Tuesday, 1 February 2011

London IMATS 2011 and Lauren Luke

Aloha Bloggerinos,

(Picture heavy post. I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't like to look at pictures of makeup but if that's you, this isn't going to float your boat! haha)

Sunday was my day at the London IMATS 2011 and I has a brrrrrilliant day! I was umming and arring about going, but I'm so pleased I did because I bought some lovely things, feasted my eyes on gorgeousness annnnddd met Lauren Luke!


I was really fortunate to be given a Press Pass and a ticket for my chum Charly who would have assisted in a 'uh-oh-i'm-going-into-labour-early' crisis, so we were able to have a mooch round the exhibition haul before all the crowds hit.

We didn't have too long though because by 10.50, I was sitting on the front row of the main stage room, eagerly awaiting the YouTube Guru Q&A with none other than....drum roll please.......Lauren Luke! She came on stage and smiled at everyone and I just sat there grinning like an idiot on idiot pills, so I expect she thought I was a bit mentally disturbed. Goodo.

(When I asked my question and went a sexy shade of crimson, it was all caught on this enorrrrmmmous screen, splendid!)

Lauren answered all questions really well, not patronisingly and easily relatable to, if that makes sense. It was like listening to a chum, rather than a tip top Beauty Guru with her own book, nintendo game, column in a major newspaper and makeup line. Hmmm can you tell I'm a fan?

At then end, she stood chatting to us all and was sooooo nice and exactly like how you see her in her videos. I had a snap with her, we chatted about Baby Glitter dans la tum and she gave the bump a little rub- lucky baby is already rubbing shoulders with celebs and she's not even born yet, mwahaha.

After being all excited about meeting Lauren, we headed into the exhibition hall to fight the crowds and buy some goodies.
My first stop was the Sleek stand. I've always really liked Sleek products and was looking forward to talking to the SA's, but was a bit disappointed actually. There was a new primer palette out and I asked if it was solely for primer (as in could only be used as primer) or if it was multifunctional, like so many products are, and I was met with "It's a Primer Palette". Yes, thank you, I can see that Mrs Helpful. I felt like she thought I was a total dumbo and left feeling a bit disgruntled. I did still buy a few bits (it wasn't the product's fault the SA was so unapproachable after all).

The next place I bought from was MakeUpForEver. I've heard a lot about this from YouTube Guru's, mainly Wayne Goss, and was eager to have a look. I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous array of glitters, gems and the famous Diamond Powders. I was going to buy a Diamond Powder but if memory serves it was about £15ish (and that's with a discount) for a teenyweeny pot, so I felt I could live without. I already have a MAC Pigment in 'Reflects Teal' so i will make more use of this. Anyhoo, I bought 2 glitters, 10 and 11 which are black and light copper. I'm really excited to use both of these and when I do, I will show you pictures because I love a Sprinkle of Glitter ;). See what I did there?!

After a little walk round, and being SEVERELY TEMPTED to part with £40 for a stack of Naked Pigments, oh my they were amazing, we fought our way to the Crown Brushes table- no mean feat when you're 8 months pregnant. I was really good and bought 4 brushes and they were all ones I need. I bought a tiny and a normal sized kabuki, a fluffy face brush and a big thick fan brush, which I plan for body use- ie. when I want to dust shimmer or glitter onto my decolletage, arms or legs.

By this point, pregnancy was slowing me down and I was starting to feel a bit bleaauuggh and ready to sit down, so we slooowwwwlly meandered about, looking at all the goorrgeeous makeup stands, honestly I was in heaven, and just soaking up the atmosphere.

The MAC Pro area (they had a whole area) looked really swanky with a raised wooden platform and sexy men in speedos being painted, so we had a little gander. I was hoping they would have all their eyeshadows there because I had a few I wanted to pick up but they just had a few matte pro colours and glitters. I was again tempted by some of the holographic glitters but let's face it, when am I going to wear them? I bought another 15 pan Pro Palette, because I'm going to put my nice MAC shadows in there and then depot allllll my other shadows into the older scruffy one- woop!

We had a bit more of a look round at various brands, I thought about buying an Inglot Palette but funds were low and the stall was rammed and I was tired so we decided to make like a tree and leaf. Just as we were on our way out, we walked past Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and I asked the man if it was OK to take a few snaps of the pigments and glitters. I was really impressed because he said yes but then said "oh hang on, do the displays look good?" because they had got a little messy earlier. He was the ONLY person the whole day who made an effort like that and I thought it said a lot about his pride in the OCC stall. He must have seen my press pass because as I was leaving, he handed me a little black bag of goodies and a press pack. I didn't really know much about OCC but having tried out the Lip Tars and read the bumf, I think I can feel a new addiction coming along!! Watch this space for a review soon.

(Sorry it's blurry, it was really busy pushy shovey)

After all that, we headed back to the car where bump and I had a good old rest and I felt fully splurged (oooerrr misses!!).

I'm already looking forward to next year and am well stocked for upcoming Lou's Reviews and a YouTube Haul video- yeehhaaa!

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  1. Wow looks amazing! Glad you had a great time...

    MUST get swatches of the lip tars - I've been after them forever! xxx

  2. Looks like you had a great time, love all the piccys xx

  3. oooh im so annoyed i missed this it looks amazing! its like a wonderland of make up! u must of had so much fun!

  4. It's great to see some pictures of the event! :)

  5. Ahh I'm so jealous you got to go Louise! Looks like you had a really nice day :) I'm drooling at the sight of all the make-up!


  6. Wow looks brilliant, i'd be in total heaven there, lmao! x

  7. I loveeeeeeeed this post!
    It made me wish I went SO much!

  8. Omg it looks amaaazing! It makes me want to go next year!

  9. looks like you got some amazing things! glad you had a great time sweets xx

  10. Love the way you write your posts :-) looks like you and Baby Glitter had a fabby time - very jealous!
    Looking forward to the reviews and YT vids

  11. Looks fab, im so jealous xx

  12. Oh my goddddd. I am definitely going next year! :D Looks like you have an amazing time my lovely! xx

  13. Wow, looks like a fab day for you and baby glitter! xxx

  14. Great Haul :)
    Wish I could have gone to IMATS :) x

  15. So awesome!! I'll be going to the IMATS in NYC, can't wait for all the goodies :)


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