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Lou's Reviews :: Eau Thermale Avene Products

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Recently I was sent a couple of bits from a brand I am unfamiliar with, and I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you. As usual, they are all my own, I'm a big girl after all!

Eau Thermal Avene is a French brand which uses thermal spring water whose properties have apparently been endorsed by dermatologists 'over the years'. When I read this I thought it was a bit of a wide statement to make and thought it would have been more professional to give solid facts, like which dermatologists and how many years or how and why they endorsed it. Maybe that is just the science geek in me, but I just felt that it was a little wishy-washy.

So, pushing my doubts to one side, I have had a whirl of each product and am actually pleasantly surprised.

My first product to tell you of is the Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser, which I have actually really enjoyed. To use it, I wet a fluffy blue flannel (not sure why the 'blue' is relevant but I like to give you a full picture haha), dampen my face, squib (real word there) a generous amount of cleanser about the size of a 50p coin onto said flannel, lather my face and then with a non soapy part of the flannel, remove. It is a dab hand at removing foundation/powder/bronzer, even when I have used a primer and was really good with my eye makeup too. I had to be a bit more thorough on my mascara but this is to be expected with most cleansers.

(I like the packaging too- the twisty top is really handy when you have wet hands and eliminates the old "arrghh where did I drop the lid" issue)

According to the website, which you can find HERE, this cleanser is paraben free and helps to regulate oil secretion, a winner in my books. There is a very soft, clean fragrance and I haven't had any issues with irritation or breakouts, fingers crossed it stays this way. 

The only small downside (and I'm just being picky now because I'm used to the wonder that is Liz Earle), is that after using this cleanser, my skin feels very tight and I have to reach for my moisturiser ASAP. With Liz Earle, I get a good while to get dressed and potter about before my skin goes tight.  

The second product I have played with is Thermal Water Spray. This cute little can is basically just an aerosol of pressurised water (it's ingredients are only water and nitrogen) that you spritz directly onto skin to sooth, cool, calm or even set your makeup.

I'm not sure that water actually does set your makeup, common sense says this is silly, but I have been using it for it's cooling/calming properties and like it A LOT. So much so, that we are taking it to the hospital when Baby Glitter arrives into the world because I've heard the labour ward is really warm.

It's simple to use, just spray on, and a nice dinky size for your bag. The only problem would be that after you have spritzed your face with water, you may well need to moisturise, so unless you carry some with you, it might not be great for on the go.

There is no scent (it's water) and the spraying mechanism makes it come out nice and 'softly', not all 'sharply', if that makes any sense?

So after my initial doubt about an unfamiliar brand, the morale of the story is never judge a book by it's cover, these have turned out to be lovely little products indeedy.

You can purchase Avene products from all sorts of places (like chemists and pharamacies), but I think Boots is the most accessible and easily purusable (hmm is this a really word) online. Click HERE for more info and prices. I think the prices are pretty reasonable and this is definitely a brand I will be exploring further.  
Have you had any experience with Eau Thermale Avene products?




  1. I use La Roche Posay and avene since forever and these products are amazing! I use the avene gel in conjonction with the spray if my skin feels tight.

  2. Never heard of this brand and that worries me, when going for skincare brands i read up on them first, your blog is the first i have heard about this product! :o) xx

  3. I've never heard of this brand, but it looks like something definitely worth trying! I love the idea of the water spray :')
    Thank you for the review!

  4. Avene is a really well established brand. My sister's GP even recommended the cleanance gel for her acne!

    Great review Lou! xx

  5. I use Avene because of my Atopic dermatitis. They'r products really help especially the Thermal water because it has cooling effect and my skin shouldn't be preheated :)


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