Friday, 14 January 2011

Chilli Pepper Palette

Aloha Bloggerinos,

We've just spent a fun filled 5 hours at Northampton Accident and Emergency, after Mattmoo was in a car accident :(. Some woman smashed into the back of him at considerable speed because she was too busy not looking at the road. Great. He's OK, but we can expect another long round of physio for his back. Great again. I know I sound 'raaarrghhh' but life sometimes seems like it's just one thing after another doesn't it?

Anyway, I'm all awake all wide eyed so I thought I'd do a little blogspot, but a nice easy one. You Bloggerinos always cheer me up, I feel like you're my little chums :)

So, this is just a little eyeshadow palette that my Auntie bought me for Christmas and I really very much enjoy it. I did a little googling but it didn't come up with much so it's a mystery palette! Any wizz kids out there know much about this brand??

I love the colours, they remind me of peacocks, which if you've been reading for a long while, will know I luuurrrvvee and I think the packaging is really cute and feminine.

It comes with a mirror, very handy, and a double ended brush. I probably won't use the brush but if I was travelling or having to do my makeup on the go, it would be useful I'm sure.

All in all, I likey likey. How's about you?

Sorry for the shortness and lack of any real info, my brain is all mushy and garbled. *Sigh*




  1. Aw what! Silly lady and poor Matt! Hope he wasn't too badly shaken!

    The palette is beautiful! Have seen Chilli Pepper palettes in Boots and Debenhams and they always look gorgeous!

    I'm not making promises but I'm on a bit of a knitting craze at the mo and just bought some beautiful pink wool! Might be sending you a little cute jumper soon :-) xxx

  2. The palette design looks beautiful. How do you like the pigmentation?

  3. Was shocked to read what has happened. God, Life is a sh*t sometimes. I hope Mattmoo is feeling OK and not too shocked. You too, for that matter. Not a good way to spend a Thursday evening.
    Happy New Year, by the way! Let's hope that that is the rotten bit out of the way and roll on the rest of 2011!
    Yeah, I've seen the Chilli Pepper make-up in our local Boots, usually pre- Christmas.
    Maybe catch-up with a coffee? It would be lovely to see you.
    Z xx

  4. That palette looks gorgeous! More importantly, I hope Matt is okay and feels better soon! xxx

  5. I agree that it looks like peacock colours! Very pretty :)

    And glad that Matt is okay and hope he heals fast and well!!

  6. That's gorgeous! I love that! Great find :)

  7. Awww poor matt, hope hes feelin better soon. I understand how life can seem to give you one bad thing after another as ive had lots of experience with that myself. Just keep ya hed up and remember it wont last forever :) :) Great lil palett too, looks gorgeous xxx

  8. I have a few chilli pepper products and i really like them! their brushes are good too! :) Hope Matt is ok! xx

  9. That looks too pretty to use! Hope your fella is ok.

  10. Aw hope Matt is ok! This is the one thing that worries me about driving - other people being careless!

  11. So pretty!
    Having spent much time in Northnats A & E myself I feel your pain :/ Hope everyone is ok!

  12. This palette is so pretty!
    I hope that matt is okay- I did get a little bit excited though because I haven't heard of many bloggers that live around Northampton!
    High five for Northampton-ers ;) xx

  13. Oh no, I hope Matt's OK. I got my brother's girlfriend one of these, but with different-more neutral- shades, at Christmas. I don't know much about the brand, just that they have really pretty palettes like this in Boots at Christmas. Not much use, am I?

  14. these colours look stunning. i wish id taken advantage of all the discounted christmas gifts and stuff that went on sale after Christmas ended I once tried out my friends Chilli Pepper blush in a pinky colour.. i remember it was a really nice formula :) x

  15. I believe that this is called "Chilli pepper highlighter pallette" and chilli pepper is a brand that only comes up around christmas (I think) xxx

  16. hey, i have the 2 of them chilly pepper pallets,

    they look gorg, but the pigments are just ok i thought, i was dissapointed that the gold was just a litteral light dusting on top as i loved that colour

    ps just found u through you tube today , i hope to have the same year you did last year, im also gettin married this sep n in gettin a house hopefully if everything goes ok


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