Monday, 21 February 2011

Pregnancy Update - 36 Weeks Pregnant

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This snap was actually taken 2 weeks ago at my Baby Shower (shall I do a post/video on this? I can't decide), so I'm a little bit bigger now.

Well since we last had a pregnancy catch up,  A LOT has happened and I will try and condense it all down so as not to bore you to bits.


I'm bigger. A given! But now I just feel cumbersome and find I waddle about and huff and puff and can't really get up much speed. My usual 10 minute saunter to the midwife's centre has now turned into a 15 minute lumber. Sometimes I deliberately put my hand on my bump so people realise I'm not just walking funny, and that I am actually with child! haha.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a bit of a scare and went to hospital. I had been wizzing about and getting on with life, still working etc, and then I started to notice my tum was really tender and sore. I tried to sleep it off but after 2 days I was in agony and hadn't felt Baby Glitter move for some time. After quite a few calls to labour triage (honestly, you have to practically fight your way in there!!), they told me to come in and bring an overnight bag. I was really panicked at the thought of staying over but Matt was so calm and reassuring. After being hooked up to all the monitors and stuff, it turned out I had 1. Strained my stomach muscles by overdoing things and 2. Baby Glitter was back to back, and still is. Urgh. I'm doing all the exercises to encourage her to move but she's having none of it.

After feeling very smug about gaining no weight at all, I have now gained a stone. Oh well. I'm planning on breast feeding, eating healthy and exercising (I need a reason to take my swanky Silver Cross Pram on walks) so hopefully that will go. I'd like to loose a fair bit but won't bang on about it because diets and weight loss bore me zzzzzzzzzzz.

Sleeping is really rubbish now. I struggle to get to sleep and then only have it in small bursts because I either wake up needing the loo or have a really vivid dream. I'm trying not to nap during the day (I'm on maternity leave now) so I can sleep at night but it's tricky.

There have been a few other little physical things, but at the risk of giving you a bit too much info, I'll leave it! haha.


I'll admit it, I've been an emotional nightmare to live with. One minute I'm standing over the beautiful moses basket thinking how amazing it will be when I can see my baby in there, and the next I'm having a huge cry over the fact that my eyelashes look 'excessive'. This is no joke, I put on false lashes for my Baby Shower, thought they looked too much and burst into tears and had to be calmed down with an ice lolly ahahahaha!

Matt has been beyond patient. He fetches me drinks and pillows and runs me baths (the only place I can be where my lower back doesn't ache) and even painted my toenails for me the other day now that I can't reach them easily myself!

Cool Stuff

I have practically everything I need now. The last little bits are nursing bras (I bought 2 but they feel like straight jackets so I need to exchange them) and maybe a bottle cleaner and to work out how to use the steriliser.

I'm reading lots of good baby books at the moment, which I may do a separate post on.

I was given soooo many gorgeous things at my baby shower and have also been sent some great bits (will defo do a video on these, or Zoe might come and kill me!)

I've been playing the bump lots of music and she really reacts to it- it's amazing! She wiggles about and I like to think she is dancing and smiling and being all like "yyeaaahhhh, I love this song!".

I've probably missed lots out but I'm sure you'll hear more now that we're on the home stretch so to speak.

Come on Baby Glitter, come ouuuttt!!




  1. I love this post. :) it reminded me of when I was still in my ObGyn rotation on call at night and all these worried women and their partners calling in the middle of the night and rushing themselves to triage! Very exciting!

    When is your due date??.. xx

  2. I can't wait to see Baby Glitter!

  3. Really enjoyed reading your post. Of course, it's all alien to me(!), so it's kinda interesting to read thru' from start to drop! Soooooooon, maybe?
    Love to the three of you,
    Z xx

  4. this post put a big smile on my face! glad to hear things are going well for you sweets. you must be so excited for baby glitter!! i know i am :P love the top and cardi your wearing in the picture too. really pretty xxxx

  5. You look great with a glow! It's great your husband is so sweet and supportive. Best of luck with the delivery.

  6. Wow, look at that lovely baby bump. Can't wait to meet Baby Glitter. Really like the top and cardi in the picture hun. x

  7. You look fantastic! The top and cardi are really pretty!

    I have enjoyed reading this's great that your other half is so supportive :)

    Looking forward to seeing cute pictures of baby glitter! x

  8. my baby was born one month ago! a little girl !
    and she didn't want to come meet me, she was born after 9 month and 5 days... so long waiting! ^^

  9. Awww you looking blooming beautiful :o) ! I love this post its soo good for you to share your experiences ! Cant wait to see the piccies of baby glitter :o) xx

  10. I'd love to see a post on your baby shower! When is baby glitter due? x

  11. Phew!! So glad your mini scare wasn't anything more serious! Fingers crossed that baby Glitter gives you a nice easy labour and isn't 'fashionably late' :) Can't wait to see her!

  12. Loved this post I hope I look as great as you when I have babies x

  13. You look so happy and gorgeous! You must be so excited now! :D x

  14. Awww that last bit is just SO CUTE. When I saw your pic I was like 'wow, she hasn't put on any weight, she's just got a bump!' you look bloomin amazing, you really do. You must be so excited! Are you gonna have to have a c-section if she doesn't turn around?

  15. I hope your not in too much discomfort at the moment, your still looking lovely from your pics, I'd be a right mess! ha

    So I've started blogging now too, mainly to avoid writing an essay that i need to do for uni. But guna aim to blog regularly :-$ if you get some time with nothing else to do, take a look.... it will show you the extent of my boredom! ha xx

  16. You look amazing! I hope I look that healthy and glowing when I have a baby! I bet you are beyond excited at the minute! xxx

  17. Hey hunnie..was good meeting you on Saturday! Hope all goes well for you in the next couple of weeks :)) xx

  18. I have been religiously watching all your pregnancy videos on youtube. My little baby cakes is due in October and watching your pregnancy journey and how Baby Glitter has grown as made me more excited than ever, I was wondering on whether to post updates on my blog though. A lot of folk are funny about it but I know you posted and kept everyone updated, I'd love to hear your opinion. Love Clairee xxx


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