bright! not sure i could manage to pull that off or be brave enough! but it looks good :) love that eyeshadow palette. xo.

  8. Very beautiful I love bright colors!!

  9. i really want to try this,i was meant to last week.. yea,im lazy :D x

  10. WOW!!! great job. i am definitly loving the look however, i know that i can not pull this look off myself. either way, you look hawt.

    check out my beauty blog if you can at

  11. this looks amazing on you, really effective and i definatley wanna try it out now!! :) xxx

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