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Lou's Reviews :: Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

I don't know about you, but I have a serious lipgloss addiction. The rational, sane side of me knows I have every shade under the sun, but like a magpie to tinfoil, when I see them all lined up side by side, glinting like jewels under the light, I have to buy them. It's some sort of disease, but I'll gloss over it. Hehe, see what I did there?! I'm too cool.

I recently bought 3 of the Revlon ColorBurst glosses in Peony (coral with gold shimmer), Crystal Water (milky clear with blue and lilac shimmer) and Hot Pink (fuchsia with gold, silver and blue shimmer), for £7.99 each. When I made my purchase Boots were actually holding a 3 for 2 deal, so it only worked out at £5.33 for each one- I do love a good bargain!

I have been using these for a good few weeks now and have really enjoyed them. They are sheeny-shiny rather than gunky-sticky and add a wash of colour to the the lip. Alternatively, they add oomph if applied over your lipstick of choice. They have decent lasting power and an easy to use sponge applicator. 

I must say, these are nice, but not 'wow'. You know how some things make you want to shout and cheer for them and some things make you want to stamp on and smash and then sooommee things are good/nice/pleasant enough? That's these.

I don't think I will be running to the Revlon counter to buy more, but if I saw a particularly pretty shade, I would feel happy and confident in my purchase.

Oooffff that was a weird review today wasn't it?! Haha! Normally I only talk about products that I love, love, love, but I thought it might make a change to give you a different opinion because you just can't love everything, can you?

Have you tried Revlon ColorBurst? What did you think?



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  1. I have never tryied this ones before, but it should be good, all revlon lip products are great!
    the coral one is defiantly my favourite

  2. IFor some reason I would never think about buying a clear gloss! Love the bright pink too :)


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  4. Such a pity we don't have Revlon in Spain. I would love to try one of these, they look amazing! Love your blog! Lots of love! :)

  5. I was just looking for a decent review of these the other day! Also, I've been following your blog for awhile but recently it hasn't been showing up in my reading list on blogger, I keep trying to refollow but it won't show up again! Just thought I'd let you know :)

    applesandblush.blogspot.com xx

  6. i saw these in Boots today and was very tempted to buy the coral one, so happy to see a review on them :) Love your posts, they always make me smile xx

  7. The colors are absolutely lovely! I've never tried them before, but definitely will do sometime in the future after this review!

  8. I am dieing to try them very nice

  9. Lots of pretty colours!



  10. I don't wear lipgloss very often, in fact I think I only own a couple! I love the GOSH ones you've mentioned before and darker pink and clear one in this post. I'll have to have a look at them next time I'm in Superdrug! x

  11. I have the crystal Water one because you had them in your video and I then HAD to buy it!! :)
    Also a bit of a side step but I was on the site vente-privee.com which has like timed sales!, and there were some doormats I know a bit random but they had a bright blue one with Aloha on it and thought of you instantly!
    I don't know if the link will work but here it is : http://en.vente-privee.com/vp4/_sales/PTIME10/bufi/EN_S6XC4DK1F1/ikId2245944.aspx

    I think you have to have an account but thought you might like it!


  12. Hi louise for posting this blog these look fab sooo pigmented they are soooooo cute too lots of love destinyxxx

  13. hi I just came onto your blog from your youtube and I found all these blogposts that I haven't seen I think there's a problem with bloglovin as its not shown any blogposts since April!! do you know why this is happened?

  14. Ooh I like the pink one. Lovely colour for the summer too!



  15. ooh im kind of intrigued by crystal water
    it looks like it would be nice over a lipstick!

  16. I like the peachy color! Lovely summer color!

  17. Crystal Water is my favourite lip gloss at the moment, I am wearing it over all my lipsticks x

  18. I recently bought Peony too and another one similar to the hot pink! I really like them, its a shame they didn't have the wow factor for you! Xx.

  19. I've got a BRIGHT orange one!! And I love it.xx
    Samantha's Secret

  20. I have one of these in 'Pink Ice' and I really like it, but similar to you I don't think it is something to get mega mega excited over haha. Perhaps that is because I got a very sheer colour though! :)



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