Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Am I a Fashionista Yet?

Aloha Bloggerinos,

As a curvier girl (and now a about-to-pop-out-a-baby-any-day-girl), I find it quite tricky to follow the latest trends in fashion. High waisted shorts would not flatter my wide hips, crop tops would offend the eyes of passers by and playsuits would make me look like a fabric sausage.

Baring these facts in mind, I have developed my own style that suits my figure and feel quite good about this. I wear clothes that fit and flatter and leave the rest for the day when I wake up a size 8.

However, since being pregnant, I have kind of fallen into a bit of a 'maternity rut' and it's only in the last few weeks that I've thought "Hmmm, perhaps I won't live in pregnancy jeans and maternity tops forever" and started to have a re think. Being a Mummy will be a whole new ball game and I think with it, will come a change of image. I'm having my hair cut shorter and choppy and coloured darker today and when Baby Glitter is out (we had a false alarm and thought it was going to be last night actually, but alas, it wasn't), I am going to make an effort to be a bit more fashionable.

I have been seeing scarves everywhere lately. Vintage silk ones, little cotton ones, huge pashmina ones, the lot, and decided this was an easy and 'fat-friendly' (it's not a playsuit after all!) fashion I could try. I bought this little cotton scarf last week from H&M for £4.99 which isn't a bank buster at all. It was actually in the children's section, but this doesn't bother me! So far I have only worn it with jeans and a black top because it's tres bright, but I like it.

So that was my first little step into being a bit braver with what I wear and venturing out of my comfort zone, still a long way to go I know, but it's baby steps.

What do you think I could try next?




  1. I agree, most fashionable things don't suit anyone bigger than size 0. But scarves are win! I'm rarely seen without one tied onto my handbag. I've also used them as belts with my high waisted skirts. I love your scarf, the colours are just lovely =]

  2. Beautiful colours. So excited about the fact Baby Glitter isn't far off!

  3. Helloo! How are you and the bump?? I've just been catching up on all your videos & I love them! Good luck with labour, hope it goes well (and quickly!)xx

  4. I love scarves! If you have time google Hilary Duff and a purseblog thread will come up showing how she is a total scarf lover! I think it's great you are thinking about life post Baby Glitter's birth. I remember my sister fell into the trap of motherhood (she had twins) and forgot to take the time to do her makeup in the morning and wear her usual pretty things. Luckily she's from a big family of girls so now she makes the effort to think out her outfit and put a bit of mascara on and it keeps her sane and gives her a bit of 'me' time in the morning before they've woken up. x

  5. Love the scarf, suits you lots! Can't wait to see your new hair do! x

  6. show pictures of your hair when you have it done :)

  7. What a bargain the scarf was, i love scarfs to jazz up an outfit. Im not the bravest dresser but i like scarfs, jazzy shoes and bags which i think make any outfit look good xx

  8. I've always been pretty timid in fashion and go for colours like black, grey and navy. Bright clothes seemed a bit daunting, but recently Ive been buying lots of bright accessorised! Red handbags, turquoise scarves, purple Converse - that kinda thing :D It was a really easy way to get outta my comfort zone a little.

    The scarf is beautiful! Looks gorgeous :)

  9. I was wondering if you'd had baby glitter because you hadn't posted on here or youtube for a few days, I'm so impatient:L Post a picture of you hair soon please!x

  10. Loving that scraf! Your first paragraph actually made me laugh out loud my fiance gave me the strangest look lol fabric sausage! Love your sense of humour :o) xx

  11. Love the scarf honey :)
    I never used to be a scarf person at all but now I love them, think they really complete an outfit and make you look stylish.
    x x x

  12. You're having a baby?!! Awwww! How sweet! Congrats! I had a baby back in June and he is just my everything. GOod luck!!


    saw this scarf in the urban outfitters sale and remembered you liked peacocks! :) xx

  14. I love the scarf, the colours are really pretty :) I hope you had a lovely time at the hairdressers! x

  15. I love that you say 'Aloha' often! Aloha! I love scarves, even though i'm in Hawaii, where it's generally not needed. I'm a curvier girl myself, and unfortunately do not have a baby to blame for it, and I adore fashion scarves! I think when worn long, it really elongates the body, and makes you look taller and leaner. Especially if they are vertically striped :)

    Great blog, you've got a new subscriber! Mahalo! ;)


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