Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Bio Oil

Aloha Bloggerinos,

I made this video a while back and have since had oodles of message about it, soooo I thought that I would give you a link on here in case you haven't seen it.

I've posted this 4 times and I keep loosing my picture. I'll try again later- Sorry Bloggerinos!
Nothing like taking your screen print on a keerraazzy happy shot! Woop Woop!

One question that has come up quite a lot is "How do you apply Bio Oil?". Well I suppose you can apply it however you fancy but I just squib (lovely word is squib) a few drops into the palm of my hand and rub on. Simples.

You can click HERE to have a looksie :)

Hope you enjoy the video and look forward to hearing your thoughts.



Still no Baby Glitter although I do keep having shooting pains in my upper thighs- anyone know what that's about???


  1. Could be you're dialating (gosh, dunno how to spell that, English isn't my first language) ? I had the same pains before I went to give birth to my daughter years ago, but I really don't know were they really related to labor.
    Good luck bringing Baby Glitter to the world, no matter what, wont be long wait any more :)

  2. Hi

    love the site and the wee video. much better than mine

  3. Bio-oil is one of the effective beauty products to have soft and smooth skin and I heard many people using it. Many people want to have soft foot so I want to share the baby foot.

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