Monday, 28 March 2011

Lust List

Aloha Bloggerinos,

Just doing a bit of fantasy shopping (you know, where you just imaginary buy everything you fancy, even if your overdraft is in dyer straights like mine!) and thought I'd share a few pieces with you. Does anyone have a few hundred pounds they want to buy me a new Spring/Summer wardrobe with?

Pink Print Crochet Kimono. £39.99. River Island.

Navy Peeptoe Platform Shoes (which I would actually break my neck in no doubt, not to mention look like a giant seeing as I'm 5"7 already, but such is the joy of fantasy shopping!). £69.99. River Island.

Mint Green (although looks blue to me!) Fringe Kaftan. £26.99. River Island.
I think this would look nice with jeans or leggings but always feel a bit annoyed that most kaftans are see-through. Grrr just cos you're on holiday, doesn't always mean you want to be nakey!

Navy Heart Print Skirt. £24.99. River Island.
I like the pockets on this. This would be lovely for meandering around in the evenings with a glass of Rose. Oh how I miss Rose!

Gold Leaf Chandelier Earrings. £9.99. River Island.

These remind me of fire flies and look really jazzy but I would still wear them during the day :)

I could easily buy up half the accessories in River Island, but wont bore you with my wish list on them. When I was a PA, my office was 3 seconds away from a really nice River Island so I have a lot of love for it as it was often my lunchtime reprieve, where I'd unwind, float about feeling the fabrics and buy myself a little treat.

As much as I can't wait to have Baby Glitter and am more than happy with the compromise of less money/new baby, I am looking forward to a time when I can splurge a bit and buy pretties more regularly.

What sort of things to do you splurge on? Would you rather spend £70 on one big thing or lots of little things?




  1. Love them all, I haven't bought anything from RI in ages i'm more of a Primark, H&M and New Look girl at the minute as you can get more for your money. But I do always look on the just arrived section on the website and imagine all the things I'd buy if money was no object ( and its a lot lol) :-) x

  2. I'd much rather buy lots of little things (or well, Primark things :P) for £70. I couldn't justify spending £70 on one item of fashion, though I wish I had the money to do so :P


  3. Ohhhhhhh love the first top/dress very summery and fresh... and how amazing are those earings too. I reckon you should treat yourself to something nice once the babys born for all the hard work you have done :) :) xxx

  4. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  5. They're gorgeous... Mind you, those shoes look lethal!!! :) x

  6. Gorgeous picks! Adore the first item and the shoes - although I agree I'd break my neck too lol that heart print skirt is absolutely gorgeous too :)lovely choices xx

  7. Loving the skirt,, It's so cute and those shoes!!! wow I NEED them!!!

    Stacey xx

  8. I like to treat myself occasionally, but I can never bring myself to spend loads of money on one thing, so I usually spend it all anyway on crap that I never use... I don't know what I spend half my money on!
    I love the skirt and earrings:)xxx

  9. Fantasy shopping is my favourite.. but it tends to lead me to too much real life shopping hahaha :(

    Really loving the first dress and heart print skirt (may actually have to go try that on.. damn you!)

  10. oh my days, those shoes - wow! i'm also 5 ft 7 so would look a total DOOSH in them haha.
    love your blog :) x

  11. Hey doll, still no sign of the pita pata of tiny feet? i check up on you every day! hope you are ok, and having lots of rest, i am so excited! I just started a new blog would you check it out, and maybe be my 1st follower, there may be a prize in it for you. lol xxx

  12. Those heels are amazinggg!
    If I had £70 I'd buy tons of little things :) Primark would probably be my first stop, ahaha.


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