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Amazing Advertisers :: May 2012

Aloha Sprinklerinos,
This month has flown by hasn't it?! It's time for Amazing Advertisers again, which is your opportunity to get to know the lovely ladies that have been nestled in the left hand side bar this month.
If you would like to advertise on Sprinkle of Glitter in May, look up to the tabs under my header, and 'Sponsor' has all my advertising packages within it. Spaces are filling up fast, so please do book soon if you're interested.

Mrs Thrifty is one of life's good eggs. Firstly, her blog is amazing. I have loved it for months and have actually read every post she's ever written. If you are after budget advice, cool household tips, discount codes, charity shop hauls, craft ideas or just a bit of wit, check her out. Secondly, we were in London earlier this month and a man came up to her and called her a 'pervert's delight'. Ahahahaha!!

Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist

Laura has been my Ultimate Advertiser this month and after having her advertise with me for about 6 consecutive months, I was thrilled to have her as my first- ooer. I met her recently at an event and she was such a doll, with the best Essex accent ever! I love an Essexian (new word there). She has recently bought a gorgeous Michael Kors watch (I'm well jel- see what I did there), as well as joining the Essie Mint Candy Apple club. In short, she's a goodun- check her out!

Aspirations of Glam

Liz's 'notebook' style blog is a real gem. With a great mixture of beauty reviews, hauls, videos, ebay bargains (who doesn't love a good ebay bargain) and fashion, there really is something for everyone. He recent Barry M lipstick post has reignited my love for hot pink lips (I was stearing toward red dontchya know!). I love, love, love the journal graphics and think you'd like them too.

Love 212

Love212 is run by a 30 something year old gal called Elena, who writes about an eclectic mix of beauty, fashion and life. I love her affordable fashion finds and have particularly enjoyed her post introducing us to 'Champagne and Lemonade'- how very Carrie Bradshaw! If you're a designer diva, you'll like this blog.

The Beauty of Louise

Naturally I'm biased (we're name twins!), but I love the name of this blog. Hehe. Louise write fabulous beauty reviews and in particular, I literally swooned over her recent Rainbow Nails. They took her 2 hours but wowee they look brilliant! I really appreciated the step by step guide as I am somewhat of a nail novice. If you're interested in having beautiful summer nails, you know where to go!

Beauty and Baggage

Seonaid has advertised with me for a few months now and it's been a pleasure to have her. I love that she always swatches products and shows them on the flesh- something I should do more of myself. Recently, she has created a little NYX lipgloss series which I have enjoyed. Also, I didn't realise what great prices they were, so well done Beauty and Baggage for finding such affordable gems!!

What The Buzz?!

Sarah's blog is jam packed with all things beauty and lifey. Two posts I have really enjoyed this month were her review on Fleur's lovely crystal wrap bracelets (Sarah included some BRILLIANT photos) and a post that introduced me to a new service where you can order friends a box of biscuity treats so send through the post- Sarah describes it much better than I do so do check her out. :)

Scarlett Hearts

Scarlett Hearts has been featured on Sprinkle of Glitter many a time because I have a few pieces from this delightful little shop. If you like handmade or quirky girlie jewels, this is the place to go. Items seem to sell out pretty quickly so if there is something you have your eye on, I'd suggest snapping it up as soon as you can.

Blog Hops Every Day

B.H.E.D is also run by Elena from Love 212 (she's a clever lady, non?). It's a really innovative blog which allows you to really get your own blog out there, find new ones you might like and increase all the numbers you might want to (followers, visits etc). The idea is really simple and Elena is great at linking all your blogs. It's a really easy concept to grasp once you have read Elena's short post (I'm not describing it too well here! haha) but if you have a blog and you'd like to increase your readership, I strongly suggest you check this out. It might do you wonders!

Fiona Loves

Fiona's blog is a fabulously feminine mix of beauty reviews, life updates and tags. This month Fiona has been competing in Miss York and has made it through to the finals! I'm not sure how she's getting on but I'm excited and hope she makes it through! Her reviews are detailed and honest and her blog is a little joy to read. Do check it out if you want a relaxing girlie moment or two.

Special mention also needs to go to Briar (her online name) from Briar Rose Beauty. She advertised with me last month and due to a technical error on my behalf, is having a complimentary month. I met her a couple of weeks back at a conference and she was the warmest, most easy to chat to and caring gal I've met in a long time. That day was a really upsetting time (personal issue I won't bother wasting your time with) and Briar was so soothing and supportive and I was glad to have her there. You may have seen her in my vlog (she's the blonde hottie) but I wanted to give her a little blog shoutout too because like Mrs Thrifty, she's a really good egg and I think you'd like her too.

If you would like to have your blog or handmade business feature on Sprinkle of Glitter, you will find all my rates HERE. Please email me by Sunday PM if you are interested and we can arrange something lovely to start June 1st. Spaces are limited and given on a first come, first serve basis.

Edit :: The 'LARGE GLITTER PACKAGE' has now been taken for June.

Have you just discovered any of these lovely ladies? What did you think?



This month my Ultimate Advertiser is Laura from Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist. If you would like to know more about advertising on Sprinkle of Glitter, check out my 'Sponsor' page up at the top!  


  1. Thank you Louise! :)

    I didn't win Miss York but the girl who did really deserved to win! :) There are some pics here if you'd like to see them!

    Thanks again, it's been lovely advertising with you :) xx

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  3. I love these! I've found so many great blogs!

  4. Oh wow, they're all amazing!xx

  5. I've been looking for some more blogs to check out! Thanks Louise!X

  6. :) I love blogging, it would be great if you checked it out!! xox

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