Sunday, 18 December 2011

Amazing Advertisers :: December 2011

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I couldn't be feeling festive more if I tried. We've not long come in from a carol service where I had my first mince pie of the year, our candles are lit, the fairy lights are on, Michael Buble is crooning away on the telebox.

I thought I'd take this moment of peace to tell you about my Amazing Advertisers this month.


Laura is a 20 something fashion journalist with a penchant for makeup, nail art, Downton Abbey (tehe me too!) and of course, fashion! If you'd like some nail inspiration, tips for whiter teeth (that was a good'un) or even bargainous designer shoe dupes, Laura is your gal! Click on her name or the ad to the left and check her out.

Ellie is one of my regular amazing advertisers over here and it really is a pleasure to have her. Her blog is jam packed full of makeup hauls, style inspired wish lists and fun tags- I really want to do her 'How much is your face worth' tag. If you fancy a girlie read that'll make you want to hit the shops, check her out!

Faye and I go waaaaayyyyy back. We met in freshers week at university in Liverpool 8 years ago (wow I feel old) and that first meeting (in a lift!) lead to years of adventures. Dancing in the flood water of her flat, numerous cheese toasties, insane nights out, games like 'Five Item Dress Up' and the time she saved my life by shouting, "DON'T PUT YOUR KNIFE IN THE TOASTER!!", are a few reasons why I love her.
Recently Faye has started a blog all about her life as a domestic goddess. If you're into baking, making, mini breaks and generally nosy-ing into someone else's life, Faye is your gal.

If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter, please do send me an email with the link of the blog or small business- I only accept genre suitable sites. Now taking January bookings, limited spaces available.

Do any of these lovely ladies float your boat? Are you following them?




  1. Just followed them all! Going to have a read in a momento when I've finished watching Nightmare Before Christmas! I'm just about to email you re: advertising :) xx

  2. Maydoll is now a fave blog :-) Just going to email you xx

  3. "Don't Put Your Knife In the Toaster" and Other Nuggets of Wisdom! is going to be the title of my book and I shall dedicate it to you my lovely. Love you Faye xx

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