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Home Corners :: Baby Glitter's Nursery

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Do you remember way back when I did a Home Corners on my hallway (HERE)? Well I promised to do more but taking pictures of rooms is surprisingly difficult! So, to combat this, I decided I would just take pictures of bits and bobs and corners of the rooms to show you and then I can continue with this little feature. Sound good? I hope so.

So a couple of weeks back when I was feeling all excited, I decided to take some snaps of Baby Glitter's room and a few of the gorgeous things in it. I have also made a YouTube Room Tour video of it which you can see HERE.

As me, Baby Glitter and the room evolve, I take more pictures and share them because I love documenting things like this. Please bare in mind that I have a lot of stuff left to get for her and we're on a bit of a budget so for the moment it's just the basics. I'm of the mentality that as long as Baby Glitter has the things she NEEDS and lots of love and care, she will be alright. Everything else is a bonus or a luxury. We're going to provide as many luxuries as we can but I'm not going to tear myself up over the fact that she doesn't yet have a mobile for the cot etc. I'd rather put money into her savings account :)

Baby Glitter's cot is from IKEA and I think was around the £70-80 mark, which I think is really reasonable when you look at Mamas and Papas prices. We also bought the mattress from there and I think it was around £30ish. If (and that's a big IF) we have another baby, we'll use this cot again because it's unisex, but it's vital to buy a new mattress for every baby. Little facterino for you there.

LFC Teddy from Daddy and soft bunny from my Auntie Rose, who I like to call 'RoseyPoseyTimbleTosey' hahaha.

Just think- in a few weeks, a little tiny new life will be wrapped up in those. *smiles*

Can you see my packed hospital bag at the bottom. It'll be a scary moment when I have to grab that and go! Eek!

Prepared for mess!

Bunny shoes from Auntie Jackie who I call 'Auntie Generous' because she gave me a car for my wedding present- wowzas!! I love rabbits. I half want to call my baby 'Bunny' hahaha.

Cute slipper/sock jobbies from Auntie Judith. I don't have a nickname for her! Perhaps I should make one ...

Round the mirror I stuck little gems and hung this floral fairy light garland. It creates a really gorgeous soft pink glow and I'll use it for night feeds. Before you all get up in arms, I won't leave them on unattended for risk of an inferno!


I've stuck tonnes of these little butterflies all over her walls, to make a sublte 'magic garden' type of feel. They are from garlands you can buy from HobbyCrafts that I had originally bought for our wedding but never used. Just cut off the strings and wire, blob a bit of blutac on and voila! I think they're lovely because they're not too in your face but give a sweet sparkle.

Safety time! This little thermometre was actually free from Hipp. If you're a mummy-to-be and wanting one for your nursery, log onto their website HERE and register. They send it through the post with a load of other bumf but I'm really glad of mine. It's one less thing to worry about and that can only be good.

So Bloggerinos, I do hope you enjoyed that. I will add more in time, but with 5 weeks to go, that's where I'm up to. There is loooads more on the Room Tour video and I also did a Baby Clothes haul, so do be sure to have a looksie.




  1. Love her shoes, propa lil girl :) :) and her daddys got her supporting the right team for sure :) :) xx

  2. it all looks lovely - i'm so excited for you both :)
    i love how the wardrobe is painted pink on the inside and how all of her little clothes are hung up, it's a tiny person wardrobe :) lol

    hope you're well and that one born every minute isn't putting you off lol! xx

  3. Aw this looks so adorable! Congrats on expecting a girl! Cant say im surprised though, with all that glitter and pink! :o)

  4. It's lovely! I think it looks gorgeous with just touches of pink here and there! x

  5. Cute post! The little shoes are so adorable! Loved the you tube video too, the bit about the multi-fuctioning breast pads made me laugh! xx

  6. Baby Glitter is so lucky, her new bedroom is absolutely beautiful I love her wardrobe and all her diamontes and diamonds:) she's definetely going to be a girly princess xxx

  7. It's all so lovely and pink! Sucha nice first bedroom, your little one is very lucky! &the shoes are beyond cute!x

  8. I want a baby! I don't even have a boyfriend. Eheu!

  9. So so cute!

    I agree, as long as a baby has the stuff they need & all the love in the world they'll be just fine :)

    Sarah x x

  10. Such a gorgeous room for cute little baby girl! It must be so exciting getting all the things ready for her arrival! :D

  11. I really love this post. I am expecting a little girl too and it is so nice to see the way you have arranged your nursery. You have inspired me and I may well post some pictures of my own nursery soon.

    Hope you are well.

  12. So cute post. Baby's bedroom with this cute stuff is so adorable. I am liking that wardrobe and baby shoes. Those are so cute and pretty. I am having a baby girl of 7months older. For her, I have ordered 4 Headbands along with the baby Jumpsuit from for trial. The products were so eye-catching and the material was soft and easy to clean as well.

  13. We also did the preparation of the room for the arrival of the baby, we even bought 3 sets of bed linen from magiclinen, so as knew that such things will often get dirty and will require immediate substitutes. Your room is very nice, thanks for sharing


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