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25 Father's Day Ideas

Aloha Sprinklerinos,

With Father's Day fast approaching I am looking for fun, unique and thoughtful ways to show my Dad and also Matt (from Darcy) just how much I love and value him.

I thought that whilst I navigated the journey of six-million-different-suggestions-on-the-internet you could come along and maybe find a little inspiration too. 

25 Father's Day Ideas | Sprinkle of Glitter blog

25 Father's Day Ideas

4. Write your Dad a letter telling him what he means to you.

5. Finish/Do things in the home that he would usually do.  (ie. Take the load of him a little)

6. 'Dad' shaped sugar cookies. Woah. 

7. Personalised jigsaw (perfect for little hands to help with).

8. Amazing chalk art Dad photography (this is SO cool!)

9. Have a star named after him, for being your star (vom haha). 

10. 'Dad' photo letter blocks- under £15!

12. Create and name a cocktail after your Dad. Serve it with delicious snacks. 

15. Have a picnic style lunch/dinner with only his favourite foods, no matter how mismatched!

18. Have him come home to freshly baked brownies- the house'll smell amazing too!

14. Arrange a day trip to somewhere he wouldn't normally treat himself to. 

15. Track down an early edition of his favourite book. (A toughie)

16. Etched glass with a picture of you and him in it. Love this. 

21. Sounds obvious but- treat him to dinner. Homemade or restaurant. 

23. Make a video montage from your home movies or a slide show to music of your family snaps.

24. Personalised mouse mat. (I did this for my Dad 2 years ago, he still uses it)

25. If all else fails, do what my Sister does every year- a nice bottle of whisky. I don't know if our Dad loves this or just humours us every. single. year. Haha. 

Will you be doing any of those? Do you have any ideas you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!



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  1. There all such lovely ideas! I think I'm going to have to get baking for my dad this Father's Day :) x


  2. I think that a bottle of good whiskey or cognac is alway good. It will enver be a bad gift for a fancy dad. Also throw in some scotch glasses and your dad will be happy.

    What also works every single time - have a day out with your dad. Go golfing, watch a great movie or go watch a football/basketball match.
    Both of you will have spent some quality time.

    Check out my blog if you feel like it:

    PS! I justl ove your attitude and positivity Louise!

  3. Louise, I thoroughly enjoy your videos as well as your blog. These are great father's day ideas and I'm sure whatever you decide to do for your father and Matt, that it will be splendid.

  4. Amazing ideas Louise, I particularly love the 'go wild with free printables!' were all guilty of doing this at least once in our lives aren't we!:P Amazing post:-)
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  5. Great list! My Dad recently got an iPhone so I've gone for a personalised phone cover with pictures of me and him when I was younger.

    Ellen x | Being Ellen Stacey

  6. In the last couple of years I haven't had to worry about thinking what to give my dad for Father's Day. My sisters and I all just chip in for his season ticket to his favourite rugby club! My OH though always resorts to a nice bottle of red wine for his dad because he never knows what to get. I love some of your ideas though for when we have our own children in a couple of years!


  7. Thanks for the ideas, there brill! :)


  8. What a great ideas Ms. Louise! Thank you so much! :)

  9. These are great ideas! I needed some inspiration. Since my dad doesn't use the internet and he always loves these old movies that no one has ever heard of (seriously, even the actors themselves probably don't remember making the film...or they are no longer alive to tell the story), I search and search until I find a copy of the film and my dad is always surprised every time. And, I always do a homemade thing as well. :)

  10. In my country we do not celebrate Fathers Day, but the ideas you wrote are awesome!I think the dad T-shirt would be nice for my dad. I can not buy him sweets (he is not allowed) and he doesn't drink :d Maybe I'll surprise him with something else. Or maybe I'll buy him a vacation and send him in a quiet place to get some rest(with my mother :D)

  11. I love this post! My favorite is number one! It's so gorgeous!



  12. The etched glass is such a cute idea! I always try and get something personal, it's difficult because my Dad's birthday is really close to father's day (how selfish of him!) so I have to think of two presents! Thanks for the help :) xoxo

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  13. These are such cute ideas!

  14. Those chalk photos are so cool! Also, why does the UK have Fathers Day in June?! In NZ, we have it in September!

    Rachel is Elsewhere

  15. Lovely ideas! I enjoyed reading this :) Great post!

    X Valérie

  16. These are really good ideas! :D

    I recently had a little boy (4 weeks ago) and for my partner from Baby Jay i have bought a i love daddy baby grow and outfit, im also going to het a canvas from boots with a photo of Jay and my boyf. :D

    For my dad - kinda like the whisky but he is a gunniess sort of guy! (Ooo posh!)


  17. I made a coupon book for my dad for Christmas :) For Father's Day, I've bought him a t-shirt and socks, and I'm going to bake him something!

  18. Love those ideas but my Dad's a farmer and wouldn't appreciate a lot of those cute things *sigh!* Me & my sister have got him a Welsh Door Mat this year & are taking him out for lunch :) x

  19. Lovely ideas! How about creating a scrapbook, poster or canvas of all the memories you've had with your dad up to now, this could include written memories, photographs of growing up, his favourite sayings etc.

    Hope your dad and Matt have a lovely father's day :)

    http://laurenslittleblogs.blogspot.co.uk/ I'm new to blogging and love looking and commenting on other sprinklerinos blogs :)


  20. Lovely post! Really like all the photo idea's, may have to get busy wiith the camera :)x

  21. Those are all great ideas. My Dad asked me for a fish for his tropical tank this year which was different to a box of allsorts at least.

    Primari Princess

  22. I like number 13, you could also do a naughtier version just from mom. Scandal! ;)

  23. Louise, there are 30 ideas here. After 18 you started at 14 again. But all great ideas. I love making/buying more personal things rather than the same old stuff people get their dads (*cough* socks) x


  24. Awwww, I love these types of blog posts they're fabulous! Great ideas Louise!
    I love how cute the picture of Matt and Darcy is!


  25. Lovely ideas Louise thank you for sharing! :)

  26. Such sweet ideas. Should do the video montage because all the videos just sit on a memory card. Thanks Louise
    Rebecca x
    Ze Makeup

  27. What lovely ideas! I always struggle as to what to get my father! He's so picky but these ideas are actually really good :)


  28. Thanks for posting about this as every year my mind goes completely blank! I'm a terrible wife when it comes to this sort of thing thankfully Shaye & Darcy are on the ball. Love Laura M. ❤ Scottish Lass ❤

  29. Love the ideas, definitely going to use some of them this fathers day! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

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  31. These are some really good ideas! I need to buy my dad something

    Seaside Beauty

  32. aww such cute ideas xD


  33. Awwww these are all amazing ideas, I agree!! My Dad's not around anymore, but if he was I'd love to do a few of these ideas.. haha at vom at the stars lol!! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  34. I tried to do the Dad shaped cookies once and it ended up a big splodge. Will try step dad and see how that goes wish me luck !!!


  35. this post was a life savour! thank you for great ideas!

    - Janine

  36. What great ideas! When I read the bit about 'dad shaped cookies' before I clicked on the link I thought they were going to be cookies like in the shape of faces. I am an interesting person...

  37. These ideas are so good! We usually just take him out for the day but I might try one of these! I especially like the crafty ones! :) Love the picture of Darcy and Matt too! :D
    Alice x

  38. Great ideas and that picture is SO cute!



  39. These are cute ideas.
    I bought my dad a keyring and cup with a world war 2 plane on, it was the plane my grandad flew in the war. :)

    The pic of Matt and Darcy is really cute also ^_^

    Juyey xx

  40. I absolutely love these Ideas and I will try them out (most of them:)but I just wanted to say that you were my biggest inspiration to start my own blog I mentioned you and I hope you wil check it out ♥lotte

  41. Lovely ideas and pretty picture! Father's day here in Spain is celebrated on another date! haha! His name is Pedro so I drew him a Pedro Picapiedra ( Fred Flinstone in english :P)

    Thanks Louise!


  42. Brilliant ideas i love the personal gifts mean so much more

    C&L XX


  43. I think the personalised iPad case is a really good idea! I have a lot of trouble because my dad is so hard to shop for so this really helped me out!!

  44. I love the DAD photos, might have to do that next year. My safe bet is Paul Smith socks coz my dad loves them :) xx

  45. aw the photo of Matt and Baby Glitter is so lovely!x

  46. So helpful! I might take some of these ideas! I saw this picture on facebook that had like a story and, for example, it said 'i will take you around galaxy' but the chocolate bar, galaxy, was stuck on instead. I tough that was clever ;) <3


  47. thanks for the ideas! i'm really struggling to think of things, it will probably end up being the whisky though! always a winner :)

  48. Thanks for this Louise, really given me some super cool ideas.

    Let us know what you did for your dad and for Matt. x

  49. Thanks for this Louise i will defo be using some of these ideas,
    with my little one to celebrate fathers day with his daddy!
    hope you all enjoy this sunday in your household


  50. I always struggle to know what to buy my Dad, so great ideas and post!


    B xx

  51. These are such great ideas!! Being skint it's perfect. I'm 18 but I think I will definitely have ago at some of these crafty ones haha!!



  52. Whiskies always a great way to go.

    My other half (also called Mat :D) highly recommends Dalwhinnie. It's a scotch with a smokey taste and is only £25 instead of the usual £38 in Tesco right now.

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