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Lou's Reviews :: Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoos

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

Amongst way too many other products, I recently purchased two of the highly talked about Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos.

Out of the seven colours that Boots stock, I bought 'On and On Bronze' and 'Turquoise Fever'. The bronzey brown is such an easy colour to utilise and I thought the blue would look amazing this summer.

I know this is only a small gripe, but I do think the names could be worked on a little. 'On and On Bronze'? What's that about?! I heard on the blogging grapevine (my favourite of the grapevines) that those crazy kids across the pond have different names for theirs. Strange.

Little glass pots with chunky screw lids, filled with smooth, cream eyeshadow. Remind you of any high end alternatives? Yes, these are VERY similar to MAC Paint Pots and this pleases me muchly. Especially as the Maybelline alternative retails for £4.99 which is a snip in comparison to it's pricey MAC counterpart. 

I absolutely love these little cream shadows. They work great as a quick fix when you're in a rush- I like to use my ring finger and apply 'On and On Bronze' all over the lid. They are super duper primers for your powder or pigment products, with no creasing and no sliding half way down your face (such a good look) and the colour is very easy to build. I plan on wearing the 'Turquoise Forever' as an eyeliner, either under the water line or on my eyelid, I'm still undecided. Also, as the name 'tattoo' would suggest, these last and last! Hurrah!

I really hope that Maybelline brings more colours to the UK so that I can pick up a few more of these. I'd quite like to see a pearly pinky shade that I could use as a base for iridescent glitter.I'm so glad these are on the market and would encourage you to give them a little swatch next time you're near a Maybelline stand.

Have you tried these or any of the other colours? Are you swayed by the hype? I know I am!



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  1. can't wait to try these on. Good pick using the bold color as an eyeliner...

  2. i have theee turquoise, gold and silver-y ones but im desperate to find a bronze! i absolutely adore them they just last and last and last <3

  3. I really want the purple one but cant seem to find it anywhere near me! i think it would look great with my green eyes:) xx

  4. I thought the same thing about the name! I think the American one is called bad to the bronze which sounds so much better. On and on bronze.. psh. xx

  5. On and On Bronze is one i'd like to try.

  6. great review :D i really want to try the bronzey colour, but agree with you in that i'd love to see a pearly pinky shade! your new look blog is looking amazing too btw!! :D xxxx

  7. I'm in love with the bronze shade (yep... odd name), it's just so versatile. It makes a great base, shadow on its own or liner - fab! x


  8. I want the bronze one now that I've seen it! I love bronze and brown shades in general for the make up of my eyes! :) I'll check it out! But you're right, they could have chosen a better name haha


  9. i realy want to get some i might getsome this weekend

  10. Ooo these look lovely, will have to give them a try next time i go to town :)

  11. I love these. I have them in a few colours my favourites are the gold, silver and taupe. Oh and I saw that Superdrug had 3 for 2 on Maybelline last week, so well worth a look.

  12. omg those were soo hot .. i luv the brown one most <3

  13. I'm really looking forwards to trying these out. They look like a great dupe for Mac's paintpot. Great post!


  14. I love these, I haven't got the bronze one yet, I have the light creamy gold. The next one for me to get is the bronze though. :)

    I prefer the UK names, the bronze on in America is called "Bad to the Bronze" I believe. It made me cringe because I kept picturing the Karate Kid.
    After typing that I also realise I probably sound absolutely bonkers.

    Great post, Louise!


  15. I loooooove the 24 h colour tattoos <3. I've got the taupe one and I'm totally sold on it...
    Great post and an amazing blog.

    My Bathroom Is My Castle – Beauty Blog

  16. i baught the taupe one... it has no shimmer but it a good base for everyday eyeshadow.. i thaught it looked quite dark but when blended out its really dheer and lovely! Hoping to get more after my gcses (wont go shopping for a while!) but i might actually order these online :) thanks for anther great post louise... by hte way my middle name is louise.. (i can tell you are really interested ahah!) would love if you could look at my blog although its going a bit slow at the moment due to revision :/ xx

  17. I bought the bronze and gold ones, which are the best for everyday looks and bronzey smokey eyes...I couldn't decide whether the blue was too bright but youre right it would work really well as a gel eyeliner, especially for the summer! :) xxxx

  18. I love the golden colours, so pretty!

    Little Miss Sunshine
    A Great British Style Blog

  19. Oo I'm so temped to go out and buy thease tomorrow, especially the touqiouse forever color. They look fantastic!

  20. Gorgeous!! **jumps off couch, runs out door into car to go Walgreens (one of our "SuperDrug" - type stores** :-) Here in the US, the bronze is indeed called "Bad to the Bronze" and the Teal one is called "Tenacious Teal"

    So funny how the same brand either releases different things in one country to the next or releases the same things with different names...


  21. Fun blog you have here! I saw an ad for these the other day(:
    I also love that clutch from the last post!

    I'd love it if you came and stopped by my blog TBA.
    Maybe leave a comment and follow if you like it?

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  22. Wow there super cheap compared to mac. I will buy them cause I use mac products a lot and they can be expensive so I'll give them a go. Can you do the 10 little secrets tag please!

  23. Can you please do the 10 little secrets tag

  24. They look great, but I can never find the pretty colour on boots or superdrug :(

  25. Heh - 2 days ago I did a post on these too - including both those colours - which are actually my favourites :)


  26. I have five of these and love them! In the US I have "Bad to the Bronze", "Tough as Taupe", "Too Cool" - a white great for highlighting, "Pomegranate Punk" and "Bold Gold". They are awesome, and on me they last all day without creasing, even if I don't wear a primer underneath. I am slowly buying them all - I wish they made more.

  27. I have four of these bad boys; Tough as Taupe, Pomegranate Punk, Bad to the Bronze (or On and On Bronze in the UK),and my personal favorite Painted Purple which is kinda like Stars'N'Rockets from MAC in cream form.


  28. I love these! They look so pretty on.

    Come on by an enter my Giveaway on my blog for Fake Bake Flawless Self Tanner!

    A Little Lacey


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  30. Hey louise! i posted about you in my new blog about being my inspiration and a link to your blog and youtube i hope this is okay! xx

  31. cute!!!


  32. Those colours are wonderful! I bet they look great as combination as well!

  33. IM not a very brown eyeshadow kind of girl but that bronze looks gorgeous! X

  34. I have three of these but I seem to really struggle applying them! Whether I apply with my fingertips, a brush or an applicator, they seem to go on very bitty and not smooth! :( xo

  35. I LOVE them i have tangy and the white there good

  36. ahh I've been looking at these beauties for ages! More for the bronze one

    I've just started up a blog which just follow my awkward, strange, and fun student life with a bit of fashion and beauties on the sidee :)
    Would be cool if some of you lovley bloggers would have look :)
    Thank youuuuu


  37. I have been wanting to buy these for ages! Unfortunately the boots near me either has testers that have completely dried out, or there just aren't any 8-) .. No justice.
    But judging from your swatches, I must get my hands on that Turquoise one! Blue is great for making brown eyes (which I have) pop!


  38. Yeah, here in America, the Bronze one is called "Bad to the Bronze" and I love it!!! I have Bad to the bronze, Pomegranate Punk, and Tough as Toupe..I hope to eventually get the white one and the blue one!

  39. MrsMisoos
    oh, they dont sell this in czech republic! i want them sooo much. lol

  40. Yes I know many people have told you, but the bronze is called "Bad to the Bronze" and I am OBSESSED with it!!!

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