Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Boot No.7 Equisite Curl Mascara

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Like many other Beauty Bloggers, I was sent this mascara a few weeks ago, to try out and let you know what I think.

If like me, you have an unhealthy obsession with reading everyone elses blogs, you will have read reams of stuff about this product, but just to join the masses, here is my opinion of it.

I've mentioned a few times, I am a mascara whore. I struggle to stay faithful to a mascara for more than a couple of months, so am always very open minded to new wandy friends. I was quite excited to try this, I'll admit because I thought the lilac chunky packaging was fun, but alas, I'm not in love.

This mascara has a curled bristle head that promises to curl my lashes and do all sorts of fabulousness. It doesn't. As far as drugstore mascaras go, it's alright. It separates the lashes and does give a bit of length but I have seen better results from the likes of Collection 2000 (I'm still loving the skyscraper one), Bourjois and GOSH, for less that £10, which is what this is retailing at. This is an introductory price and I believe it will soon be £13. I shan't go into it too much because I don't want to slate something that is good, just not good for me, but you get the jist.

Now, I'm definitely not saying this is rubbish, infact, I know another Beauty Blogger who is yet to do a review on this and she bloomin' well LOVES it. She can't stop ravving about it, which goes to show that everyone is different.

At the moment, if you spend £5 in Boots on anything (so if like me you are on a spending ban, you can claim it's for essentials like toothpaste- I love a good loophole), you will be given a £5 Off voucher for No.7 products. Boots are also running an offer (or at least they were last week), where if you buy this Equisite Curl Mascara, you receive a free eyeshadow palette. Soooo, with the intro offer price of £10, your £5 off voucher, you can have this mascara aannnddd a palette. Quite a good deal, non?

Have you tried this? What did you think?




  1. Ooh, hadn't worked out that you could effectively get the palette for £5... Not that I need another of the same mascara... x

  2. I really do like this mascara, but to be honest im no way an expert in all things fabulous, im a cheapskate and only ever buy new mascaras if i really need too, and when i do there cheap drug store makes :D And when i found out there was a free palette i had to get it, its good for me but as i say i have not tried many mascaras and dont really know whats good and bad :) Ive seen your videos on the eyeko tube one you love so much, and planning on getting it when the one i have now runs out, its cheaper anyway :D I know this is like two months late from the post but im new to you, and really do love your personality and funny ways :D

  3. I totally agree, I wasn't impressed by the mascara either, I have used better, cheaper ones. It isn't really really bad, but I think for £13.00 it needs to be a lot better than it is and have better results. I was bought this when my mum had a £5.00 number 7 voucher, but sadly I will not be re purchasing. Hope this helps :) thanks for the great blog and video's, fantastic work! :) xx


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