Thursday, 3 March 2011

Marching on in March

Aloha Bloggerinos!

I'm 3 days late, but as I said yesterday, I just can't believe it is March already.


I've been waiting for this month since summer 2010, when I found out Matt and I were pregnant and now it's here!

Being pregnant has been nothing like I expected. You hear of women 'blooming' and 'glowing' and shopping for fantastic nursery furniture and fluffy little blankets. This hasn't been the case for me. I hate to use that reality tv cliche, but it really has been a 'journey' that I feel I have learnt a lot from, mentally and physically. I think I will do a separate post on this because it's quite a biggie, but for now, one of the biggest things I have noticed is that I feel like being pregnant has made me more ambitious.

I've always been a bit of a go-with-the-flow kinda gal and just meandered nicely through my adult life- a-levels, uni, house, wedding, pregnancy etc, but now I feel that I want to achieve things and be not only a good role model to my Daughter (still feels weird saying that!!) but also to myself.

So with that in mind, March is going to be my deciding month. I've got a few ideas of things I want to achieve in 2011, the obvious and main one is to deliver this baby safely and calmly and be a good mummy, but I also aim to improve other areas of my life too.

I want to improve and progress this blog a bit, improve my body confidence, learn a new little skill (I really want to make funky little girl tutus with amazing colours and sparkles and what not!) and to be able to cook a few things (this'll be a real challenge because I hate cooking, hate it hate it hate it).

So Bloggerinos, I will keep you posted on all this and hopefully by April I will have a bit of an action plan in place. All tips and suggestions are welcome or if you want to tell me about goals I'd love to hear- I was so inspired by all of you who told me what your 2011 plans were in my 1000 follower giveaway. Oohh btw, look! I'm nearly at 1500 followers now- if you haven't already, please do click that little follow button, it means A LOT to me and I appreciate every click.

Wishing you all a Marvellous March!!




  1. aww lovely post! you are seriously one of my most favourite bloggers and youtubers ever.

    Good Luck with your baby, i cant wait to find out what you call her :) xx

  2. You dont need to improve your blog, its already amazing. Your blog honestly cheers me up if im feeling down. (sorry, that was a bit mushy!). Good luck with your baby girl, hope she's here soon!

  3. I love you blog as it is :)
    your actually one of my favourite bloggers!! x

  4. Wow cant believe your late, typical girl! Love your blog and cant wait to hear how it all goes! I always think of little mini achievements at the begginning of the year but then i forget about them half way through, need to do better at remebering them lol xx :o)

  5. Lovely post :) love reading about people's pregnancies (I am a student midwife though haha..), hope your birth goes well!

  6. You don't need to improve your blog, I think it's great. I love reading your blog & I love watching your YT videos. You seem to be one of the most down to earth girls i've come across on YT/Blog sites :-) You always make me chuckle too.

    Good luck with baby glitter :-) You are going to be one yummy mummy! Take care xxx

  7. You do notttt need to improve your blog at all! It's already fantastic :)

    Best of luck with the birth this month - you must be so excited now!

  8. I love your Blog!

    I completely understand what you mean about being pregnant making you more ambitious, I also just ambled along until I fell pregnant with my first. Having kids has made me more ambitious and more confident in myself, I want to be the best that I can for them. Mush over!

    Alex xx

  9. Your blog is fantastic, as is your youtube! I only found your channel the other day and I think I've watched all your videos now, they're so inspirational! and happy! i like happy :) x

  10. Love the blog! It makes me so happy because I know that I can trust your opinions and reviews. With some of the other blogs I follow, I get the impression that they are selling out in order to get more freebies but you are so genuine and honest.
    Also, I am with you on the learning a new skill. Two days ago I bought myself a sewing machine and I am now starting to make some things for my baby girl who is due in 7(ish) weeks. It's great, I am doing a soft book.

    As always I hope you are well, take care and I wish you all the best with the delivery of Baby Glitter. x

  11. Im guessing her name is DAISY?


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