Thursday, 17 March 2011

Lou's Reviews :: Tisserand Lavender Relaxing Cream Body Wash

Aloha Bloggerinos,

This is just a really short review tonight, I'm feeling a little jaded.

I'm STILL pregnant, tomorrow is one of my Due Dates (yes, I have two. My ultrasound lady said the 18th but my midwife said the 23rd, so who knows) and I am so ready for it. I'm feeling a bit wound up and tense these last couple of days, I think it's a mixture of anxiety, pressure, excitement, nerves, the lot.

So with this in mind, I have been trying to do things to soooottthhhh myself and a good soak in the bath is always a great place to start.

I was sent this Tisserand Lavender Relaxing Cream Body Wash to try a while back but thought it was going to be a no-go because in the shower I only like really sweet smells or really zingy smells (weird non?). It sat unloved by the bath until I had a brainwave- I'd use it as bath bubbles!

I've since had 3 baths with this, all I do is squeeze a generous amount under running water and it works just like bubble bath, but the scent and aromatherapy properties reeaaallllyyy help me unwind and leave me feeling all soft skinned and lovely. It is also free from SLES and parabens (although not sulphates I noticed), which although isn't a deal breaker for me, it certainly is an added bonus.

I think this will definitely be something I completely use up and I hope Matt gives me lots of time off from Baby Glitter so I can have some Yummy Mummy Tisserand Bath Time.

I know this hasn't been an over in depth review of the product, but if you want to find out more, click HERE.

What's your favourite bath product for unwinding?




  1. hello louise :) oh my god i feel for you, it feels like im bloody pregnant waiting for baby glitter here !! i really hope she gets here soon but if not at least theres even more time for bubble baths, no ? :)

    oohh forgot to mention im confued okay im a youtuberino but not am a converted bloggerino so what am i now ?? a blogyoutuberino ?? you need a new name for us :) xx love you

  2. Ooh i hear Lavender products are pretty good for relaxing? Ahh the due date is tomorrow, lets hope Baby Glitter decides to come out (good luck if she does!). I love a good bubble bath! x

  3. Aw lavender is always a favourite of mine! Hope you pop soon! I'm sure everything will be fine xx :o)

  4. come on baby glitter!! we all cant wait to see you :) hope she pops out soon Louise :) xx

  5. Its so funny I was just posting on your newest post and I saw this post in the ''you might also like'' ones and I thought what a coincidence I just bought a lavender bathfoam and I tried it, its soo lovely! I am going to try the Tisserand also :) I love lavender!! Ixx


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